Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Was it only 12 months ago ? 24

Yes twelve short months ago we spent hours in front of our pc's or travelling to LA to find out what the 16th poster in the Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear series was and to see all the splendid and fascinating LOST art that was on display in Gallery 1988.

The video below, filmed live by Reverend Milo, is one of my favourites from the day for two reasons - firstly it has Damon and Carlton in it ! Secondly, and more importantly, it shows a lot of our regular losties on the streets of LA all together in one place.

This video, and many others filmed during the day, was the first example I've seen of a live broadcast by individuals, not a huge TV company, and for me to be able to watch the event on the streets of LA from my home in the middle of England was truly remarkable. It gave me and others around the world a big sense of inclusion in the event.

The video also shows the "I once was lost..." poster created by Thorsten, transmitted electronically half way round the world, printed off locally and presented to Damon and Carlton. All arranged by the people that contributed to this web site, and then the poster was subsequently displayed in the LOST writers room during the production of the final series.

Words don't begin to describe how much fun and excitement was had by so many people during the DCaaPB campaign, as well as leading up to and during the final season of LOST, but a big thanks go out to everyone that contributed in a positive way to this site and made it THE place to be for LOST fans for so long.

We have all moved on to other things in life since LOST ended, but a lot of us still have not moved on, and will not move on, from LOST as a shining light in the TV wasteland. Some are hoping for another chapter in the story, some are hoping to rediscover how LOST captured so many hearts and minds, and some are just hoping that one day they might understand.

Just one final thing - quite a few of us will be at Comic Con this year (if the ticketing system is sorted out !) so if you are going let us know in the comments and we can try and meet up at some point in the weekend to swap poster purchasing stories.