Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lifes a Beach in Hawaii 76

A great picture from some of our most regular LOSTARGers in Hawaii, paying tribute to Olly Moss.

(The picture was taken from Maven's Twitter feed)

Olly replied a little later with -

If you want to see some of the action from the premier last night then have a look at Lottery Ticket's UStream videos

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A full set 152

We have been sent the photograph below from an anonymous contributor who has a full set of posters. Not only a full set but it appears from the signatures and numbering that these are the mythical (well not anymore) artist proof copies.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Competition 10 Winner 72

Yes we realise that the winners competition 9 has not been announced yet, Save The Children and PayPal are swamped with people trying to do good things and they are a little behind in processing requests. If we can ask you to hold on just a little longer we would appreciate your patience.

However we do have a winner for prize 10, the Tawaret statue model from Gallery 1988, congratulations go to Eugene

Now to the solution to the riddle which 117 of you out of the 128 that entered got correct. As we might expect with the exceptional bunch of people that LOST fans are quite a few of you gave your own hints to the clues in the comments to help your fellow fan.

This first hint was to try and steer you in the direction of a web address.

(Thanks to Thorsten for producing the clue image, without asking why it was needed)
The second clue was almost an attempt at misdirection, of course this is the Pilot of flight 815 and it was an attempt to get you to think of the Pilot episode of LOST.

However this picture is not from the first episode and so it gave a few people that emailed second thoughts about it's meaning.
This clue was just another pointer towards the web address for answer 2, assuming you had realised what the two clues below were all about.
The fourth image was of the Cyndi Lauper album "Bring Ya To The Brink"

This was to give you the name Cindy.
Which leaves the key to it all, the anagram. When unscrambled the phrase is "Her First Words"

If you put that together with the other hints it takes you to Cindy Chandler who's first words in the pilot episode were "So how's the drink"

All of the above when put together should have lead you to the web address

The web address was the answer to question 2.
The second part of the puzzle displayed at the web address should have led you, with a bit of searching around LOSTARGs, to the start of the poster reveals and the post entitled "Art is a lie that makes us realize truth (Pablo Picasso)"

This is the answer to the first question.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Methane Studios - Dharma Van Lottery 140

Methane Studios have announced that there will be a few more copies of their Dharma Van poster for sale via a lottery on the day of the season premier.

Visit for more details.

Todd Slater Interview

The good folk at have published a short interview with Todd Slater.

Click here or on Ben to view the interview

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Circle Is Complete 241

As we haven't had an update for a little while this picture has given us the perfect opportunity for a new post.

Thorsten has been sent this copy of the poster he created for us, via Reverend Milo, it took me a few seconds to work out who the signatures were from, but then the lightbulb lit !

By the way the winners of the Haiti relief competion are still being processed. We had a lot of entries to go through and we are waiting for PayPal and Save The Children to finalise the donations without any admin change being applied.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prize 10 - 1 Less Than Usual 495

Well I'm almost a little tearful that the 10th and last competition is here. As you can see from the picture to the left, this prize is a Tawaret Statue model from the Gallery 1988 art show. (Note - does not include a miniature Zort !)

This is another prize donated to us by Gallery 1988 in recognition of the LOSTARGs site and community as being one of the best places on the web to discuss LOST art.

This draw will again be free to enter but as with the other competitions, apart from number 9, there will only be one entry per person allowed.

Like prize 8 this one will be a little different.


1. What is the title of the LOSTARGs blog post ?

(You will only be able to find this once you have found clue 2. We need the exact title, so if you think you have it and it does not match a blog post title, you don't have it)

2. What is the location of the second clue ?

(Hint - the 2nd clue cannot be found on

Clue 1

(If we don't get at least 20 correct entries by Midday (EST) on Tuesday we will make things a little easier)

Submit your answers by clicking here and entering the information into the entry form. This same form will be used for each prize. Make sure you choose PRIZE 10 from the selection drop down.

Entries for this prize must be submitted by 28th January 2010

This draw is again free for all to enter, but if you can spare some money then either the logo to the right of the main blog can be used to donate to the Red Cross or as with previous draws UNICEF is charity that does good work in over 150 contries. The link takes you to a site to donate specifically to the Haiti Earthquake Appeal. Click here or the logo if you wish to donate.

