Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Information - Backdoor ordering

During the poster reveal today one of our commenters posted a method to purchase the poster before the main web page said it was for sale. The comment in full was :

Poster is totally sick.

Aside from the typo, the website also closed a loophole wherein purchasing the poster could be done before the BUY NOW button went up. Now, everyone will have a fair shot at #101.

On the previous posters you could go to the following early...simply insert the earlier url prefixes...

A few insiders/sneaks won't like me for posting that, but oh well, now everyone knows.

Good luck all on getting #101!

This did work as I tried it myself (purely for research of course) and I did not get the first purchase as someone had already got that.

There was a lot of discussion about this in the comments and a few people have felt a little disappointed. So I contacted DamonCarltonandaPolarBear to ask why and how this was possible. This is their reply -

We were alerted to this issue a few prints back and have attempted to fix it each time, but due to the quick nature of our project isn't always possible. The good news is, every first poster order has been double checked each time to make sure the order was placed only after the site went live. We then give that information to the people who reward the first order. Even if the people order the poster "backdoor" - the time must match when the print was available for sale. As the group that checks the time ordered, I wouldn't trust everything everyone is telling you.


I hope that quells some of the unrest about the poster reveals.

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