Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This debunked ARG is still going ! 8

Despite what Jenny Balloon has said, there are still clues being posted on the various accounts that have been used so far. As this is certainly more diverting than staring at a blank TV screen waiting for Lost to come back I'll keep posting updates when possible.

A new update on the website has appeared. It has a Hebrew title and a new web site link to a shared text file. This file is again password protected.

Gary has posted this in the comments that a machine based trnaslation of the Hebrew is

"Following formula is hidden in white letters like 4 statues, only one of which is often useful to be aware of color over the dark"

We also have the Twitter user TheEntrusted posting these two tweets that seem related :

"Stay true to your enlightened Path along the Thread. Remember the true face of Henry Gale."


Update Gary has let us know that is is a Hexadecimal code and translates to -"Trust in Jacob and ye shall be rewarded. Stay true to your Path."

After these two updates there are several along the lines of :

"Blessed is @Shethecatsma, for she is a true follower of Jacob."

Possibly decoding the coded message and then sending a message to TheEntrusted will elicit this result ?

Update Elliott Graves has just added some more Twitter updates to say he does not know who JennyBalloon is and that several other "characters" in the events so far are unimportant, also a list of websites that are not relevant. The watch list on the Who is Simeon Hobbes ? blog is relevant according to Elliott - Epithet Alpha’s Twitter, Elliotts Twitter, Simeon Hobbes’ Twitter, WISH? YouTube


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Zort70 said...

I think Dark is as bemused as any one else on whether this is fake or not, however Dark is choosing to ignore it for the moment.

I think all the smart money is on fake at the moment.

Gary said...

New code is HEX for "Trust in Jacob and ye shall be rewarded. Stay true to your Path."

Zort70 said...

Elliott Graves has updated again to say several "characters" and videos are not important or relevant.

Zort70 said...

It could be that we have two sets of fakers here, one faction wants to end the charade and one wants to continue.

Of course there is the merest possibility that the Elliott Graves character is not a fake one ?

Penny said...

ABC have now confirmed it as a fake

Confirmed Fake

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Gary said...

Simeon Hobbes has now confirmed it is unofficial: