Friday, February 4, 2011

LOSTARGS @ Comic-Con 26

So tomorrow (5th of Feb) is hopefully the day that you will be able to purchase your San Diego Comic-Con 2011 tickets. After several attempts the organisers have a solution which should work for the large volume of people that want to purchase tickets. Click here for the details

As you may know several LOSTARGs regulars have already purchased tickets and we will all try and meet up during Comic-Con to swap stories about LOST, Damon Carlon and a Polar Bear and everything else that has happened over the last few years.

Now as there are many people heading off to San Diego it seemed logical to create some LOSTARGs merchandise for people to wear and show their support for LOST even if it isn't currently in production (Well we can always hope !)

Edited - As Cafe Press have decided they do not like what we created (please feel free to let them know what you think !) all we can really do is give you the artwork and let you choose where you want to create your merchandise.

The only conditions are that you don't alter the artwork without permission and that you don't try and make any money with it (although I have no idea how you would !)

Click on each image for the large version which is a .PNG file.

A large desgin with a white background suitable for a t-shirt

The same design as above but half the size

Could be used for a pocket logo.

A stretched out version of the logo sized for a t-shirt

The same design above but smaller, suitable for a mug.

This is an inverse logo with a transparent background suitable for a black or other coloured item of clothing.

This is a large (suitable for t-shirt) logo with partial transparency.

The Bagua sections are transparent and the main background but the number 42 is white.