Saturday, October 31, 2009

Black AND Orange

As the observant MEL has mentioned in the comments, there is a small change at

Is it a nod towards Halloween or a clue for the 12th frame ?

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Dear Ronie Midfew 133

Dear Ronie Midfew,

Please find enclosed a collection of your correspondence starting from your most recent letter which seems to contain the word "Super" as a clue to the next poster reveal. We have also tried to point out any mistakes you may have made in your correspondence.

Incidentally, you always end your letters "Best and thank you", I wonder where all your wishes have gone ?

If you wish to contact us to discuss, please write to us at the usual address.

Kind Regards

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mysteries Of The Universe Parts 5 and 6 124

The DVD's for Lost's 5th Season have been released in some countries which means that Mysteries Of The Universe series part 5 and 6 are available. Click here to go to view part 5 and 6 on YouTube.

Part 5

A secret organisation is only as big as it's biggest secret, the segment talks about the Island of Tonga getting a Dharma food pallet, it contains lots of Swan station items. It also talks about planes going missing in the South Pacific area.

It then mentions Alvar Hanso and his possible connection to the food drops.

The segment also talks about volunteers, at Ann Arbor University, and how they were recruited.

Part 6

This part is slightly different in that it is a Mysteries Of The Universe Update.

The MOTU investigative team find that Olivia Goodspeed has reappeared, they try and phone here but get no real information other than another link to the South Pacific.

Marshal Arts experts have come forward in connection with the Dharma logo to explain about it being a fighting style.

The segment also talks again about the church where the Lamppost station is housed. It mentions that staff members have dissapeard from the church, and that the general manager is Eloise Hawking who has no birth certificate, but does have a son with a different surname.

Some screenshots from the two parts click on them for larger versions :-

Part 5

Part 6

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lost University Tutoring Center 113

In amongst all the poster panic it would be easy to forget that Lost University is still part of the marketing campaign this year.

The main page has been updated with a new Tutoring Center tab.

The classes start on 11/11/2009

Thanks to Zach for letting us know about the update

Drew Stops by to Say Hi

See the comments below from Drew.

The 11th Poster is Revealed 274

The 11th poster is revealed as -

It is by an artist called Drew Millward and is entitled Walt's Kidnapping.

Drew Millward's website is

The URL is

The URL comes from the pilot episode and is said by Jack to Kate

Poster 11 As It Happens 255

This post is to detail and discuss today's poster URL reveal, the post will be updated as events unfold.

If you find out the new URL before it is officially announced then please do not add it to the comments. If you do get the URL first be sure to post the details of where you got the information from otherwise the comment will be deleted.

Visit the Chat Room for some live interaction or stay with the comments for updates.

09:26am - Poster is Sold Out
09:25am - Poster is for sale
LostGeekGlasgow - The Swag
09:05am - DavidBCooper We got a bag and board that says 'Widmore Publishing' and the new address on it. Hope the print is good!
08:55am - LOST_4815162342 - 5 of us here. The owner just came out and took our photo of us #lost #lostarg #lostviral
08:45am - davidbcooper - We're here! Waiting outside Forbidden Planet like the dorks we are. 4 here so far. #lostarg
08:40am - SophieBOYY - Here! Not open yet but at least I made it!
08:30am - davidbcooper - Met @holleybee on the train. She brought me tea! She is my friend. #lostarg
08:20am - LOST_4815162342 - I'm outside Forbidden Planet. It's still closed, 40 mins till opening. #lost #lostarg #lostviral
08:15am - SophieBOYY - That's me left! See you all there!
08:10am - LostGeekGlasgow - All set. Time for Breakfast
08:00am - LostGeekGlasgow -Practising
07:50am - LostGeekGlasgow - Next stop Glasgow. Too early in excitement. Will there be loadsa people there?

(all times GMT)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Forbidden Planet - Glasgow 270

The confirmation of Date and Time is in with a picture of Walt reading a comic book, however it appears to be for today at 9am, has the reveal already happened ? Stay tuned to find out.

After the small faux pas with the date, the hub page is updated

Thanks to Rorschach for telling us first about the new clue, and AmyLynn for pointing out the date discrepancy.

Announcement - Podcast Mosaic

A couple of posts back reAnimated asked if there were any podcasts for this poster reveal. Apart from an interview with Paul Scheer at DocArzt there have been none that I'm aware of.

Then AmyLynn suggested that maybe it would be good to put together peoples experiences of the poster reveals so far, in a kind of Flash Forward Mosaic style.

So what we need are your experiences for the Flash poster reveals.

Send us an audio file preferably in MP3 format (but we should be able to convert other formats) covering the following topics :

Name (real or nickname)

Location in the world

Have you been to an event, and if so what happened

Which posters have you bought

What moments would you like to see covered by the remaining posters

Send your submission to lostargs(at)

Files cannot be bigger than 10mb (Hotmail limit)

The LostARGs podcast elves reserve the right to edit any submission for content and length.

We cannot guarantee every submission will be used, but we will try and use as many as possible.

Frame 11 Clue 3 222

Hot on the heels of clue 2 comes clue 3.

Walkindude125 has told us that this is probably a nod to the Forbidden Planet logo, and also that the image of the UK comes from the Forbidden Planet website. (Annonymous told us last night that the previous post had the incorrect image from the vectorology website)

BuckarooBanzai has commented that the picture of Saturn is probably this image, which has been edited for the clue.

Thanks to JustAnotherSky for being first to tell us about the clue in the comments.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Frame 11 Clue 2 - United Kingdom - Buchanan 188

I don't think there is any doubt about the Country now, but what about Buchanan

There is a Buchanan Street in Glasgow as well as well as the Buchanan Galleries shopping center (thanks Scoutpost and AmyLynn)

Roswell also found the source of the map image it can be found at

Thanks to Scoutpost for letting us know first about the new clue.

Poll - Shaping The Future

There has been much debate around the subject and I think it is time that the people who visit this site have a say in what happens. Although I may create the posts here I see myself as more of an editor of the information sent in by the contibutors to the site.

This poll is to gauge the feeling of people, it will not set the policy for future reveals but it might influence what happens.

A little explanation of the options.

No Change

The site carries on as it is and we accept that there are other people who may purchase posters and try to sell them purely for profit

Only report on posters after they have been revealed

Stop real time reporting of clues, and only post a report of what happened at least 1 hour after the poster has gone on sale.

Change to a subscription only site

Find a method to take subscriptions from people to read the information we have. There would be no selection of who subscribes as there is no certain way of selecting a true lost fan.

Go Underground

Find a way of providing the same information without it being public knowledge.

No Change, except remove clue posts

This would just remove any information that relates to possible clues to the final poster.

Note there is no "Close the Site Down" option as this will definitely not happen, there will always be information of some description posted on this site.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hiroki Bags One From Ron herman 383

A few days after it was planned Hiroki has his bag at the Ron Herman store in Tokyo.

We have also had this message from Hiroki -

Hello from Starbucks at Sendagaya, tokyo.(next to Ron Herman Tokyo)
LostARGs folks

Pardon my English writing is poor.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your warm support for my adventure of FRAME10 of DCPB in Tokyo.  Without your help I could not get any bag still. Maybe I could not come here because of last attempt at Saturday was failed. It failed twice Thursday and Saturday. I was really shocked because it was obviously indicated on the hub page of DCPB site but it failed actually. But Finally I got the bag today!! Someone in Lost fan community in U.S. was emailing to Ronherman US and figuring this out while I was away for Sunday. Ron Herman finally fixed things for a poor unknown silly Japanese LOST fan to have a bag with "i'm lost.." . WHAT A HONOR! And the miracle happened here. I learned that in our lives, If you are LOST, even here in the island of Japan, Yes I am living in an island in the pacific ocean, it turned to a place that miracle happens If I believed it. Everybody in LOSTARGS is the HERO, not me. Because you taught me to believe it what will happen next in a clue even it was failed once or twice. I experienced that this was what the show told and told and is telling it again in the final season! I would like to say thank you again for all of you for this great learning experience!

Cheers and Namaste!

Hiroki Tojo

Some well deserved thankyous go to Hiroki for all his time and effort in reporting back to us, Ron Herman for sorting out the issues, and to all LostARGs contributors for helping out Hiroki and others in Tokyo. Reading the note from Hiroki should make all of us on this site proud to be part of something that has bought happiness to at least one Tokyo based Lost fan.

The last word has to come from the RonHermanDotCom Twitter feed :

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Has Ron Herman Tweeted a Clue ? 160

As reported previously the Ron Herman event in Tokyo did not happen as planned, and it seems that the store had a few communication issues. However as all the Twitter entries below show, things are going to be put right.

The Tokyo store is advising people to go back on Monday for the bag.

However that is not the most interesting news to come out of Ron Herman, the tweet immediately below was posted a few minutes ago.

Does this mean that the next reveal will be in Glasgow, Scotland ?

Update - The Ron Herman tweet has been posted on the hub page, this is now an official clue for Frame 11.

While we discuss have a look at the other Tweets below, firstly from Ron Herman apologising and from others replying.