Click Here to view the Terms and Conditions on the first prize draw post

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Competition 9 - Haiti Appeal - Total Update 96

All words to describe what wonderful and generous people you all are as donations of just over $4000 have been raised for Save The Children.

Now the competition is over we will be tabulating all the entries and donations over the weekend. We have been working directly with Paypal and Save The Children, and once all the donations have been processed, we will select the winners, hopefully by early next week.

Thanks and good luck!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Crash - Extra Copies Info 128

Eric Tan has posted some information on his blog - - about the extra copies of The Crash that will be for sale soon.

Thanks to all the Lost fans who've been patient and checking in for updates on the poster. I've been trying to get it out asap, but hardcore deadlines at work and the fact that they're sending me to Hong Kong for several days next week will delay it just a wee bit longer. I'd like to be in the states for the sale just to make sure nothing goes wrong and you get the goods on time. I've definitely read all of the recommendations and I'll announce a set date but make it a random time. That seems to be the popular choice. Just make sure your Paypal mailing addresses are up to date. I'll post the site when I return the 1st week of February along with further instructions. Again, thank you to everyone who's checked in and supported the project. And I apologize for not getting the poster out sooner. Your loyalty to the show and enthusiasm for the posters have made me really wish it was an open run that everyone could get their hands on. Here's to hoping another Lost poster series happens.


(Thanks to all that told us in the comments and via email about this)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Competition 8 - Winner

This one proved to be a tough one for most as we had just 31 entries with only 15 eligible for the draw.

The correct answer was HUMANITY

The winners are :-

Season 5 DVD DHARMA Initiation Kit - EmmaJ

Season 5 Blu-Ray Set - Lawncare

The explanation of the answer is :

- Three in 1st Poster fruit - A

The 1st Poster had the word Banana on it.

- There are two in the further instructions for Glasgow - T

When the Glasgow reveal was first published there was a mistake with the date, this was soon rectified with the statement "No Time Travelling Needed"

- The first of who sent us to Johnny Cupcakes - H

The flyer for this reveal said :

- The first of Shannon's final word in French - M

On the 9th poster the Shannon figure is listening to the phrase - "Je suis seul sur cette ile ..ils sont tous morts"

- The second of the second of Tom Sawyers Friend's artist - U

The 6th poster was at URL, the artist for this poster was Jason Munn.

- A white blade of grass - Y

The Jay Ryan Polar Bear poster had the artists name in the blades of grass (yes A was also there see below).

- There are two in this monstrous location - I

The location of the 8th reveal, which was a mural of cartoon monsters, was :

- The fourth of the crash reveal - N

The URL for the fourth reveal was :

That leaves us with the letters ATHMUYIN - which is an anagram of HUMANITY

There were some possible alternate letters in a couple of clues which could have led to different words, but nobody entered with those potential words.

Finally to explain the additional clue for the whole word - "TWM last word at the end of the third", plus the extra clue of TLE.

TLE stands for "The Lost Experience" (The first LOST ARG), TWM stands for "Thomas Werner Mittelwerk" who was one of the main characters in that ARG. At the end of the ARG a message from Alvar Hanso was posted (which can still be seen at Clicking on the word "Humanity" at the end of the third paragraph, gave a hidden message from Mittelwerk.

Prize 9 - Haiti Disaster Appeal - Update 300

You are all amazing, our progress with the appeal and competition we have so far been pledged this staggering amount of money -


A couple of questions have been asked a few times in the comments and via email so here are the answers :

- You don't have to enter multiple times, a single donation of $20 will be counted the same as 4 donations of $5 (plus a single donation is less work for us).

- The charity we will be donating the money too is

Here is a brief description: Save the Children has worked in Haiti for 25 years with 100 staff on the ground providing food, water, shelter and child-friendly spaces. Because Save the Children's offices did not suffer the structural damage of other non-governmental organizations, other aid workers have taken refuge in the agency's compound, where operations are being run out of offices and tents

- 100% of the proceeds are being donated. We are not keeping any of the money for ourselves. We are also working with Paypal to eliminate any Paypal fees as well.

There is still time to enter until the end of Friday (01/22/10) - Click Here to see the competition details

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Competition 7 Winner

52 Entries were received with 20 eligible to win.

The winner is Rachel, who lives in New Zealand

Answers to the questions are -

1. It is a close run thing but Jin shouts in Korean before Michael shouts Waaaaalt for the first time.

The Transcript at has Jin down first and he is the first person to utter words on screen, even if they are not 100% clear.

