Friday, October 16, 2009

Poster 9 on eBay

Poster 9 has already made it's way onto online auction site eBay, and the auction can be viewed here, it is already up to $102.

Regardless of the morality of doing this, at least 15 people had orders cancelled yesterday because too many people wanted this print, so to see the print for sale before it has even been received is quite frustrating.

However if you look at the SpoilerTV forums, there has been a large amount of discussion on this, and reading those comments it makes me proud to be a Lost fan.

It has been suggested that large numbers of people contact the seller to annoy them and make them think twice about doing this with the next poster. LostARGs could never endorse such action, but please let us know if you do get a response from the seller if you ask a question.

No comments enabled for this post as it is not intended to stir up lots of strong opinions, just to report the facts.

In the comments we have had this statement posted from another eBay seller (not the one above) it is being published here for the sake of balance, to show the other end of the argument from a genuine Lost fan.

"Yeah I follow lostargs and darkufo so I expected some heat but I was surprised at the level of some of the hate. I mean how are people who are trying to complete a set going to do it if nobody every sells any of them. I'm a fan like everybody else and have followed these prints from the beginning.

If I was really a "douche" I could have posted the DCAAPB url on my listing. I originally bought them as a surprise for my wife but lets just say she was less than enthusiastic when she found out. So with the baby coming in Feb they've go to go. My reserve is $400 because I have an offer locally for that but it looks like its going to hit that soon.

I've also gotten a number of email offers well above that to end the auction early but I'm going to leave it up there and give everybody a shot at it. Believe me I LOVE Lost and but family comes first.

Thanks for the email"