Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Poster 7 Roundup 45

Now the dust has settled and the 7th poster has sold out, just a few more images from today.

A picture sent in by Adam Gelvan (The Stuff Guy)

The shelf in Rusty's where the T-Shirts were displayed.

Amy Lynn has told us and then corrected by feel_the_insanity that the quote in the URL comes from The season Four Episode The Beginning Of The End

CHARLIE: Hey man. Don't run. Hurley. Just, just, sit down. I wanna talk to you. Come on. Don't do what you did in the store. Ok? There's no need to freak out.

HURLEY: No need to freak out? I'm trying to buy some jerky and a slushy, and suddenly you're standing over there by the Ho Hos. You're dead, what do you expect me to do?

The hub page has also been updated with the latest URL and some official pictures.

Information - Backdoor ordering

During the poster reveal today one of our commenters posted a method to purchase the poster before the main web page said it was for sale. The comment in full was :

Poster is totally sick.

Aside from the typo, the website also closed a loophole wherein purchasing the poster could be done before the BUY NOW button went up. Now, everyone will have a fair shot at #101.

On the previous posters you could go to the following early...simply insert the earlier url prefixes...

A few insiders/sneaks won't like me for posting that, but oh well, now everyone knows.

Good luck all on getting #101!

This did work as I tried it myself (purely for research of course) and I did not get the first purchase as someone had already got that.

There was a lot of discussion about this in the comments and a few people have felt a little disappointed. So I contacted DamonCarltonandaPolarBear to ask why and how this was possible. This is their reply -

We were alerted to this issue a few prints back and have attempted to fix it each time, but due to the quick nature of our project isn't always possible. The good news is, every first poster order has been double checked each time to make sure the order was placed only after the site went live. We then give that information to the people who reward the first order. Even if the people order the poster "backdoor" - the time must match when the print was available for sale. As the group that checks the time ordered, I wouldn't trust everything everyone is telling you.


I hope that quells some of the unrest about the poster reveals.

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The 7th Poster is revealed as... 167

The 7th poster URL was announced today by the star of Lost - Vincent the dog.

The poster is called The Smoke Monster and is by Ken Taylor.

Link to Ken Taylor's web site

Poster 7 as it happens at Rusty's Pet Store 74

This post is to detail and discuss today's poster URL reveal, the post will be updated as events unfold.

If you find out the new URL before it is officially announced then please do not add it to the comments.

People to follow on Twitter who may be going -

Hollywood Bob

11:15am - Poster is sold out
8:15am - Maven - URL inside T-Shirt
8:10am The URL is - Note Jereky not Jerky as it says on the TShirt
8:10am - ComixGuru - The URL (spelt incorrectly)
8:05am - Hurley's T-Shirt
8:00am - Maven - Outside Rusty's!
8:00am comixguru Store is open. Nothing yet
7:55am Hollywood_Bob - Epic fail. Dealing with flat tire. Still going to try to get to Rustys
7:45am - Maven - just arrived at Rusty's!
7:35am - ComixGuru - Another pic, just for the hell of it. Rusty's is all halloweened out inside the store.
7:15am - ComixGuru - At Rusty's. Waiting
6:30am Maven - my iPhone, Flip Cam and Digital Camera....Rusty's here I come! 

(all time PST)

Rusty's Pet Store at 8am

The information we have all been waiting for is :-

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This Is No Air Guitar for Pet Sounds

Congested came home to a very special surprise yesterday, read all about it at the Audibly Lost Blog

The covering letter contained a further clue pointing to Rusty's -

A picture of the prize, lots more pictures on the Audibly Lost Blog

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Frame 7 Clue 3 - Ventura Boulevard 100

Frame 7 Clue 3 is posted and it points to the same street that Rusty's Discount Pet Center is on.

However 11600 appears to point to a florists, Fiore Designs a few doors down from Rusty's

Thanks to Julien via email for letting us know about the new clue, and JPL for letting us know about Fiore.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Frame 7 Clue 2 Soft Toys 113

Frame 7 clue 2 is posted and appears to be a picture of some soft toys. possibly in a pet store window ?

Thanks to Waffle for letting us know about the new clue.

Update Sept 28th -

Avondale Blog has found where the pet toy picture came from, it is from a website for Rusty's Pet Store - Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Frame 7 First Clue is Posted 35

The first clue for Frame 7 is posted on the website.

