Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mysteries of the Universe Chinese Symbol 18

Could the symbol in the image from the Mysteries of the Universe be this Chinese symbol ?

This translates to either "Well or Well Crib or Town or Community"


After being prompted by Der Merzmensch in the comments and a lot of internet image searching later, the original image has been located. The original image does have the chinese symbol in it plus some other detail not visible in the screen capture from the video.

It is a picture by Alexandre Bida and deals with the priests taking council with Herod to discuss Jesus. The image was discovered on this site

A final word (for now) on the WAKY radio link, it looks like a completely separate site, owned by a private owner and does not fit into the known mythology and structure of Lost. It may be just a complete coincidence that there is a picture of a DJ called John Locke. If there is any more information then of course it will be published here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comic-Con Roundup 38

Picture provided by Maven
After all the excitement generated during Comic Con it's worth rounding up the news around the Lost University.

Unfortunately there isn't any news !

No new announcements or videos relating to the University were given at the Lost panel, however the video that is on the LU home page was shown. As many people have said in comments and on other sites this is more than likey just a marketing site. There has also been speculation that because there are two semesters that the first one will relate to the release of Lost series 5 and the second will relate to the start of series 6.

However to confuse things slightly Maven did manage to speak to someone about things and from the comments in the previous post :

"I did talk to the guy who is running the LOST auction in May. That's where they were handing out the LU flyers. He did say that he knew it will be a "real" on-line university talking about subjects relating to LOST, but it is not a game!"

Many thanks to Maven and Scoutpost for their posts on the Comic Con 2009 Blog and for the pencil image above.


Seemingly unrelated to the Lost University, there was another video shown called 'Mysteries of the Universe', this video is also posted at

There seem to be many clues or hints about Lost in it. This video is also referenced by an advert (left) shown in Entertainment Weekly. It has some other dates noted on it, which relate to the numbers and has the release dates of other videos in the series.

Could this series of videos be the real ARG or just more promotion for series 6 ?

One last thing an anonymous comment in the last post says :-

"There are hieroglyphs on the print LOST/Kia ad that ran in Entertainment Weekly (they are on the film canister)-- could this have something to do with Prof. Nussdorf?

Also, when you dial the # on the card and press the star key, you are asked for a password. (this is why there's a STAR next to the phone number) Has anyone cracked it? Could the ad contain the password? (maybe the glyphs?)"

Is the * anything more than just the voice mail admin prompt ?

There are two sets of potential markings the first are some Lost style heiroglyphs which is the more likely clue and the second is something that could look like morse code.

Click here to see a rough translation from Lostpedia.
Lostpedia has a rough translation of these heiroglyphics as :

"Who is the Leader ?"

Update - See below for the WAKY information, but as part of that on page 4 of the WAKY site there is this image :



Der Merzmensch on his blog (which is mainly in the German language) has pointed us at some screen shots from the Mysteries video. In the screenshots some clearer pictures of the old newspaper clippings can be seen and one of these is for an old Radio station WAKY in Louisville, Kentucky. On one of the photos pages on the WAKY site there is a photo of a DJ called John Locke. There is also on another page an odd item that may relate to the potential heiroglyphics answer above.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lost University 99

Just as Comic Con is starting Black Swan has told us about an interesting web site that has appeared. The Lost University can be viewed at

This appears to be a marketing site more than an ARG, but it has a few elements that suggest it could be a bit more interactive. The biggest giveaway that this is more of a marketing site is that the ABC banner is shown above and below the site (not shown in the pictures above and below).

The news page, called "The Lamp Post" has this information :-

A world of knowledge awaits you here at LOST University! As a student at LOST University, you will have the opportunity to dig deeper into the themes and mysteries of LOST, while at the same time exploring fascinating topics and subjects that relate to the world you live in.

Enrollment for the first semester of LOST University will be open to all students beginning September 22nd, 2009. At that time, you will take a placement exam and be given a Student ID, as well as be able to watch your LOST University introductory class, LOST 101. Semester 1 begins on December 8, 2009, at which point you will be able to choose and enroll in all of your classes, as you build credits toward Semester 2 and graduation. In the meantime, feel free to browse the online course catalog and get a head start with some of your recommended reading.


Information posted at Dark UFO

At Comic Con a flyer has been handed out with the information about the Lost University, on the back of each flyer is a hand written note about a Professor Nussdorf and it has a phone number. When the number is called a recorded message says the professor is unavailable until 22nd of September.


In the video on the main page one of the professors sitting under the tree looks like Gerald DeGroot, judge for yourself with these two pictures. Thanks to BlackSwan for the information.


As has been reported by many people now, there is an extra news item that is not yet published to the main site. Modify one of the existing news URL's to and a news item saying "Campus Health Center Update - Anti-Radiation pills will be given to all students free of cost, but only through next Thursday. You can pick up your pills at the Shephard Clinic between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Comic-Con 2009 5

Comic-Con 2009 is due to start in the next few days - will there be any announcement about an ARG ?

Personally I've no idea, and I won't find out as I'm not lucky enough to be going, however Maven and Scoutpost from The Lost Community are going and will be posting information when they can to a Comic Con 2009 Blog. Check it out to see if there are any announcements.