Friday, November 20, 2009

Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear Clues 30

Possible word spacing clues / inconsistencies -

There is also a page dedicated to the first purchaser letters Click Here for the letters.

THEEE Mike B - Should be THEE Mike B

Title of the Bardot video on the hub page says "...AcutallyItsKetchup..."

by s taying in
long a s you're
combine shippi ng costs
and ot her minor
nature o f this
project, here will (Missing 't')

"...not a band combo..." (Letter sent with the free skateboard deck for purchasing the first Locke poster)

At Johnny Cupcakes the Build Our World Logo on the door was an oddly angled letter D

The Dharma Van poster, where the numbers are printed, splits one of the occurences of 15 so 5 is highlighted.

On the Love Triangle poster the number 4 appears to be a different colour to the other monitor numbers.

On the final clue for Poster 6 a missing word "..., as we wait the newest print website" - missing for or, as suggested by PixieRiot, this could be "..., as we await the..." so a missing a

The URL has an extra e however the URL printed in the T-Shirt is (...somejerkyand...).

The 9th poster has a speech bubble wich says "Je suis seul sur cette ile ..ils sont tous morts" however as Rousseau is Female then "seul" probably should be "seule" so this maybe another missing e

Possible extra column of pixels on the first two club photographs on the hub page.

The first purchaser letter for the 11th Poster has the website address spelt incorrectly "" - a missing o

The first purchaser letter for the 12th Poster has the website address spelt incorrectly a second time "" - a missing word and

The Gallery1988 Update for the 14th poster misspelled Ajira Airways as Ajiri Airways. So an extra I or a missing A ?

The first purchaser letter for the 14th poster "....and one the sheets in your pamphlet..." - missing of

Amy Lynn posted in the comments that there are now several occurences of either 5 or e (5th letter of the alphabet) in the seemingly random mistakes. There are also 5 words with spaces in them.

URL's known about (other than poster reveals)

Other odd things that are probably not clues

A duplicate of the 14th frame on the site keeps appearing and disappearing.

A > symbol keeps appearing on the site in different places. (This stopped appearing after a couple of posters had been revealed)

Unofficial / Out of Game URL's

The comments are now enabled for this post, please restirct your discussions to the clues and not general poster chat (use the latest post comments for that).


Zort70 said...

Ok, so what do we do now ? We have spome potential missing / extra letters, we have spaces, we have missing words.

Do we need a key or can we find any meaning now ?

MJCarp said...

DCaaPB suggests something missing or something separated with spaces between words

there was a possible solution to this somewhere and would be nice to bring forward

combination of letters and numbers

we've speculated on the Go!Merch discount field as possible entry to buy 16th

MJCarp said...

Campbell ads at Flickr


Adam Campbell = hotmeteor

Congested said...

I'm going to start playing around with this too. Thanks for maintaining this post Zort. There is definitely something going on here.

Zort70 said...

Yes definitely something interesting that is more than just the poster releases.

Skidzy said...

ok, perhaps this is a stretch, but: "15 will be lost, the 16th will be found."

Found are the people who do the collages with found letters, postcards,notes etc. i am not completely sure how this connects, but on the other hand, these guys so seem right up the alley of Lost and this whole campaign.

Skidzy said...

so, just a thought, but: "15 will be lost, the 16th will be found."

not sure how this maybe connected, but also something about these guys at Found and what they do seems inline with what is going on here.

ObFuSc8 said...

Thanks LT, for bringing the links for Adams Cambell's adss/posters over to this post. I still haven't gotten a reply to the email I sent him.

Since the ISBN# for Python Cookbook and "Donald F. Presario" are from the same swag/frame, could they be linked somehow? Donald F. Presario has 15 letters...

MJCarp said...
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MJCarp said...

15 prints, 15 letters (A. Miller), bunches of odd letter, almost 15?

could the 5 spaces indicate spaces between: xx xxxx xxx xxxx xx

but doesn't fit the pattern of URLs revealed.

Zort70 said...

Just added the missing "of" from the 14th Poster First Purchaser letter.

Zort70 said...

In the Timeline post I've added a simple list of dates / locations / URLs

Unknown said...

Hmmm, a thought - we seem to have a pattern of some words with odd spaces and some missing letters. Perhaps the missing letters go into the odd spaces?

Skidzy said...

ok, another thought: i used just the typos from the DCaap site, which are s t a s i n t h o f t.

anagram comes to: shift stat no.

shifting is used in certain ciphers:

stat i think is used in computer tech terminology, but i am not sure exactly what it is. but if someone does know, perhaps the stat number, if there is one, is the shift number. but then what language is shifted, ie part of the cipher? the titles? the url's?

andalone said...

I have been re-studying the first purchaser letters. I have a question on the fourth letter. It seems to be missing an "IN" or "AT" near the end.
"That's what all the cool undergrads wear __ their new digs." Which is more likely?

andalone said...

I have been restudying the first purchaser letters. Letter 4 seems to be missing an "IN" or "AT" near the end of the letter. "that's what all the cool undergrads wear __ their new digs." Which one is more likely the missing word?

Capcom said...

Good work! :-D

andrew said...

In the URLs that had the seemingly random numbers tacked on to the artist, seems kinda strange that "7" never appears.

Orchid7 said...

Inna-if there is a stat number what about 54 or 45.These are the two numbers which have stood out in the Hurley/love triangle prints.

andalone-first how is your foot, I hope your not in to much discomfort. Next I think I read you were trying to find the 5th reveal letter? How's that going, any luck?

Unknown said...

Could the mistakes spell out a phrase. I'm thinking that the words with spaces could indicate where spaces would be in the phrase. A word ends with an S and the next word begins with an A. Something like that?

Unknown said...

Oddly enough I typed out the clues from this site and got
Which I managed to anagram in to "fastest hot food for inna".

Rorschach said...

Since we still don't have any clues for the red ?, I will toss out one more straw for us to grasp at; the "sold out" banners placed on the prints are not the same color. Locke's Secret, the Crash and the Smoke Monster are the only ones with a red banner. All the rest are shades of orange.

andalone said...

@Orchid 7 - I sent a couple of PM's to tomrex (5th letter recipient), requesting that he email scans to Zort. I know he read them, but don't know if he ever got around to sending the scans.

Thanks for concern about my injury. Unfortunately, today is worst day for pain since accident. I have been doing "the whimper in a fetal position" most of the day. I hope tomorrow is better.

Unknown said...

i think that the first two typos listed here have been corrected. I cannot find them on the web page any more. am i crazy? can someone confirm please?

Zort70 said...

Just checking the posting speed, it is 11:16 GMT / 06:15am EST as I write this.

andalone said...

A post I made yesterday still hasn't shown up....very odd.

Attorney Greg said...

I do believe the typos are deliberate - as other mistakes were corrected. Others are probably right that the typos in the purchase letters are seperate from the errors on the site.

Zort70 said...

I've just realised that if we are looking for an Affine Cypher then we need a "Variable" and a "Constant"

Orchid7 said...

zort what about the numbers 4 & 5. I mentioned above that these two numbers have stuck out in the prints. JustThinking mentioned on the Washington Post blog that we also need a variable for cipher formula which requires a couple of numbers???

Unknown said...

a variable and a constant. dang!!! zort thats great. BTW- in case you all do not know yet me and Inna are the same person.

also, the message i get when i post here is that the comment will post after admin's approval. then it takes about a day. i bet its not the same for you zort. anyway, I am going to find my latest anagram and post here in a minute.