Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Widmore Industries Websites 2

I posted a comment over on the Wordpress ARG blog using a psyeudonym of fredelliott (A character in the British soap Coronation Street) about four new websites that were registered recently :


Elliott Graves apparently read this and posted this tweet :

"I may not trust Widmore completely, but I think they'd have a better website than that."

This doesn't give us any clue as to whether these sites are in game or not so it is just speculation for now, as with this whole game :-)


CrazyBeardedJack said...

All of those sites are shell sites - basically they are fakes. The most glaring of all is the Hanso site, which features the word "Namaste" spelled incorrectly as "Namastate."

This whole "ARG" is a couple of people playing around with some of us overzealous fans. I've really quit playing along, as I fear that this is going to some territory that the show never will go to...As I mean that it could end up giving clues that have nothing to do with the show, etc etc. It may be fun right now, but once they get people hooked they can start messing with you, and when that happens it won't be cool.

Zort70 said...

Definitely time to reiterate to all that nothing has been confirmed (or denied) about this being a "real" game or a fan based project.

Follow at your own risk !

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