(We discounted any noises from Vincent, the odd moan / gasp from Jack, and any off screen screams that may have been from Shannon)

2. Kalgoorlie, Australia

3. Enter 56

4. Everything that rise must converge by Flannery O'connor

5. $10000

6. "Solitary"

7. 48 Days

8. Turnip Head

9. 540 Days

10. Glacier Candy Bar

(We accepted candy bar on it's own, but not Apollo Bar or An old Camaro)

LOST University Connected A - Z 99

The final LOST University Tutoring session is now available, and this time it takes the shape of an A to Z of LOST.

Tom also says that there will be a trivia contest and if you go to the Tutoring Center Forum you can create your own A-Z.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Competition 6 - Winners

There were 102 entries with 52 being eligible to win.

1. Gary Troup, however I did have a conference with the independant adjudicator (My Father) and as the question did not specificaly ask for a name we also accepted "The guy that gets sucked into the turbine of crashed Oceanic 815"

2. Behind the book The Turn of the Screw in the Swan station.

We had some very comprehensive answers and even a few theories, but this was the simple answer we were after which nearly everyone got right.

3. Gina and Jeff

4. St. Andrews Priory Click here for the Virtual Tour

5. 18 right, 1 left, 31 right

Locke changed the combination to this just before Gale was imprisoned.

6. Two. Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis.

7. The Flame Station.

8. Flower of Wisdom

This comprehensive answer did impress - 지연 (Jiyeon/Ji Yeon) translates to "flower of wisdom" according to ABC's "enhanced" episode of Ji Yeon. However this is not really a correct/precise translation (I'm an Asian Studies major). 지 (Ji) can mean intelligence, wit or wisdom and 연 (Yeon) can mean lotus, though a more specific character for lotus is 련 and the specific character for flower is 꽃. 연 is not also a meaning for flower like it is for lotus so I believe a more precise translation to be "intelligent lotus" or "wise lotus." Jin and Sun are likely Buddhist (the most popular religion in South Korea), and a blue lotus represents wisdom in Buddhism, which is where the name gets its significance. My guess is that the ABC enhanced episode did not have time/room to explain the significance of the lotus, so someone decided to just say "flower" even though that is not the correct translation. I should note I don't speak Korean, though I did a good deal of research answering this question.

The two lucky winners are -

LOSTsinger - The Swan Station

Congested - The Numbers

Tyler Stout LOST Poster Sale Delayed 487

I'm afraid we LOST fans seem to have broken a small part of the internet, please see the information below -


So, due to increased demand and web traffic, i will no longer be selling stuff on THE SALE ON MY SITE (which is crashed) IS CANCELED. New sale instructions to follow. normally i hate changing plans in mid-sale, but i don't see not being crashed for hours and hours to come, and i don't want you wasting more of your time refreshing it.

instead, i will relay sale information via this mailing list. So, now would be the time to unsubscribe (see bottom of this email, click SafeUnsubscribe and that's it, no more emails from me). if you're just interested in getting an email from me once every so often, this is not the mailing list to be on. it is only for those interested in getting constant sale instructions from me. during a sale week you may get up to 3 or 4. i hate doing it, but i can't keep up with the site crashings and emails from frustrated customers.

so, fair warning. i won't hold it against you if you unsubscribe. otherwise i'll assume you like getting several emails from me in a short span of time. no need to email and say 'keep me on your mailing list', just don't unsubscribe and you'll stay on it.

at 8PM TONIGHT PST (about 5 hours from now), i will send out an email to my mailing listers. in it, i will have the lost question. As well as the EMAIL ADDRESS to email your answer to. Please DO NOT email me at with your answer, i will provide the email address in the email.

it might be the same way for the phish poster sale tomorrow, so expect another email. and one Wednesday with the monster squad sale info.

my apologies to those of you that have spent the past 2 hours refreshing i have spent the past 2 hours trying to upload the lost info. this mailing list idea is to avoid wasting more of your time.

