Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Final updates ? 14

Although the game appears to be up there have been a few more updates, possibly timed to automatically appear.
The FleurDeNoir Twitter page has changed it's look along with another (final ?) post from FleurDeNoir which is another Base64 coded message

SXQgaXMgdGltZSB0byBnbyBub3csIElhY29idXMuIE91ciBUcnVzdCBoYXMgYmVlbiBMb3N0OiAv d2F0Y2g/dj1TeGg2djI4WUJqOA==

This decodes to :

"It is time to go now, Iacobus. Our Trust has been Lost: /watch?v=Sxh6v28YBj8"

The last part is a reference to this You Tube video. The title of the video is prtcl02 which appeared a lot in some of the Twitter posts yesterday.

UPDATE The video has some Morse Code in it which according to Steff posting on LostPedia translates to :

.–. .-.. .. . … [PLIES]
.- –… ..— –… ..— –… [A72727]

The symbol on the updated twitter page appears to be one of the Swan Countdown clock symbols.

The password to the video on the site is AEGOCERUS, this allows you to download a video with a phonetic alphabet sequence of letters where each group is said twice.


Also the title to the second link on the site (UXphZnhCcU5TODg=) is actually a Mime encoded value that translates to a YouTube video entitled Simeon Hobbes : New Hope. This video has a slowed down morse code message that translates to 27.

Thanks to Ihavebeenfound for informing us that the updates are still happening.


Ihavebeenfound said...

Lots of stuff going on now, and i'm totally confused.

We've got FleurDeNoire saying prtcl02 in progress and giving out a map reference and now TheEntrusted posting 'Trust in Jacob and ye shall be rewarded. Stay true to your Path.'

Still no luck on the letter code though :\

MadAriad said...

FleurDeNoire also has a watch website listed as their website now. I think it's because of the latest tweet from them that decodes to "It is time to go now, Iacobus. Our Trust has been Lost" and then has the video.

Ihavebeenfound said...

The video in their bio points to the prtcl02 video, or it did when I checked earlier.

Does anybody have a decent list of who to follow in relation to this? My brain is starting to melt with the sheer amount of people that seem to be involved!

Zort70 said...

The problem is that we don't know what is real (as real as a fake ARG can be) and what is extra fake !

Tha Baron said...

This isn't fake. Jenny Balloon, aka Henry Gale, has lied (like Ben) to mislead everyone but clearly this falls more in line with the LOST creators messing with us than some NYU kids. Keep up with the game!

Gary said...

Stay tuned -- new text posted at

Gary said...

Machine translation of the Hebrew:

Following formula is hidden in white letters like 4 statues, only one of which is often useful to be aware of color over the dark

Reminds me of the LOST title card. But the eye (I) is useful to be aware of color over the dark . . .

Tha Baron said...

what is the password for the black jug text file?

CrazyBeardedJack said...

Here's where my frustration lies - these people are taking something we all clearly love (LOST) and bending it to their whims. They have no idea what the show has in store. Therefore, this ARG isn't really LOST related. It may have some elements of LOST, but it's not related to the show. If when Nick did the Slovaltine puzzles last summer he tried to pass them off as official, people would have gotten really upset. I think it's like the old story about the boy who cried wolf. These people are probably fans and know that after an amazing finale we are all craving more LOST. They've taken something that isn't there's and tried to use it as if it was. Maybe as a writer it just bugs me, because I know that if I had a story, I would not want other people trying to ruin it. Damon and Carlton obviously have a master plan. Stuff like this just gets in the way and muddies the waters.

Tha Baron said...

If it was fake ABC and Lost would be quick to call it out. Don't be frustrated. Play along!

Mike said...

Dark ufo has confirmed it as fake

ARG is Fake

Zort70 said...

NEW POST with some other updates.

I think Dark is as bemused as any one else on whether this is fake or not, but I think all the smart money is on fake at the moment.

Mike said...

I dont think dark is bemused at all. He flat out says its a fake.

Tha Baron said...
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