Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Was it only 12 months ago ? 24

Yes twelve short months ago we spent hours in front of our pc's or travelling to LA to find out what the 16th poster in the Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear series was and to see all the splendid and fascinating LOST art that was on display in Gallery 1988.

The video below, filmed live by Reverend Milo, is one of my favourites from the day for two reasons - firstly it has Damon and Carlton in it ! Secondly, and more importantly, it shows a lot of our regular losties on the streets of LA all together in one place.

This video, and many others filmed during the day, was the first example I've seen of a live broadcast by individuals, not a huge TV company, and for me to be able to watch the event on the streets of LA from my home in the middle of England was truly remarkable. It gave me and others around the world a big sense of inclusion in the event.

The video also shows the "I once was lost..." poster created by Thorsten, transmitted electronically half way round the world, printed off locally and presented to Damon and Carlton. All arranged by the people that contributed to this web site, and then the poster was subsequently displayed in the LOST writers room during the production of the final series.

Words don't begin to describe how much fun and excitement was had by so many people during the DCaaPB campaign, as well as leading up to and during the final season of LOST, but a big thanks go out to everyone that contributed in a positive way to this site and made it THE place to be for LOST fans for so long.

We have all moved on to other things in life since LOST ended, but a lot of us still have not moved on, and will not move on, from LOST as a shining light in the TV wasteland. Some are hoping for another chapter in the story, some are hoping to rediscover how LOST captured so many hearts and minds, and some are just hoping that one day they might understand.

Just one final thing - quite a few of us will be at Comic Con this year (if the ticketing system is sorted out !) so if you are going let us know in the comments and we can try and meet up at some point in the weekend to swap poster purchasing stories.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kevin Tong Giving Some Kharma 8

The fantastic news that the Wayman family benefit had managed to raise it's full target was a great start to the week.

Now though we have even more news that is sure to send a tingle down the spine of the followers of the Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear campagin.

Kevin Tong has announced a game / competition / giveaway / sales drive / we aren't really sure what it is, but the potential prizes look great.

If you purchase some of the LOST Live posters that were created for the second wave of Damon Carlton action this year to advertise the LOST Live event, or the Silver variant that is now available, you will be entered into a draw for the prizes.

There are four prizes and the more people that purchase from Kevin's web site - the more prizes are unlocked :-

- No matter how many orders are received the prize will be the initial sketch Kevin presented for approval his original DCaaPB poster The Hatch, this will be further personalised and signed for the winner.

- For 5 orders or more received two copies of long ago sold out "The Hatch" print (two winners)

- For 10 orders or more two custom drawings on two Alamo Drafthouse prints of winner selected favorite LOST scenes.

- If 25 orders or more are received, the entire set of the original drawings (3) for “The Hatch”. These are the pencil and inked drawings. (pictured)

Everyone who purchases by Noon PST on 11/30/2010 will be eligible for all the prizes that have been "Unlocked"

Kevin has also said that he will donate 100% of the cost of the order value from the winners plus some of his own money to the Kharma Initiatives benefit.

Read about the benefit in the previous posts, or Click Here to donate directly if you do not want to purchase any posters.

Click here to go to the Kevin Tong newsletter that describes everything in more detail.

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Small Extension For The EPIC LOST Giveaway

Just a quick update to say that there are a few short hours remaining if you want to participate in the epic giveaway that has been organised by The Kharma Initiative. The deadline for entries, but not donations !, is now midnight (PST) on the 30th of October.

All the details are below, including the very long list of cool prizes.

click here to read more about the benefit and to donate

If you haven't already done so click to add to your chances of winning.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wayman Benefit Picked Up By SlashFilm.Com

Yesterday the Wayman Family Benefit got some really good news.

Not only have generous LOST fans donated nearly two thirds of the goal amount, the popular film and entertainment culture website SlashFilm published an article about the benefit.

Click the picture or Click Here to view the article.

More importantly click here to read more about the benefit and to donate.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Epic LOST Benefit and Giveaway 16

Update - over $1000 has been raised so far, for those still not sure, you have an extra chance to win by clicking on one of the Tweet buttons below

Do you want to make a difference to someones lives, do you want to win some LOST goodies ? Well you have an opportunity to do both.

Regular visitors and contributors to LOSTARGs have banded together and put together a fantastic package of items to be given away as part of a fund raising benefit for the Wayman family whose home was virtually wiped away when floods hit Nashville, TN earlier this year. This just adds to the legend that LOST fans have become in being some of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met.

For all the details and for the rules of the giveaway visit the Mib Write Now site. The items that are being given away add up to a truly incredible list and I'm in awe of the people that got this list together.
You can also help spread the word by clicking to tweet about the benefit - 15/10/2010 - Anybody who tweets the message will get an entry in the raffle for The Live Together Collection (the one with the $5 donation entry, one free entry per person).

Donate Now

All you really have to do is click the link above and donate some money, and as an incentive for doing that you can win some fantastic and very exclusive LOST goodies.

For a donation of $50 or more you get chances to win all the prizes below -

- A Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear poster Locke's Secret which was previously owned by and signed by Damon Lindelof.
- A one of a kind, original art contributed by DCaaPB Artist Tim Doyle. autographed by LOST Executive Producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, and LOST writers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis!, created exclusively for the Wayman giveaway.
- ABC Official very exclusive shoes, US size 10. One of 50 pairs created by Supra in collaboration with ABC. Inspired by the LOST episode "Exposé".
- An I Love my Shih-Tzu T shirt signed by Carlton Cuse and a Terry O'Quinn (John Locke) autographed LOST Artifacts booklet.

