Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Forever LOST With This Lighthouse 53

Hello, I hope you are all well, it has been quite a long time since there was anything to post here. I'm posting about this here now because of the reasons below, because I am generally pleased with how this looks and because of the general LOST appeal of it.

This all started a couple of weeks ago when Patmc (@patmc4fun) suggested via Twitter that I adapt my design for the Fringe First People calendar to the Lighthouse dial seen in the episode of the same name from the final season.

I thought this was a great idea as I had not seen any other designs featuring this fairly major revalation in the show. However adapting the Fringe design wasn't really practical so in the end I had to build it from scratch.

So the suggestion of one of our Lostie friends and because it is a pivotal LOST scene is the first reason for posting here. The other reason is that when it came to adding the names around the outside of the design it was clear that there is not a full list available of all the candidate names on the dial.

I found what I could from the internet and studied as many screenshots and photographs as I could but still came up significantly short. I thought of just using a phone book to find random names, but then it occured to me that I already had quite a long list of names from people that have emailed this site over the last few years (Yes I have kept most of the emails !).

So I dipped into the email archive and pulled out at random the surnames of as many people as I could. If there is a full list of official names somewhere I've missed or more information comes to light I'm not sure I would change the names now anyway as I think how it has evolved adds a bit of personal connection to the design.

If you Click Here you will see a large version of the outside of the wheel where the names are clearer. The choosing of the names and the number assignment was a completely random process and if your name isn't there it wasn't a deliberate omission.

There are a couple of exceptions to the randomness as we have the names of some of the Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear artists, who were the inspiration for me starting some of these recent art projects, and of course Mr Lindelof and Mr Cuse.

So now I've explained the reasons here is the deal, I've created some Cafe Press items with this design on if you are so blown away you have to have one now.

The items on Cafe Press are mostly the dial on its own as you can see in the example above. However there is also another option as there is this Forever LOST version on the daily t-shirt site QwerTee.

You can vote for this to be made by clicking here. Whatever your prefered option I would appreciate a vote on Qwertee anyway.

Hopefully I'll see some of you in July at San Diego Comic-Con, but for now Namaste to you all.