Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Room 23 - Defenders of LOST Competition 6

The Room 23 Store who sell original LOST art, including the very popular LOST trading cards series, have a new competition for us.

The competition is the chance for you to voice your opinion and defend the honour of LOST. To do this all that will be required is to write a paragraph on each of the three topics given.

There will be a panel of LOST experts judging the work and the entry that is judged to be the best defence of LOST based on the three topics will win the new Room 23 Trading Card holder and for the second placed entry any other item, chosen by the winner, from the Room 23 store.

Click here to go directly to the competition page for the points you will need to defend and all the information needed to enter.

Good luck and good writing

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tim Doyle TUBE-A-GEDDON! - Win Original DCaaPB art 10

Hi all, just a quick update to mention that Tim Doyle is making some space in the Nakatomi Inc store room and offering 50 tubes of art for $50 each.

Each tube contains not 1 but 5 silk screen posters plus other assorted goodies. The best thing is that random tubes will contain bonus prints and one tube will contain original Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear, Hurley's Curse / The Numbers artwork.

Click the picture above or click here to go to the Nakatomi Inc blog which explains all and has a link to the sale site.

Let us know what you get, and if you are the lucky one and get the original artwork, we expect pictures :-)