Friday, March 19, 2010

Hands Across The Ocean

A few months ago these were simply two people on different continents. Now they have met in Tokyo to swap LOST, LOSTARGs and LOST art stories.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jay and Jack’s 30 Hour Podcast for Autism Speaks 476

The Jay and Jack marathon podcast is due to take place next weekend 20th - 21st of March.

In the lead up to the Podcast there will be a charity auction in aid of Autism Speaks starting Monday, March 15, 6 p.m. ET and ends on Sun, March 21, 6 p.m. via eBay (more details soon). The auction will include the Tawaret statue from the Gallery 1988 show that Lottery Ticket donated.

As you can see from the schedule below the podcast features guest appearances from Damon Lindelof and Jorge Garcia, some of your favourite bloggers and also a few well known faces from this blog stopping by at around 2pm (ET).

Starting on March 20th - 21st

12:00pm: Opening

12:30pm: BSG Talk With Matt & Alirio

2:00pm: Patrick Labyorteaux

4:00pm: Bethany Shady From Geronimo Jack’s Beard

5:30pm: Josh from the Josh Mister Lost Podcast, and Josh from the Lost Flashback Podcast

7:00pm: Damon Lindelof

8:00 - 11pm: Media Junkyard Lost Quizoff, USA Vs. Canada Foosball Campionship.

11pm: Jo Opinionated

12am: Tad Stone

1:30am: Ryan and Jen from The Transmission

3:00am: Jimmy Aquino

4:30am-9:00am: Axel Foyle from the Lost Mythos Theory cast and Health Solo from Lost Revisited Podcasts:

[4:30am Intro - Heath and Axel talking Lost

5:00 - Jon Lachonis (

5:30 - Talking about Lost Podcasting - From The Mouths Of Podcasters & Bloggers
Jon Lachonis (, Donald (Donald is Lost), Katy Gowland (What Katy Said), Jed (Losties with Jed and Cara), Matt (Keys to Lost)

6:45 - Lost Theory Roundtable
Donald (Donald is Lost), Wendy (Lost Revisited), Hurricane of Feedback Len, Dharma Dummies, Anna (Jacob's Cabin), Denise, (Jacob's Cabin)

8:15 - Chris Sparling, writer of "Buried" starring Ryan Reynolds

Alex (It Only Ends Once) and anyone else who will stick around]

9:00am: Ralph from The Dharmalars

11:00am: Curt Yanko from The Black Rock Podcast

2:00pm: Mary Jane Carpenter, Ian Knight, Dennis Acevedo, and Mrs. Mary Anne Sage

3:30pm-4:30pm: Damian Holbrook Senior writer of TV Guide

4:30-6:00pm Jorge Garcia

Thursday, March 4, 2010

DGPH Exclusive 174

All those that were on tenterhooks with the Poster 8 reveal in Buenos Aires, will remember the artwork below :

Well you would be mistaken if you did as this is not the artwork we saw being created, it is a specially commissioned version of it.

One of our regular posters, JPL, contacted DGPH in January about possibly getting anything art-related to the mural. From the time he saw what they did on the wall - he loved it. Maybe it had something to do with spending the entire weekend when the first clue was released scouring the web for pink monsters and coming up with everything from playing the Molestown online game to thinking the reveal would be at a potential Atlético Huracán soccer game.

The one off piece of art was commissioned after a few translation issues and arrived on a 30 x 30 cm piece of wood that is about 5mm thick.

JPL has been dropping hints and running his own mini ARG in the comments for a while now, but if you were looking for the answers then this is what it was leading to.

Here is a reminder of what the original artwork looked like as painted, which is still there on a wall in Buenos Aires.

Click here for the DGPH website if you want to see more of their work.