Tuesday, May 19, 2009

27Project.org Update 12

The updates are coming thick and fast, the 27project.org website has been updated again.

In the Galleries section where the "follow" link was earlier today a picture has appeared. When you look at the name of the image file there appears to be a code.

Click here to see the file name and translation


This is a Base 64 code which translates to : "Jacob Wrestling with God"

That line is part of the Bible verse Genesis 32:25

Update - Another picture has been posted on the 27Project website, not sure what it is at the moment.

Update - Another change to the numbers "84.5.11", and now another change to a link to a Google maps page, for a place called Jacobs Chair. (Thanks to JD for the heads up)

Final update on this is that the page is now back to the "follow" link which points back to the Elliott Graves twitter account.


Anonymous said...

Now when you go to the gallery there is a rollover link that leads to The Hanson Foundation's website...

Anonymous said...

ARGH! Changed again!

Zort70 said...

I've just updated the main post about the new Contour picture.

Was the link that appeared to the old http://thehansofoundation.org
site ?

Zort70 said...

It's updated again with the numbers "84.5.11"

Anonymous said...

Yes, that was it.

JD said...

It's now a link to a location on Google Maps called Jacob's Chair:


JD said...

Here's an easier link:


Zort70 said...

Thanks JD, I've updated the post with the info.

Zort70 said...

I've just DM'd Elliot Graves on Twitter to ask if Jacobs Chair means anything to him.

Steff said...

i don't know if this has been previously posted, but i have a great find. Namely, it is about the ‘unofficial’ twitter account FleurDeNoire. The messages “>blueprint 83%” are in fact a clue that the background image called blueprint is filling with words (i am sure because i saw the image yesterday and there were no words on it) here is the link:

Zort70 said...

Thanks for the details Steff, but that link didn't bring anything up for me.

I've crteated a NEW POST as there is another blog from Elliott Graves.

Steff said...

here is a shorter link

or simply, go to FleurDeNoire's twitter account, right-click on the background and "View Backgroung Image"