Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mysteries of the Universe part 3 New Image

Just in case we had all got too wrapped up in the search for art, one of the other viral / ARG / marketing for LOST this year is Mysteries of the Universe and the site appears to have been updated.

The new image is a Dharma Bagua for the Staff station Click for a link to the Lostpedia article on the Staff

This does not appear to be a graphic, but a real life version of the logo.

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Frame 3 Clue 2 and 3 51

Looking at the Attack Of The Show schedule there is a segment called DVDUesday, it is described on the AOTS website as - "Our resident film expert, Chris Gore, of Film Threat Magazine, visits every Tuesday to give us all the news on the world of DVDs, new, old, collectable, and strange."

(Thanks to Tim Maguire for the schedule information)

The image of the legs is taken from the Attack Of The Show hosts page.

First posted at Lostpedia

Update - 31st Aug 17:45 (EST)

The hub page is updated with a confirmation of the Attack of the Show information

Friday, August 28, 2009


Frame 3 Clue 1 163

A new clue for Frame 3 has been posted

This translates to A-O-T-S

Thanks to Sayid'sGirl for letting us know about the clue and Cypher80b for the translation.

There are two possible web sites that this clue could lead us to -

The Canadian G4 TV show - Attack Of The Show (Pat advised via email that the show is in fact filmed in Los Angeles)

The British Art website - Art Of The State

There is also ArtofTheState.Com which only has a triangle image on the site, it looks a little like the Greek Delta symbol. The name of the .jpg file is AOTS.JPG

Could AOTS be an anagram of SATO, as Bryan Sato played a background Character called Richard.

Click here to read more on LostPedia

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cupcake Capers Roundup 55

The second poster was revealed today as a Locke centric piece.

Many thanks to all the people that went down to the store today to find out what was going on and to send us back information. This is all made more interesting by having real people at the events.

A special mention has to go to Eugene and Mary for all the updates via Twitter.

So now a round up of what happened and what was revealed, first off when the store opened, the staff didn't seem to know much about what was going on. However they did start to hand out some free gifts :

This skateboard deck is cool on it's own, and apparently only 8 of 20 were given out to fans, but it did have something else etched into it -

This took us to the new poster site where the new poster is now for sale.

Also etched into the skateboard on closer inspection are the numbers -

(Images from Lewis C on Twitter)

Also given away was this T-Shirt, it shows the logo for Canton-Rainier Carpet Cleaning, Canton Rainier was seen in a season 5 episode.

(Photo from Lewis C on Twitter

Then one more odd thing was discovered, a sign on the shop door dor Build Your World, this is the organisation Sayid was working for when he had finished with Ben's list. This seems to be completely unrelated to the rest of the items and poster. (Photo courtesy of

Click here to see Sayid's T-Shirt in an image on LostPedia

Cupcake Capers 79

We shall find it via Twitter, Blog, highway or byway.

This post has been created to cover all the fun of the next artwork reveal today in Boston, it will be a living post that will get updated when new information is available.

Twitter Updates - We have several people out and about, and if we get any updates they will be posted here.

IyemMary - They gave some girl a Canton Rainier shirt, but it's the same shirt they sell online. -Mary!

Lewis_C815 - Sticker that Johnny cupcakes was told to put into window yesterday
(picture of a Build Our World logo - organisation Sayid was a member of)

IyemMary - Uneventful. No scavenger hunt. Cool, though. -Mary!

Lewis_C815 - There are all of the numbers carved somewhere on the skateboard

IyemMary - Boards say the numbers are carved into the back of the board -Mary!

Lewis_C815 - T-shirt on top of box that held skateboards

Lewis_C815 - Dharma skateboard from Johnny cupcakes

IyemMary - Store workers don't know anything. They gave us wooden dharma skateboards -Mary!

IyemMary - Opening -Mary!

Lewis_C815 - The crowd is going wild!

IyemMary - About a dozen people waiting outside -Mary!

IyemMary - Not open yet -Mary!

IyemMary - In Boston on Newbury St -Mary!

IyemMary - Almost in Boston :D -Mary!

IyemMary - Posting updates from Johnny Cupakes tomorrow for you Lost fans!

IyemMary - Johnny Cupcakes at 10 am tomorrow :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Dharama Skateboards have been handed out with the URL On this site is the new poster :-

It is entitled "Olly Moss for Locke's Secret"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Frame 2 - Newbury / Weds 89

A new clue has appeared on the DamonCarltonandaPolarBear Hub page :

Holywood_Bob has told us about the location of the photograph - "it is a shot of the opening of a store called johnny cupcakes on newbury st in Boston. it is an indy tshirt shop." Click here to go to the Jonny Cupakes website.

