Monday, January 11, 2010

Competition 4 Prize Winner

This appears to have been a trickier set of questions to answer as there were 125 Entries with only 71 being eligible to win the prize.

The winner is a user called - CTKP

The answers are -

1. Besixdouze was the name of Rousseau's boat. In the book "The Little Prince," the main character lives on Asteroid B-612. In French, B-612 is pronounced "Be" (B) "six" (6) "douze" (12). (This comprehensive answer came from maggiejo, any variation on this was accepted)

2. Rachel Burke / Carlson

3. Emily (Linus)

4. A dog, real name Ms. Honolulu / Lulu

5. The Pearl, "Live Together, Die Alone"

6. "Make Your Own Kind Of Music"