It is a picture of Vincent the dog who's real name is Madison, so perhaps we are looking for something in Madison Wisconsin (thanks Mel).

Possibly Madison Square Garden

From Maven - There's a town of Vincent in Perth, Australia

Update - The screenshot comes from the episode Tricia Tanaka is Dead.

Thanks to Roxanna for telling us first about the clue.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lost University Countdown Video

When the Lost University sign up countdown reached zero there was a surprise for anyone that was watching. The picture below is courtesy of the forums on LostPedia, click on the image to go to the original post in the forum.

It has been mentioned in the comments and in other places over the web, but the best way to see this is at the DarkUFO blog pages where there is a video of the countdown, click the image to link directly to the video.

While we are talking about other Lost websites then DocArzt has a post with an official Lost podcast with Gregg Nations who explains a lot about Lost University.

(Post for information only comments in the previous post)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

4-toed Roundup 121

This blog post is just to finish off the information from last night.

To start with very large thanks to ReverendMilo for all the reports and pictures from last night, it was much appreciated. As I said in the comments, having someone go to the event and report back in almost real time makes these sort of events come alive.

RevMilo also got himself some swag (some he took with him in costume)

Next the Hub page has been updated with quite a few pictures, some posted before by @PacesOilChange but there is also a video :

We have reports from Dragon Management that his order number was #778 for the Statue poster, this is the lowest reported so far, and ReverendMilo has told us that his order was #815.#

Update we have had an email to say someone has an order number of 776 for this poster

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poster 6 is revealed - 4-toed Statue 103

The poster 6 URL is revealed as :

Jason Munn for the 4-toed Statue.
The poster has some elements that cannot be seen in the image above because of the gloss paint effect.

Click here to go to Jason Munn's web page

Poster 6 as it happens 114

This post is to update and discuss all the action from todays poster reveal, updates as they happen.

Remember to follow

Other people to follow on Twitter that have said they will be going :

8:40pm (cdt) PacesOilChange close up of the guitar URL.
8:35pm (cdt) PacesOilChange URL confirmed.
8:25pm (cdt) PacesOilChange picture of guitar, the URL is on the guitar in red letters.
8:20pm (cdt) PacesOilChange picture of the drumkit
7:45pm (cdt) ReverendMilo is queueing.
7:30pm (cdt) ReverendMilo@pacesoilchange stuck just a few blocks away be there in a jiff plz wait #lostarg #fob
7:10pm (cdt) from PacesOilChange Map where the picture below was taken.
7:10pm (cdt) from PacesOilChange
7:00pm (cdt) Dallas #Lost fans representing for fall out boy gig & @petewentz #lostarg #fob
6:00pm (cdt) ReverendMilo and his tickets

Announcement - Hoodlum Emmy Poll Result 3

Click here to see the original post and the result

Hey Everybody - Carlton here

Update - The admins at Lost University have shut down this thread as it appears Damon and Carlton were not behind the posts below.

On the Lost University website in the forums section there is a forum thread in the 'Meet Fellow Students' section that appears to be started by the real Carlton Cuse, here are the messages from Carlton and also one from Damon :

Hey everybody.
by CarltonCuse » Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:15 pm

How are we liking Lost University so far?

by CarltonCuse » Wed Sep 23, 2009 1:44 am

Good, I'm glad everybody likes it. In approximately two short months everything will be up and running. As for the Blu-Ray dilemma, we are working on alternate solutions for those of you who don't have a Blu-Ray player or a PS3. Again, thanks to all of the Lost fans who keep us going. I'll keep you all updated on any information about either the Season 5 Lost DVD's, or any other questions you have REGARDING LOST UNIVERSITY, NOT our TV show. But stay hungry for some more invigorating Lost, early 2010. Inquisitiveness is golden. Thanks again, Carlton.

Re: Hey everybody.
by DLindlof_ABC » Wed Sep 23, 2009 2:09 am

Greetings Carlton. I find it very ironic that I can't fit my whole name as my username on my own site. Anyways, I just wanted to say again, as Carlton said, thank you all for your support Lost fans. Without you, we wouldn't of had the opportunity to continue with Lost. Thanks everybody and we WILL be posting updated information about all of your LU concerns. -Damon

Go directly to the thread on the LU website.

