Monday, January 18, 2010

Competition 6 - Winners

There were 102 entries with 52 being eligible to win.

1. Gary Troup, however I did have a conference with the independant adjudicator (My Father) and as the question did not specificaly ask for a name we also accepted "The guy that gets sucked into the turbine of crashed Oceanic 815"

2. Behind the book The Turn of the Screw in the Swan station.

We had some very comprehensive answers and even a few theories, but this was the simple answer we were after which nearly everyone got right.

3. Gina and Jeff

4. St. Andrews Priory Click here for the Virtual Tour

5. 18 right, 1 left, 31 right

Locke changed the combination to this just before Gale was imprisoned.

6. Two. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis.

7. The Flame Station.

8. Flower of Wisdom

This comprehensive answer did impress - 지연 (Jiyeon/Ji Yeon) translates to "flower of wisdom" according to ABC's "enhanced" episode of Ji Yeon. However this is not really a correct/precise translation (I'm an Asian Studies major). 지 (Ji) can mean intelligence, wit or wisdom and 연 (Yeon) can mean lotus, though a more specific character for lotus is 련 and the specific character for flower is 꽃. 연 is not also a meaning for flower like it is for lotus so I believe a more precise translation to be "intelligent lotus" or "wise lotus." Jin and Sun are likely Buddhist (the most popular religion in South Korea), and a blue lotus represents wisdom in Buddhism, which is where the name gets its significance. My guess is that the ABC enhanced episode did not have time/room to explain the significance of the lotus, so someone decided to just say "flower" even though that is not the correct translation. I should note I don't speak Korean, though I did a good deal of research answering this question.

The two lucky winners are -

LOSTsinger - The Swan Station

Congested - The Numbers