Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Message from Tanner

Eric Tan was flooded with requests for the Crash, naturally. He is a great guy, and posted this today:
I'm not sure if I've ever gotten more inquiries about a project of mine than the Lost poster. As a HUGE fan of the show myself, I can totally understand it. It's such a cool show and the poster series was an amazing collection that celebrates the final season of an instant classic. It was an honor to be included among artists I look up to, and my mind was completely blown when I saw the Lostargs fan poll that voted my contribution 1st! I'm glad I was able to design something that hopefully captured what that show means to me and a special thanks to all who voted and have been following the poster series. I wish I could've met all of you who actually showed up at Gallery 1988 on opening night. That was a very impressive turnout!