Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The game is up 11

Is the ARG now over ?

After an avalanch of updates yesterday, this Twitter account has supposedly exposed the truth. One of the updates is :

"esau solon takes a physics class with me. simionhobbes is my brother. We come from nyu. sorry guys. I'm done. please pass this along."

Also this update on the Wordpress ARG site about the 27Project.ORG website :

"This is Mark Dawber. I’m looking into what’s happening with the site. It’s one that my brother and I setup a few years back, and hasn’t been touched for some time.

I’m waiting for Fasthosts who host it to reset the admin password so we can remove the page that has replaced the gallery. Sorry if that’s not the mystical answer you’re looking for. I’m thinking more “raiders of the lostarg”? "

Update - 21/05/2009 Since claiming that the 27Project site was hacked Mark has now issued this statement :-

“In the spirit of “coming clean” I would now like to retract my previous post and state that I posted the links, hidden base64 codes and images on the pages.

The reason I’m owning up is that it appears now that @elliottgraves has gone to great lengths to prepare a good story and provide entertainment for many people. I would be pissed off if I couldn’t tell my story without hijack.

Having said that, I’ve got lots of new 27 content to put on the site.”

So after a fun couple of days it seems to be all over, to all those that said it was fake, congratulations, to all those that participated with the clues, thanks, and for all others with a passing interest please check back soon just in case there is some more fun to be had while we wait for Lost to return.


alongfortheadventure said...

i don't think those names were ever confirmed to be part of an ARG were they? That user never said anything about fleurdenoir, elliottgraves, simonhobbes... maybe if there IS an ARG, there are some side-running parodies of it? too soon to tell?

Zort70 said...

Definitely worth keeping an open mind on this.

Zort70 said...

Given that the avalanche of updates yesterday has almost completely stopped, there is either a more sedate official ARG running that we need to locate or it was all the fake one.

Whichever it was it was fun for a while.

Gary said...

Wow, kudos to whoever was running the show on that. Fake or not, it was already more interesting than last-offseason's DWY snorefest!

Unknown said...

Yooo! Great!
Congratulations, guys! This was very funny, and it drove me crazy for a couple of days, thanks to the many Hermetic references that i love!

It's a pity that they stopped, because I think I could easily enjoy a couple more weeks - even if knowing that is a fake.

See you all, then, to the real ARG (if it's coming)... or to the next funny fake!!!

::: arp

Ihavebeenfound said...

For something that was supposedly a hoax there are still an awful lot of things being posted today?

Zort70 said...

Ihavebeenfound, yes but not a lot since JennyBalloon gave her update.

Is there anything that has been updated in the last 2 hours ?

Ihavebeenfound said...

Quite a bit, not from those main accounts tho but still stuff that looks like it required effort.

I've posted most of it on the #lostarg hashtag or my twitter feed

CrazyBeardedJack said...

Honestly, anyone still following this is just a stubborn fool. The cat's out of the bag, it was fake all along (like I said from the first day forward.)

This game was basically made to confuse LOST fans. It has nothing to do with the plans for the show, and any information derived from it is fake, non-canon, and worthless. If you're still playing the game, you're not doing it to benefit yourself when it comes to LOST

Zort70 said...

I've created a new post to round up some of the recent updates.

If anyone knows what the phonetic alphabet code is let us know so we can complete the clue.

CrazyBeardedjack - We understand your frustration, but from a purely fun pint of view, it's someting to do.

Tha Baron said...

This is all part of the game guys. Each twitterer wants us to choose a side. Some are neutral parties (hotth- Richard Alpert?) that want to help guide us, and some are evil (JennyBalloon aka Henry Gale) and are out to spread mistrust and confusion to make people drop off of the path. Notice who is JennyBalloons friend. This is still part of the game. "Stay true to your enlightened Path along the Thread. Remember the true face of Henry Gale." -TheEntrusted