Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Gallery 1988 Art

There are a couple more items from the show appearing around the internet first is this one found on a Photobucket site by a user called wghurley, if this isn't part of the show it ought to be. If anyone has any more details about the artist please let us know.

This is by Julian Callos and his website is juliancallos.blogspot.com

Also one from Alex Pardee on his blog eyesuckink.blogspot.com The image is hidden by default as the poster contains a depiction of a fair amount of blood and gore.

Click here to view the art

Thanks to Cristina for sending us the details of these two.

Then we also have work from Ken Garduno Click here to see the art

Also a partial view from Jeremy Asher Lynch - Click here to see the blog post