Donate Now

Every donation of $25 or more gets chances to win the prizes below -

- Limited Edition offset print by Disney and Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear artist Eric Tan #106/150 - 1950's style advertisement in tribute to "Back to the Future"
- Custom professional figure re-paint donated by artist JJ Harrison aka rismo.
- Signed Lost In Comics giclée by JJ Harrison (Lost In Comics).
Official LOST Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear Lithograph by Tyler Stout from the Gallery 1988 show.
Lost Live Program autographed by the cover artist, Kevin Tong. Plus "Flight of the Conchords" Laser-cut paper doll gigposter, one of 20, Signed by artist Kevin Tong. Plus "LOST" Official Olly Moss Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear poster #403/500. Signed by artist Olly Moss

Donate Now

Every donation of $5 or more gets chances to win these prizes-

Promo photos with pre-printed signatures of the entire Lost cast,a Shannon Figure and a full-scale prop replica of Rousseau's Map, as well as Entertainment Weekly Magazines May 14, 2010 Lost Collector Cover issue 3 of 10 (John Locke) AND Lost Special Collector's Edition cover.
An Iron Man Helm, hand cast in metal by Sideshow Collectibles, plus limited Edition Star Wars Jedi, plus Chucky - Plush 12" doll, plus Chucky from 'Bride of Chucky' - Plush 12" doll
"The Black Rock" Official Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear poster #407/500, signed by artist Daniel Danger, "What Once Was II" - Limited Edition Screenprint with amazing Triceratops glow-in-the-dark layer #523/555, Signed by artist Dan McCarthy
"LA X" - Official ABC Lost Screenprint donated and autographed by the artist Ty Mattson. Plus
"Not Penny's Boat" a Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear poster #317/500. Signed by artists Melissa and JW Buchanan aka The Little Friends Of Printmaking. Plus an ipod Gelaskin "4 8 15 16 23 42" Designed by Mark Bodnar. Printed with "No Oyster Here" DCaaPB reveal URL
American Idol Live Tour 2009 photo autographed by all ten finalists, plus tote, keychain, program, and poster. Two complete sets of memorabilia.

Donate Now

As I said above this is quite an unbelieveable set of items to be seen in one place, it was only as I was creating this article that I realised how epic this giveaway truly is !

All the details of the prizes and your chances of winning by contributing can be seen by going to the Mib Write Now site and if it wasn't clear before then click here to Donate now your generosity will be rewarded in another life Brotha !

You can help spread the word by clicking to tweet about the benefit.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The LOST Marathon is Complete 13

The LOST Marathon is completed, finishing at around 6am UK time the bleary eyed participants have emerged four days later back into society.

The image on the left is from the BBC News Website and was published this morning after the marathon finished.

When the remaining die hard LOST fans left they were given a certificate of disorientation and a bag containing lots of LOST goodies.

This picture of the contents of the bag was from one of the survivors and posted on Twitter - @RealDominicRay

This video from Mr Londoner was posted last night -

LOST MARATHON from Mr.Londoner on Vimeo.

If you find any more press coverage of the event over the next few days we would love to hear from you.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LOST Fans Synchronise Your Discs with London LOST Marathon 16

LOST fans wherever you are show your support for the brave souls that are at the Prince Charles Cinema in old London town and synchronise your watches for the final few hours of the LOST Marathon.

We want everyone from around the world to start and finish watching the final few episodes of LOST at the same time.

Tell your LOST friends, tell everyone on Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you frequent on the web. You can use the message below or one of your own devising, but please spread the word.

"Why let #LostMarathon London have all the fun? Global Rewatch S6 episodes 15-17 details: #imwatchingLOSTnow"

The LOST Marathon will finish Friday, September 17, 6 a.m. in the UK which is 1 a.m. Friday in New York, 10 p.m. Thursday, September 16, in California and 2 p.m. September 17, in Tokyo.

To synchronise your watching of the final episodes you will have to start at 3:10am in the UK, 10:10pm in New York, 7:10pm in California, and 11:10am in Tokyo.

Monday, September 13, 2010

LOST Marathon Updates 10

I'm going to try and collect some of the updates from the Marathon in this post as they arrive, let us know if you see any other updates.

The certificate that @RealDominicRay got for completing the marathon.

LOST_4815162342 - @DamonLindelof @CarltonCuse The Candidates that have made it to the half way mark @ThePCCLondon #LOSTmarathon

Courtesy of LOST_4815162342


LOST_4815162342 - @DamonLindelof S1 of #LOSTmarathon completed. Jack & Tucker's work even better on the big screen #GuysWhereAreWe

Tomorrows headline news ?

A picture from Matthew White from outside the Cinema.

The Prince Charles Cinema posted this photo of the queue at the cinema.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

UK LOST Marathon - World Record ? 6

This article from the UK Sky1 LOST site mentions that the LOST Marathon starting on Monday could possibly be a world record attempt.

The Marathon is being held to celebrate the release of Season 6 and the complete collection of LOST on Blu-Ray and DVD on Monday 13th of September.

There are lots of our fellow losties going to the marathon and Lottery_Ticket has set up a Twitter List following some of them.

So all that is left is for us to wish everyone attending good luck and tell them to take plenty of DHARMA goodies to keep them sustained. That Roger Workman look after the purge isn't a good one.

Update - There is a special message from one of our sponsors-