This post is just for information as it is quite cool to get some direct interaction with TPTB (The Powers That Be).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Poster 6 - Stay tuned to Twitter 61

The final clue for poster six is published, stay tuned to Twitter for the reveal.

Lost University Sign up Email

An email from Lost University has been sent out informing people that they can sign up, yes we know most of you already have but it does include a few interesting items.

First it is sent by Greggory Nations who is a producer on many Lost episodes.

Also it says "...the first 108 graduates will receive a hand-signed diploma from LOST University Presidents Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse"

If you haven't had the email you can see a copy of it by clicking here.

Lost University Signup Question List

Thanks to Cypher80b we have a full list of questions for the sign up process, however as you may want to sign up without knowing they are contained in spoiler tags below.

Click here to see the list of questions

You have decided to be a Black Swan and chea..sorry wrong ARG :-)

1) While trying to open the hatch, Locke tells Boone the story of the statue of David, which was created by what Renaissance artist?

2) Who had a dream, which recreated Verrocchio's "The Baptism Of Christ"?

3) Which of these elements is NOT depicted on the mural in the Swan?
The Number 23

4) There is a picture in Widmore's office that depicts a polar bear and what?
A Buddha

5) In Jacob's cabin, there was a faded painting of what type of animal?

6) According to the Orchid Orientation Video, what property of the island allowed the DHARMA Initiative to conduct experiments of both space and time?
Casimir Effect

7) What types of objects must never be placed inside the Orchid vault?

8) Which of these DHARMA Stations is known to reside over an area of electromagnetic activity?

9) To protect yourself from nosebleeds and other harmful side effects while time-traveling on the island, It is important to:
Identify a constant

10) Which of these characters is known to speak Korean?

11) Who translated the French distress message heard on the radio?

12) Which of these characters is known to speak Arabic?

13) What does the the Latin phrase "Ille qui nos omnes servabit" translate to?
He who will protect us all.

14) Finding a source of protein is important for human survival. Which of the following food sources did the survivors of 815 eat as a source of protein?

15) In the pilot episode, Locke is seen eating what type of fruit?

16) Before moving to the other side of the island, the Tailies caught, killed and ate what?
A Chicken

17) Which of the following two people did not share a tent at beach camp?
Shannon and Boone

18) Who was the first to say "We have to live together, or die alone?"

19) Which of the following LOST characters shares their name with a famous philosopher?
John Locke

20) What hieroglyphic symbols can be found on the Hatch countdown clock?
A Bird

21) Which of the following characters grew up on the LOST island?

22) The four-toed statue is believed to represent which of the following gods?

23) What was the hydrogen bomb on the island named?

Lost University Enrollment Begins 53

On the 22nd of September, the day of the Oceanic 815 crash, the enrollment for Lost University has started.

As you can see there is also another page of news.

When you sign up you have to take a test to see how good your Lost knowledge is, here is my result :

This apparently means I don't have to take the Lost 101 class, but others have reported that they have been asked to take it. The Lost 101 class seems to consist of a video about Lost, there may be more questions for those that have to take the class.

Also as you can see from above there is a student id card which we can all print out, with our student id and pin number on.

One final thing, the answerphone message on the phone number given out at ComicCon has changed, it now mentions tutoring and that the professor will be back for the December the 8th start of the Univesity Classes.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Frame 6 New clue - Bass guitar from Fallout Boy 56

Another clue for Frame 6 and the plot thickens, this guitar is not from a Blink 182 band member but from the bass player of Fallout Boy who are also playing with Blink 182 this summer.

They are both playing at the center in Dallas on the 23rd of September.

This image is from the Fallout Boy website and includes the pink X.

Pete Wentz and his guitar.

Thanks to Amy Lynn for the first news about the new clue, skarphedin for the information about the guitar's owner and LotteryTicket for the pointer to the pink X image.

Dharma Wants You Wins an Emmy

Is the fact that Dharma Wants You won an Emmy:

Aplologies to all who think that this poll is a little immature, I think a lot of people were very disappointed by the way that Dharma Wants You ended and these answers are a result of that disappointment and frustration.

We wouldn't want the producers of Lost to think that we don't appreciate what they do, and this years entertainment is a testement to how well they treat us fans.

Still if you really enjoyed Dharma Wants You then you have an option to choose.

(and yes we know Hans Van Eeghen is spelt incorrectly but the answers can't be changed once the poll has started)