TONIGHT, 8 PM PST, check your email.

thanks again,

*i know these emails are lengthy and convoluted, the simple fact is i am just not that great at these poster sales. i like making posters, i'm just not great at selling them. i get a ton of email and try to answer everyone's questions, which is also why i pack all this info into emails, since i figure if i don't, people will ask them. thanks for your understanding.

Walt's Kidnapping Extra Copies Info 456

Mitch Putnam from OMG Posters, as well as a few people in the comments have let us know about the extra copies of Walt's Kidnapping being on sale tomorrow (Jan 19th) 2pm CST (8pm GMT).

You will have to visit to purchase.

Also don't forget that Tyler Stout will be selling his extra copies of LOST between 1pm and 3pm PST (9pm and 11pm GMT) today (Jan 18th).

Chance to Win 16 Prints including Ben Linus by Todd Slater

Starting Monday January 18th if you purchase a Jeff Coan Benefit Megabolt shirt at you will be automatically entered to win a print pack of over 20 prints from 16 artists across the world. Amongst these artists is Todd Slater who has graciously donated his LOST print for the contest.

Fine Print:
If you have already purchased a shirt you will be entered into the contest, if you purchase multiple shirts you WILL be entered multiple times with a limit of five (5) entries. The Prints will be shipped out when all of the artists send them to me. This may take a couple weeks. Contest runs from Monday January 17 2010 until Friday January 22nd 2010 ending at midnight central time. The shirts are still a preorder because of the popularity expect your shirt within 2 weeks of payment. Any and all questions should be directed to

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Prize 9 - Haiti Disaster Appeal 188

The vote to find out if we could turn this this 9th prize, in our series of 10 competitions, into a way of getting donations for the Haiti disaster appeal was not 100% unanimous but a large percentage did say yes. So to try and keep a happy medium we will be doing things differently for the 9th prize.

The entry questions are below, you can use the same entry sheet as in all the other competitions - Submit your answers by clicking here.

1. Enter the PayPal reference number.
(your email on the answer form must match your PayPal email used)

2. What is Jack and Claire's father called

3. What alias did Ben use when he was caught in a net by Rousseau.

The first question asks for a PayPal reference number, if you donate $5 then you will get two chances to win the prize, for every additional $5 donated you will get another chance to win. However if you do not wish to donate then we will allow a free entry for each person, the free entry will only count as one chance to win, leave the reference number field blank. Donate using the button below.

The contest has now closed, please send any further donations direct to the charity. Thanks for all your generosity.

The closing date for this competition will be 22nd of January 2010.

All this talk and no mention of the prizes, well here they are and we are doing this a little differently again. The prize package will accumulate the more donations we get. The first and guaranteed prize is a Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear Giclee print, number 27 of 30. This was given to us by Gallery 1988 as they recognised what special people LOST fans are.

If we get at least $500 in donations then this prize will be added (click here)

A McFarlane Jack figure

If we get at least $750 in donations then this prize will be added (click here)

#10 of 10 Limited Edition Signed Prints, Size: 2.5" x 3.5", Artist: Geri Centonze.

If we get at least $1000 in donations then this prize will be added (click here)

An Olly Moss Locke's Secret poster, this is one of the additional 50 posters that were sold by Olly and has a number in the range 50 - 100

Clarification - There will be one winner per prize, i.e. if we reach the $1000 target then there will be 4 winners, if we get below $750 then there will be two winners.

Terms and Conditions

- Entry is open to anyone that visits this site.
- The number of chances to win and entries accepted is described above.
- You can donate / enter as many times as you want, however for the 2 chances for $5 entry only your first donation or free entry will count for that offer.
- Only entries submitted with the correct answers will be eligible.
- Correct entries will be entered into a random draw after the end date displayed on the prize announcement post.
- Entries will only be accepted via the entry form that will be linked in each prize announcement post.
- Winners will be contacted by email at the address submitted for the prize draw entered, a postal address will be required for the prize to be posted.
- Prizes will be sent out as soon as possible after the draw date, but we cannot guarantee a timescale for this.
- The only person excluded from any draw is Zort70 who will be administering the draw proceedings.
- Any information recorded as part of a competition entry will be kept private and not used for any other purpose.
- The decision of the LostARGs admins is final.
- If there are any questions about the draws please contact the admins email address displayed at the top of the blog.
- As there is money being collected as part of this draw there are two Administrators with full access to the PaylPal account receiving the donations.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tyler Stout - Sale Information 147

The following information has been released by Tyler Stout about the extra 16th poster copies sale.

