Monday, May 18, 2009

Who is Simeon Hobbes ? 11

A new wordpress blog has started up entitled "Who is Simeon Hobbes ?"

It is by a person called Elliott Graves who details members of his family that go missing and the only link seems to be with Simeon Hobbes. Hobbes seems to have been around for about 100 years.

A lot of use of the number 27 in the post as that is the age that male members of his family disappear. Elliott is going to turn 27 in a couple of months and he wants to find his brother.

The post also mentions his father working for Widmore Industries.

Thanks to marielevenstar for mentioning this in the comments.


Anonymous said...

It's totally fake/fan made.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe 'Simeon Hobbes' the name of Anti-Jacob? In the casting calls for each character, Jacob was referred to as 'Justin' and Anti-Jacob was referred to as 'Samuel' - which could be a close approximation 'Simeon', just as 'Justin' is a close approximation to 'Jacob'.

Or this could be another "Aladygma". "Aladygma" had hinged itself on the coattails of the "Cloverfield" ARG and many people were convinced, for months in fact, that "Aladygma" was the ARG for the sequel to "Cloverfield". 'Game Jacks', as they are referred to, are all too common.

However, if The Lost Experience YouTube page is indeed official (or 'In-Game' as it were), then that says a lot. As I remember, The Lost Experience - in reference to the first "Lost" ARG - laid its ground roots on third party websites to add an air of reality to the game (see: Rachel Blake's Blog @

Now, one thing to remember is that The Lost Experience launched itself in May of 2006. The TLE YouTube channel, according to "Update #1" on this blog, was registered in March of the same year. Likewise, as I recall, other websites involved in the first ARG were registered months before the game had launched, which is custom. In the world of ARG-ers, websites that pre-date the launch of the game almost immediately certify their validity. If that is any indication, the YouTube channel is, in fact, a confirmation that this new ARG is legitimate.

Though, for the sake of argument, maybe not. Regardless, 'Game Jacks' are never this particularly well thought-out. So, if nothing else, kudos to whoever's designed this 'hoax' - you may have a future in web based promotion. Sure, the jury is still out, but this is looking good. I almost hope it's real because, as a veteran of the original Lost Experience, I can't wait to relive that fun (and aggravation) all over again.


JD said...

Fake or not, it's already 1000 times more interesting and entertaining than last year's real ARG.

Tess315 said...

If this is a hoax/fake/fan based.
I don't think it's any worst than when Dennis of TLC and Nick of Lospedia blog were making up the Sovaltine games during the last ARG because it was so slooow.

If we take it with a grain of salt and don't get to engrossed with it being real I think it could be fun.

And if it is real, more the better.

MadAriad said...

I think this is totally awesome - I've been following on twitter and the lostpedia blog.
Frankly I DON'T CARE whether it's fan-created or not! Already it is way better than DWY last year.

MadAriad said...

Oh yeah email.....

Edani said...

Just as a note: he turns 27 in about two months, and the other possible links to the possible ARG happen in July (Comic-Con and a twitter post from @esausolon). Still skeptical, but happy to play along just the same.

Jill said...

Forgot to sign in for that last comment...oops.

Steff said...

what email?
is there anything new? can u share it with us, the 'non-candidates'? =)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out. Glad to help keep people informed.

If you want some more info, there are 2 blogs about it at Lostpedia, as well as a thread in the LP forum ( and a user made blog at wordpress ( following the progress of it.

So far the only "legitimately" new things to show up have been tweets from @elliottgraves letting us know that @esausolon, @fleurdenoire, @edmundloom and @thecruxansata are not "in game". Keep an eye on his blog though! He says a new update is coming soon!

Zort70 said...


I've found out that the picture in the background of Simeon Hobbes twitter account is a painting by Goya.