Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FleurDeNoir Blueprint 7

Another Twitter user that appears to be linked all of this is FleurDeNoir, an image has been loading in the background of the twitter page for some time, at the moment it is supposed to be 88% loaded.

It has some English words, some Latin ones and some symbols that seem to match the symbols found on the pieces of paper translated earlier today on Elliott Graves blog post.

This user has also posted the phrase "The Empire never ended" which is a quote from the Phillip K Dick book Vallis which has been used in Lost.


Anonymous said...

Here's a thought - everyone is getting info from Twitter. Did it ever occur that I could just go create a Twitter account and starting dropping cyphers and cryptic references to Jacob?

Unknown said...

Hi everybody! I'm excited about the new game (no matter if it's fake!) and I just wanted to share a couple of thoughts (maybe already known, but anyway...) before going to sleep.

1. FleurDeNoire on Twitter: Bio says: Genesis 27:41 which is:
"Esau pursued Jacob for the benediction that their father has given to him. Esau thought: 'Near are the days of grievance for my father; then I will kill my brother Jacob' "
(Sory for the bad translation from my Italian Bible!!)

2. CruxAnsata YouTube account shows a "Ducem sequor" under the avatar. That should something like the title of 5x15: "Follow the leader" - or maybe "Leader follower".

3. CruxAnsata's last Twitter (22:41 for me in Italy) is:

Last bit inverted: ELLIOTT GRAVES LIES
Capitals of the first phrase rearranged:

4. I'm trying to gather references among the Twitters and their connections to the last Episode. It seems to me that the Jacob-BlackShirt conflict represent a sort of primordial node around two different conceptions of time:

Time as a Circle: telluric rites, hermetism, destiny, medieval conception etc.

Time as a Line: progress, enlightenment, free will, struggle against destiny, modernity

In this case, Jacob should be on the side of the Dharma Initiative, maybe!

5. On EdmundLoom Twitter: Pantheum vetustate corruptum cum omni cultu restituerunt

I don't know exactly where it comes from, but it sounds familiar: maybe Cicero, or Virgilio, or a Latin translation of Plato? I really don't know.

Ok, it's all for now. Let me think if I said just obvious things or if there's something to work on.

See ya!


Unknown said...

One more thing:

Mrs Elizabeth Penrose (mrsmarkham, if you want) has a YouTube account with a video (v=..., in her Twitter). It shows the EdmundLoom' background image with white flashes showing numbers at the corner:

XXVII (top left)
XIII (bottom left)
I (top right)
O (bottom right; showed together with the classic Ouroboros, one of the most meaningful symbols of Hermetism and Time-as-Circle philosophies).

The complete sequence is: 27 13 1 0, or:

Maybe it's just coincidence, but if you count the symbols in Roman: 3 X, 1 V, 6 I = 316!

Ok, if it's a fake, I wanna meet those guys, because they're almost crazier than Lindelof & Cuse!


Unknown said...

Erm... I'm still here (sorry!).
Have you already seen this?


There's a message in Hebrew:

הפטיש השעיר

Maybe it's the password to download the AVI file at the following link:


Unknown said...

Maybe I have a translation for the Hebrew message on simeonhobbes.webs.com:

הפטיש השעיר

should be something like: Goat Horns.

I thought of Capricorn, but it doesn't work as password for the AVI on 2shared (neither "goat horns" itself gives better results!).

Ok, I'll try to stop now. Sorry for the multiple comments!

MadAriad said...

reverse text inside the blueprint says "can't show the whole map the wholves are among us" and "Jacob directed the ship" and "ille qui nos omnes serrabit" and "27 recruited and informed my task is almost complete" and " I think therefore I am"

Zort70 said...

NEW POST to update on some of the latest developments.