Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lost University Signup Question List

Thanks to Cypher80b we have a full list of questions for the sign up process, however as you may want to sign up without knowing they are contained in spoiler tags below.

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You have decided to be a Black Swan and chea..sorry wrong ARG :-)

1) While trying to open the hatch, Locke tells Boone the story of the statue of David, which was created by what Renaissance artist?

2) Who had a dream, which recreated Verrocchio's "The Baptism Of Christ"?

3) Which of these elements is NOT depicted on the mural in the Swan?
The Number 23

4) There is a picture in Widmore's office that depicts a polar bear and what?
A Buddha

5) In Jacob's cabin, there was a faded painting of what type of animal?

6) According to the Orchid Orientation Video, what property of the island allowed the DHARMA Initiative to conduct experiments of both space and time?
Casimir Effect

7) What types of objects must never be placed inside the Orchid vault?

8) Which of these DHARMA Stations is known to reside over an area of electromagnetic activity?

9) To protect yourself from nosebleeds and other harmful side effects while time-traveling on the island, It is important to:
Identify a constant

10) Which of these characters is known to speak Korean?

11) Who translated the French distress message heard on the radio?

12) Which of these characters is known to speak Arabic?

13) What does the the Latin phrase "Ille qui nos omnes servabit" translate to?
He who will protect us all.

14) Finding a source of protein is important for human survival. Which of the following food sources did the survivors of 815 eat as a source of protein?

15) In the pilot episode, Locke is seen eating what type of fruit?

16) Before moving to the other side of the island, the Tailies caught, killed and ate what?
A Chicken

17) Which of the following two people did not share a tent at beach camp?
Shannon and Boone

18) Who was the first to say "We have to live together, or die alone?"

19) Which of the following LOST characters shares their name with a famous philosopher?
John Locke

20) What hieroglyphic symbols can be found on the Hatch countdown clock?
A Bird

21) Which of the following characters grew up on the LOST island?

22) The four-toed statue is believed to represent which of the following gods?

23) What was the hydrogen bomb on the island named?