Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Numbers

In other, also Tim Doyle related news, our friend KDP84 had an email chat with Tim. This is what he learned about the actual print runs:

Hi guys, I had an email exchange with Tim Doyle tonight and he shared some interesting information regarding the print numbers and who got what.

This information is completely unofficial, it is only an understanding / guess based on common practice in the screen print world.

There were actually 332 of each print.

1-50 went to ABC/Disney for the cast/crew
51-100 to the artist
101-300 sold to the public

There was the 1/1 version sold at the gallery. THEN, there were 30 AP or "Artist Proof" prints that were given to the media/press in exchange for coverage of the event/series. 1 Extra remained unnumbered/unsigned for the artist.

He shared this because I ordered one of the prints from him last week as a gift for a family member. Well when I opened it up, the number appeared to be 02/300. I was just asking him if that were possible or if I really had 62/300. He assured me mine is 62 and that he just has sloppy handwriting. lol.

Thank you Futureself for bringing that to our attention.