On monday, January 18th, between 1-3 PM, my lost poster will go up for sale.
I cannot give a specific time since that would crash my website. IF MY SITE DOES CRASH, and i hope it doesn't, i will put up the sale at some point after it comes back up online.

At some point between 1-3 PM (PST 9pm GMT) I will put up a specific email address on my website,, along with a Lost related question. you must email the email address given on, and your email must include:

1. your answer to the question

2. your actual mailing address listed on your paypal.

Any emails that don't include both of these items in the same email will be disqualified.

Since I have less than 50 Lost posters for sale, sales will be determined in the order I receive emails to that specific email address. You will know within ten minutes of sending your email if you were within the first 40ish people to email. Those picked will be given the option to buy the poster, and if they decline, I will move down the list of emails until I am sold out.

I will not be giving the question beforehand, or the email address to send it to. please don't email asking if you were picked. if you need an update, check back to and it will list the status of the sale. once it says 'sold out', the poster will be completely sold out, 100%. "

(Yhanks to MiddayShadows for the information in the comments section)

Behind The Scenes of "The Hatch"

Just in case you have not yet seen this, Kevin Tong has posted an article on his website about how the Hatch was created.

There are a couple of original sketches of the poster and some great information on the printing process.

(Thanks to ReverendMilo for sending us the details of the article)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Poll - Raffle or Prize ?

To all LostARGs readers -

We have two prize competitions left to be announced, and given the recent events in Haiti we have a question to ask -

Would you be happy if LostARGs changed one of the two remaining competition prizes, into a paid entry raffle with proceeds in aid of the Haiti disaster appeal ?

Lost University Semester 2 - Tom Speaks

The second semester of Lost University is officially live now and Tom the tutor appeared at the end of the countdown clock to give us a little message. Apparently there was something in the previous tutoring video that the powers that be in the university did not like.

See for yourself as Patmc captured this video of the message.

We are assumng for the moment that the surprise was the Mr Clucks advert that was on the Session 4 tutoring session video.

No comments enabled here, for the moment use the previous post which is for a competition to win the DVD and Blu-ray of the 5th season of LOST.

Prize 8 - Use your Compass to find this survival pack 203

The eighth prize draw has two potential prizes for two winners -

A Season 5 DHARMA Initiative Orientation Kit on DVD (see picture) This has been given to us by Buena Vista Home Video. This is a Region 1 DVD set so bear in mind that if you win the prize your player will have to play this region to watch the DVD's.

A Series 5 Blu-ray Disc set (not a DI kit) a very generous donation from a fan of LostARGs.


1. What is the word ?

2. What would you like to win DVD DI KIT, Blu-Ray, Either.

Word clues -

Three in 1st Poster fruit.
There are two in the further instructions for Glasgow.
The first of who sent us to Johnny Cupcakes.
The first of Shannon's final word in French.
The second of the second of Tom Sawyers Friend's artist.
A white blade of grass.
There are two in this monstrous location.
The fourth of the crash reveal.

As this has proved quite tricky and we have only had a couple of correct answers the end date for this competition is going to be extended until 19h of January.

We will also now accept a second answer from an email address however only the second answer (if sent) will be accepted.

A few pointers to the answer -

We are looking for a single eight letter word.
All of the 8 clues relate to the poster series and they are not necessarily in the correct order.
A couple of clues have two potential answers but only one of them is correct.

The overall clue does not relate to the poster series and as a further clue another three letter acronym - TLE.

Solve the clues above, the answers can all be found on and simply submit the word as your answer. (you can submit what you think the clues mean as well, but only the word is required to enter)

As an additional clue for the whole word - "TWM last word at the end of the third"
(not related to the current ARG)

Submit your answers by clicking here and entering the information into the entry form. This same form will be used for each prize. Make sure you choose PRIZE 8 from the selection drop down.

Entries for this prize must be submitted by 18th January 2010

These draws are free for all to enter, but if you can spare some money then UNICEF is charity that does good work in over 150 contries. The link on this competition entry is different from before as it takes you to a site to donate specifically to the Haiti Earthquake Appeal. Click here or the logo if you wish to donate.

Click Here to view the Terms and Conditions on the first prize draw post