Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Competition 7 Winner

52 Entries were received with 20 eligible to win.

The winner is Rachel, who lives in New Zealand

Answers to the questions are -

1. It is a close run thing but Jin shouts in Korean before Michael shouts Waaaaalt for the first time.

The Transcript at has Jin down first and he is the first person to utter words on screen, even if they are not 100% clear.

(We discounted any noises from Vincent, the odd moan / gasp from Jack, and any off screen screams that may have been from Shannon)

2. Kalgoorlie, Australia

3. Enter 56

4. Everything that rise must converge by Flannery O'connor

5. $10000

6. "Solitary"

7. 48 Days

8. Turnip Head

9. 540 Days

10. Glacier Candy Bar

(We accepted candy bar on it's own, but not Apollo Bar or An old Camaro)