Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This time the word is that it is Officially Fake 5

A post at the DarkUFO Blog site states that Dark has spoken to the ABC Media Relations people and they have told him that it is nothing to do with them.

So the question remains who are the people running this ? Why are they still posting updates and is this even Lost related ?

To underline the second question there is another update from SimeonHobbes that has been posted on Twitter :-

"@elliottgraves / @epithetalpha / / : these are the only things I fear, Jacob."


MadAriad said...

Hi all. There is a new post at Elliott Graves' blog. It clears thing up, I think. And even though it's not OFFICIAL I am planning to still follow this part of the FARG. I think it's fun so there. I hope people will quit freaking out about some people who want to play along even though it's not "real".

Unknown said...

I'm in the FARG too! As I said, no matter if it's fake or not, if it's funny, then it's a game worth to be played. I don't expect to have some sort of "revelation" on the next season, I didn't also last year with the DWY (and they in fact gave us almost nothing).

I just hope that they have planned it somehow (as it seems till now), and that we could just fool around and mess up with misteries and codes and secrets - even if they are not related to Lost.

I think it's a very creative way to use the inspiration that the TV series gave us; it's never useful if you find a new way to play with reality.

Simone (arp)

Zort70 said...

I've put a final post up with the "Confession"

I've talked to the other admins and as we know this isn't really a Lost ARG this site won't be updated with more information.

However if someone wants to set up a new blog with all the information I'd be more than happy to join in and follow on.

MadAriad said...

There is already a blog set up for the unofficial, not real, fake Elliot Graves-wants-to-find-his-missing-brother fan-created game.

It's a bunch of twitter people and I hope you'll join me over there if you want to play.

Unknown said...

I'm in!

::: arp