Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Announcement - Podcast Mosaic

A couple of posts back reAnimated asked if there were any podcasts for this poster reveal. Apart from an interview with Paul Scheer at DocArzt there have been none that I'm aware of.

Then AmyLynn suggested that maybe it would be good to put together peoples experiences of the poster reveals so far, in a kind of Flash Forward Mosaic style.

So what we need are your experiences for the Flash poster reveals.

Send us an audio file preferably in MP3 format (but we should be able to convert other formats) covering the following topics :

Name (real or nickname)

Location in the world

Have you been to an event, and if so what happened

Which posters have you bought

What moments would you like to see covered by the remaining posters

Send your submission to lostargs(at)

Files cannot be bigger than 10mb (Hotmail limit)

The LostARGs podcast elves reserve the right to edit any submission for content and length.

We cannot guarantee every submission will be used, but we will try and use as many as possible.