Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Love Triangle Squared

While we wait for more information on the 8th poster URL here is a quick follow up post for Poster 5, Leia Bell's Love Triangle. At first view, when the site went live, this poster was given a fair amount of criticism, but since then a lot of people have warmed to it and maybe we can see more depth and appreciate the art for what it is.

First another picture of the poster, but given Poster 8's connection with Argentina there is an Argentinian Blog that reported the find :-

Next some closeups :-

Click for the uncensored version
(The censored banner is just a bit of fun given some comments we have had, click on the image for the full uncensored closeup)
And finally some signatures :

Many thanks again to ReverendMilo for the excellent large resolution images, you can see them in full on The 108 signature was kindly provided by Lottery Ticket.

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