Tuesday, May 19, 2009

O Brother, Where Art Thou? On Kashyyyk? 3

A new post from Elliott Graves has been twittered.

It is from Thomas Levi at Widmore Labs, to Elliotts Brother who is working for Widmore Construction (based in building 27). It talks about locations for experiments.

There is also mention of a pamphlet that will explain things, but no details on where this pamphlet is.

There appears to be a link to Star Wars as the blog mentions Wookie Day 06 and the title of the post has the word Kashyyyk, which is also known as Wookiee Planet C, Edean, G5-623 in the Star Wars Universe.


Unknown said...

Hi everybody! Sorry but i jost logged in , so i don't know if you have already talked about it:

i found this link through the Widmore website:


It's somewhere in "Partners". It appears to be empty, a t the moment.

See ya

Simone (arp)

Zort70 said...

Hi Simone, that site was mentioned a couple of posts back, there seem to be 4 sites related to the UK Widmore site.

Zort70 said...

Another NEW POST !!