Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Update to Elliotts Blog Post 4

Elliott Graves has updated his earlier post to thank the people that helped him translate the letter. He has spotted the extra and missing letters in the text and has said that this is an anagram and explained what the rearranged letters mean.

It is quite a stretch to see this code word from the details supplied, but it obviously means something to Elliott.

Click here to see the code word.

"....When you take all the letters that shouldn’t be there (or should) — those being th-t-i-a-e — and rearrange them, you get I. Theta. I. Theta was a classified project my brother was working on for Widmore Construction....."


Zort70 said...

Can anyone confirm that the Widmore Industries websites are new or as they were before ?

WidmoreIndustries.co.uk and Widmorecorporation.co.uk and paikheavyindustries.com were all registered in Feb-2009, these look new to me.

Also the website is powered by Word press so it looks in game (whatever the game is)

Zort70 said...
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Zort70 said...

It also has a link to


which was registered at the same time.

Zort70 said...

Yet another new post about the new websites