The store in the photograph is on Newbury Street in Boston and also on Newbury Street happens to be the International Poster Gallery which is holding an exhibition on - 'Time Travel: A Century of Travel Posters'. (This information came from several sources, but the first was from Mrz Z on the Dark UFO Spoiler TV forum)

Also on Newbury Street there is Newbury Comics (Thanks to LotteryTicket and Sayid'sGirl for this)

This is not a confirmed event yet at either place, but it does seem likely that either the Johnny Cupcakes shop, because of the photograph, or the poster museum is the venue given the nature of what we are searching for. More information will be posted here when we know more.

Update - 2:39pm(est)

This new image has appeared on the Hub page :

Update - 5:45pm(est)

The biggest clue yet, confirming the location and the time :

A possible Johnny Cupcake design idea ?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Special Delivery 63

This is a photo of one of the posters that has been received. To the right is the number of this print.

Special thanks to Holywood_Bob on Twitter for giving us permission to post the photos.

ReverendMilo and LotteryTicket have sent us lots more pictures, see the comments for some more links, however this is the poster under blacklight from Reverend Milo.

Some close ups from LotteryTicket (click to get a larger image)

Update - 27 Aug 09

Jim W has emailed to say that when he received his Hurley print he received another parcel, that contained a Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear print as he was the first person to order the Hurley poster.

Read about this here

If you receive your poster, please send us a photo of it (and yourself) and we will show them here.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Ronie Midfew,

Please find enclosed a collection of your correspondence starting from your most recent letter, we have tried to point out any mistakes you may have made.

Incidentally, you always end your letters "Best and thank you", I wonder where all your wishes have gone ?

If you wish to contact us to discuss, please write to us at the usual address.

Kind Regards


Poster 15 Letter





Poster 14 Letter


"...I'm sure everyone will be grilling us for new clues."

The word Grilling seems to be relevant, the next reveal was at The 44th Ward, the self proclaimed grilled cheese funhouse in Chicago.


"....and one the sheets in your pamphlet..." - missing "of"

Poster 13 Letter



This letter has lots of odd phrases in it referring to ging the keyboard a break, selling for more than its asking price, but the main clue seems to be HI in reference the next reveal that was in Hawaii.


Dharma not DHARMA

Poster 12 Letter


"We had a ball...."

The next reveal was at the SPiN New York table tennis club and the URL was written on a ping pong ball.

Mistakes - missing AND

Poster 11 Letter


"...having their things in Super condition..."

The next reveal was at the Super7 store in San Francisco

Mistakes - missing O

Poster 10 letter


"It's like a comic book,...."

The next reveal was at Forbidden Planet which among other things sells comic books, there was also a giveaway of a comic book bag and backing board.


AndySchex has pointed out that - "Congratulations on your second consecutive 1st order reward" - I was the first buyer for poster #9 so being the first buyer for #10 would be my "first consecutive 1st order reward", not my second.

Poster 9 letter


"If you ask us it's pretty high fashion...."

The next reveal was at the store of fashion retailer Ron Herman.



Poster 8 letter


"We hope the prints can find some space on your wall, near the awesome Kevin Tong print you just purchased without a stall. WOW! That Rhymed! Maybe we should look into rhyming as a profession...."

The next reveal was by rapper 88-Keys in the form of a song.


"...leading everyone to the vital purchase website."

(Possibly the word vital should be virtual)

Poster 7 letter


"We think it's a serious piece of art of Grande proportions!"

The next reveal was in Buenos Aires and was a large mural painted on a wall.


"We are happy to reward you with the a full run..."

Poster 6 letter


"May we suggest learning the tunes from the Beach Boys 'Pet Sounds' It's a clasic album."

The next reveal was at Rusty's Discount Pet Store.



We are missing the letter for poster 5, however we do know that the clue was :-

"...You are a serious rock star..."

The next reveal was for the Fallout Boy concert.

Poster 4 letter


"...or even wear it on your first day of school. That's where all the cool undergrads wear..."

The next reveal was at the University of Arizona.


" undergrads wear their new digs."

Poster 3 letter


"...icing on the cake..."

The next reveal was in the Crumbs Bakery cup cake store.



Poster 2 letter


"'d be able to stay home, watch television and play video games all day."

The next reveal was on TV show Attack Of The Show.


"Not a Band Combo"

The next communication we had from Ronie Midfew / Aleandra Miller are congratulating the first purchasers of the posters. They have all included a subtle clue towards the next poster and some include what appears to be a deliberate mistake.


"..when Jack found out the Red Sox won the World Series..."

The next reveal was in Boston.



The third letter from Paul was received my MEL who was one of the first commenters on the original DamonCarltonandaPolarBear site, so you could say it was the first first purchaser letter.

The two letters above were received by the DocArzt blog and are similar in nature to the letters received by SlashFilm

A day later the letter above was received by Peter, it is from Ronie Midfew, via his assistanr Alexandra Miller

The first leter received by a few select people, the letter above was sent to Peter Sciretta at