Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skullduggery with Jeff Soto, Jacob And The Man In Black 82

No you are not seeing double, ok you are, but this isn't how the poster arrives. We were sent two sets of pictures by MEL, and Comixguru and I thought I would show a comparison of the photo's, also see below for another reason for showing them together.

I'm not sure I can add a lot to the discussion about this one, despite the slightly macabre image of the smashed skull, which Jeff has said is Claudia, Jacob and MIB's real mother, the poster is very striking and poweful given the events in the episode "Across The Sea". Jeff could quite easily have had a Black vs White / Good vs Evil character depiction but this immediately leaps out as something different.

One thing that wasn't apparent when we saw the images of the poster on the DamonCarltonandaPolarBear.com website was that the numbers are dotted around the skull. It also shows that there is a lot of detail in this poster, beyond the main image.

Then to the signatures and the other reason for showing the two posters together above. These two posters are siblings as well -

Sunday, June 20, 2010

LOST Auction Date Revealed

The Profiles In History Website has released the date of the official LOST auction.

Thanks to Jason for letting us know.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Getting LOST with Olly Moss 137

One of the most eagerly anticipated release of the second series of posters at DamonCarltonandaPolarBear, this poster by Olly Moss delivers in spades.

Initially I was a little disappointed that the title of the poster was simply LOST, however when you start looking at the poster there is doubt as to why it was called that. For once not focusing on specific characters or events this poster gives us all of LOST. Sll the major visual elements we have had in the series centered around an eye, which for me is at the center of a shattered mirror looking back at me.

It's difficult to know where to look in this poster as there is so much to look at, every time I see a picture of it I see something different or notice a new connection with the show.

Big thanks to Comixguru for the pictures

The picture above from the new poster has a picture of a wheelchair, and the picture to the right is the wheelchair from Olly's original poster "Locke's Secret".

I'm not saying Olly reused the chir, but it looks very similar ;-)

As long as we are comparing this poster to Locke's Secret then the bottom of the poster is very similar, in that it contains names of people from the show like a movie poster, and one subtle but noticeable difference for me is the order of the producers.

The first image is from the new poster and the smaller image is from Locke's Secret.

Finally a signature, and this is one of the posters numbered to 500, not 550.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Joshua Budich Silver Variant Available

For all those that liked Joshua's unofficial print but were unable to get one, due to popular demand he has released a silver version.

Go to joshuabudich.com for more details.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

LOST Props For Sale 131

The news about this came a bit out of the blue, and I'm quite astonished that it hasn't been picked up on before now by more people.

The items you see on this post are actual props from LOST, they are not part of the official auction and they are for sale now.

The items came from a Warehouse sale that took place in May this year and are now made for sale to the general public by a Hawaiian resident Tina Lau. Read more about Tina here.

They are not items that are obviously stamped with DHARMA logo's or belong to Oceanic Airlines, but a lot of them can be seen quite clearly in the show.

The ones pictured here are some of the more recognisable items from the sale, but there are others that people will recognise for all sorts of reasons. There is everything from simple drinking glasses to light fittings from Jack's office.

Now who wouldn't like the Swan Hatch dartboard, part of Dogen's Darkness sensing machine, or Richard Alpert's trunk and shaving kit.

A lot of the items for sale are just simple everyday items that were just used as, well everyday items. The pricing of the pieces reflects how identifiable they are and most start at a very low price.
Yes this is an invite to Daniel Faraday's concert in the Flash Sideways / Alternate Universe / Purgatory / Limbo (Take your pick).

You can see all the items for sale by going to this Flickr page or have a look on eBay, be sure to check both place because not all the items are on both sites.

The information originally came to us from Anna at www.TheFourToedFoot.com blog, if you do decide to enquire about an item please mention TheFourToedFoot and LOSTARGs just so Tina knows where you saw the information.

If you are thinking of purchasing an item you can contact Tina through eBay or directly. She is open to offers outside of eBay if you are really desperate to get hold of that Faux antique Japanese vase you have always wanted.

Jeff Boyes Interview

The good folk at LOSTBlog.com have published a rather conveniently timed short interview with Jeff Boyes, the artist behind the DamonCarltonandaPolarBear.com poster Desmond

Detailing Desmond 25

Hot on the heels of Jin and Sun, Desmond by Jeff Boyes is the next poster to start arriving.

This one seems to have been a bit more trouble than the rest as we have had reports of posters arriving with scratches, ripped corners and some arriving unsigned.

As you can see to the right, the poster tubes look the same, although the space invaders tape is an interesting addition.

As with several of the posters it is currently still for sale at DamonCarltonandaPolarBear.com

The pictures below were kindly sent in by Weinbeeezy and RamHatter

There was mention by Jeff Boyes of hidden images in the poster, but so far the only thing we can think this refers to is the numbers on each of the seats.

You may notice that there is quite a bit of colour difference in the images, I am assuming it is just different cameras and lighting conditions, not that the poster is printed differently.

So to the signatures, or in one case below, the lack of signature -

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Olly Moss Extra Prints

Stay tuned to Twitter -

Remembering Jin and Sun 54

This print from Tara McPherson was hotly anticipated as it had been teased by the artist and then the tease was removed. It got mentioned again as definitely being the next poster, but didn't show up. Then just as people were wondering what had happened it arrived as the third from last poster in the second series of prints.

As with the candidate cave I am still amazed that as I write this it is still for sale so if you like the close up pictures then go to DamonCarltonandaPolarBear.com to grab a copy while you can.

It is interesting that Taylor, who sent us all the pictures here, chose to photograph the print this way up. Tara mentioned after the print was for sale that she didn't know which way up it was meant to be as it works well in all directions, however she had to pick a corner to sign it in.

What isn't obvious from the description onthe DCaaPB website is the ink that is used on the clothes, it is metalic and sparkly, you get an idea of it from the closeup images below but you can't fully appreciate it until you see it in person.

Then the signature, and just to add to the confusion on edition sizes this one is numberd out of 500, not 550 as the candidate cave was.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Joshua Budich - Unofficial Poster

We have been informed by several people today of this new unoffcial LOST inspired poster that has been released by Joshua Budich. This wouldn't have looked out of place in either of the DamonCarltonandaPolarBear series.

Goto joshuabudich.com for more details, there are only 75 of these available.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LOST Auction Preview 106

I hope you all have some money left over after purchasing the posters, and T-Shirts. Go to the Profiles In Hostory website to see the preview of the auction lots.

The video below was put on YouTube by a user called THEBOOKOFLAW

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Complete Mug 124

 No, not a reaction to the final episode but a chance to create your own LOSTARGs memorabilia.

All you need to do is send the template below to your friendly personalised mug seller and I'm sure they will be happy to send you your mug in exchange for a small donation to their coffers.

Alternatively print it on whichever personalised item you wish to, or even use it as a background.

Click here for a Photoshop PSD file

Click here for a PNG file

Click here for a JPG file

Bid for dinner with Michael Emerson

The Irish Repertory Theatre in New York city is a non-profit off broadway theatre. They are currently holding a charity action to support their theatrical endeavors.

One of the auction items is Dinner for 2 with Michael Emerson and Irish Rep Producing Director, Ciaran O'Reilly at Orso in NYC.

Visit the Irish Rep Auction Page for more details.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

See You in Another Life Nunu

Jorge Garcia reports the sad news on his blog, Dispatches from the Island, that his beloved dog Nunu has died in a car accident.

Nunu appeared in the episode Everybody Loves Hugo.