Thursday, January 21, 2010

Competition 8 - Winner

This one proved to be a tough one for most as we had just 31 entries with only 15 eligible for the draw.

The correct answer was HUMANITY

The winners are :-

Season 5 DVD DHARMA Initiation Kit - EmmaJ

Season 5 Blu-Ray Set - Lawncare

The explanation of the answer is :

- Three in 1st Poster fruit - A

The 1st Poster had the word Banana on it.

- There are two in the further instructions for Glasgow - T

When the Glasgow reveal was first published there was a mistake with the date, this was soon rectified with the statement "No Time Travelling Needed"

- The first of who sent us to Johnny Cupcakes - H

The flyer for this reveal said :

- The first of Shannon's final word in French - M

On the 9th poster the Shannon figure is listening to the phrase - "Je suis seul sur cette ile ..ils sont tous morts"

- The second of the second of Tom Sawyers Friend's artist - U

The 6th poster was at URL, the artist for this poster was Jason Munn.

- A white blade of grass - Y

The Jay Ryan Polar Bear poster had the artists name in the blades of grass (yes A was also there see below).

- There are two in this monstrous location - I

The location of the 8th reveal, which was a mural of cartoon monsters, was :

- The fourth of the crash reveal - N

The URL for the fourth reveal was :

That leaves us with the letters ATHMUYIN - which is an anagram of HUMANITY

There were some possible alternate letters in a couple of clues which could have led to different words, but nobody entered with those potential words.

Finally to explain the additional clue for the whole word - "TWM last word at the end of the third", plus the extra clue of TLE.

TLE stands for "The Lost Experience" (The first LOST ARG), TWM stands for "Thomas Werner Mittelwerk" who was one of the main characters in that ARG. At the end of the ARG a message from Alvar Hanso was posted (which can still be seen at Clicking on the word "Humanity" at the end of the third paragraph, gave a hidden message from Mittelwerk.