Thursday, January 14, 2010

Competition 5 Prize Winner

The mug that has been won is in this picture, spot the other LOST related items.

86 Entries with 43 entries eligible for the prize draw.

The winner of the mug and poster is Tremendous Pie

The winner of a mug only is Herm212

Answers are -

1. Edward Mars (The Marshall)

2. The Hydra Station

3. Walkabout (Although his face is not completely clear it is documented in several place that this is Christian Sheppard. Click Here for a video clip)

4. Jin or Sayid - both are accepted as the question was not specific enough to take time travel into consideration (oh and by the way MEL the smoke monster was not accepted as an answer, feel free to discuss !)

5. Super Bowl 40 (2006)

6. The Arrow Station

7. The Glenn Miller Band / Orchestra