Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Poll - Shaping The Future

There has been much debate around the subject and I think it is time that the people who visit this site have a say in what happens. Although I may create the posts here I see myself as more of an editor of the information sent in by the contibutors to the site.

This poll is to gauge the feeling of people, it will not set the policy for future reveals but it might influence what happens.

A little explanation of the options.

No Change

The site carries on as it is and we accept that there are other people who may purchase posters and try to sell them purely for profit

Only report on posters after they have been revealed

Stop real time reporting of clues, and only post a report of what happened at least 1 hour after the poster has gone on sale.

Change to a subscription only site

Find a method to take subscriptions from people to read the information we have. There would be no selection of who subscribes as there is no certain way of selecting a true lost fan.

Go Underground

Find a way of providing the same information without it being public knowledge.

No Change, except remove clue posts

This would just remove any information that relates to possible clues to the final poster.

Note there is no "Close the Site Down" option as this will definitely not happen, there will always be information of some description posted on this site.