Sunday, December 20, 2009

Final Favourite Poster Poll 126

So here it is the Poll of Polls the contenders can slug it out until there is only one left.

This poll is slightly different than before, you must pick your top 3 posters. These choices will then be allocated a mark of 3 points for favourite, 2 points for second place and 1 point for third place. All these marks will be added up and the final result will be published on Christmas Eve.

Any votes that contain multiple selections for the same poster will be removed, so make your vote count.

Only one vote per computer will be allowed.


futureself said...

My favourites:

1 - The Crash
2- Locke's Secret
3 - Jacob's Cabin

Although Lost and Ben Linus were close contenders for no. 3, and The Crash and Locke's Secret were pretty much equal IMO :)

ChrisL said...

Morning all. Most intrigued as to how the poll will come out.

Rob, great story of the Lostarg's poster, incredible how seamlessly it transpired.

Ob, fantastic pics. Perfect of Jenson holding the poster.

Justin, Very cool poster!

As you can probably guess... I've been catching up on posts.

reAnimated said...


ChrisL said...

Top three is so very difficult now as they are all so different... however, for me it's,

Swan Station
Rousseau's Transmission
The Barracks

and for AliceL it's,

Polar Bear
Rousseau's Transmission
Locke's Secret

I guess that with two of us in the house favouring Rousseau's Transmission so highly... I better make a serious attempt to get a copy!

MJCarp said...

ChrisL can you e-mail me at lotto dot ticket dot 108 gmail. I have question.

thorsten said...

Started an exchange with Dan Lydersen about his painting and the Linder, will keep you posted.

ChrisL said...

Nice one Thorsten.

futureself said...

Very cool Thorsten :D

ChrisL said...

Anyone had problems with the non playback of the audio in the Language course at LU?

Scott said...

1 - Locke's Secret
2 - Walt's Kidnapping
3 - The Crash

I had put Walt's Kidnapping, The Crash and then The Smoke Monster but then I remember just because I didn't get one didn't mean it wasn't my favorite. Something about Walt's Kidnapping in person for me really blows me away. For me it captures the moment so well.

The Kharma Initiative said...

Hope this doesn't get lost in the shuffle or ignored, because I think there are some folks who would be very interested in this:

There is a very good archival quality 18x24 presentation/storage portfolio available at a very good price for the next day or so. It's the Itoya Profolio Original Series Presentation Book 18 x 24 and right now it's only $18 with free ground shipping (w/in the 48 states) at! This normally costs twice as much, plus you have to pay to ship which can get expensive since it's fairly large.

This thing is great to store prints safely and flat while you are waiting to scrape together enough money to frame them. It also lets you flip through your prints like in a book so you can view them easily. They are completely acid-free, PVC free, lignin free, and archival safe (see manufacturers link).

Calumet looks like a reputable company and Itoya is a well-respected brand for this sort of thing, especially if you want a good price. They make a slightly different version called the Evolution but it's not on sale.

Calumetphoto is offering free shipping on ALL orders, but only until midnight CST on December 21 (see bottom of page at this link for free shipping info. No coupon code is required, it will be an automatic option.

There doesn't seem to be very many left (maybe 3 in stock?) but it looks like you might still get the free shipping even if they are backordered, as long as you order before midnight CST on December 21.

Just placed my order, can't wait to get my prints out of their unsafe storage location. $18 total for one of these is just too good to pass up, I've been shopping around for something like this for months.

ChrisL said...

KI, Thanks for that info. Unfortunately I'm in the UK but I've been looking for something like this for a while and at least now I have a starting point.

futureself said...

Think I've just found the perfect framers :)

Based in Edinburgh and Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire so good for UK-ers. The cool thing about the site though is you can upload your print and choose your frames and mounts etc to see help you decide on your options. It seems pretty cheap too.

Best of all with a name like flocke they won't tell you what you can't do ;)

thorsten said...

That is an awesome deal, KI, and Calumet is a great place. They are in the UK (Birmingham Bristol Edinburgh Glasgow London Liverpool Manchester Milton Keynes Nottingham, Chris ;) and Germany too.

ChrisL said...

Yay! thanks for the heads up Thorsten. Checking it out now.

Ellen said...


Lisa-Maladylis said...

neat vote... Mine are Dharma Van, with Barracks and Polar bear. I had a hard time choosing which of the last two was my favorite so I finally decided I like the Polar bear better than the Barracks but it was a hard choice.

ChrisL said...

Lisa, so pleased someone else likes The Barracks!

LostiePat said...

@Karma Initiative - thanks for posting the three-minute S6 promo. I hadn't see that one till now.

I noticed an interesting image that popped up twice, once at 1:30 and again at 1:31 (you have to freeze frame to see both). It's someone holding an airplane made of palm leaves. My first thought was that it's Jacob, since the image appeared after MIB said to Jacob, "You brought them here." If anyone else saw the image, I'd love to know your thoughts.

RamHatter said...

1. Locke's Secret
2. The Hatch
3. Smoke Monster
Honorable Mention - LostARGS fan poster

ChrisL said...

LostiePat, It was Jack, I think, with the palm leaf plane early on when he was describing what he remembered of the crash to Kate.

Zort70 said...

I excluded the unofficial 17th poster to give the others a chance ;-)

Dan said...

@Zort - not to be a complainer, but again, I don't think this poll will end up telling us anything more than what we already know. We've had a bunch of polls already in which The Crash was first, and Locke's Secret and Jacob's Cabin. Unless Stout's LOST makes its way into the mix, don't we already know the outcome to this thing?

I, for one, would be far more interested in how the middle of the pack and the bottom rank out. Again, perhaps there's no free blogger-compatible utility/widget for this sort of thing, in which case, I suppose this will have to do.

thorsten said...

ABC's 'Lost' kicking off final season on the beach

andalone said...

KI -Thanks for the portfolio link! That is an amazing deal. I just purchased one.
Nostalgia and poster withdrawal is influencing me as well: I am order #4855451. :)

ChrisL said...

lol @ andalone.

LostiePat said...

ChrisL - thank you for the reply. I'm always fascinated with the embedded images that are not always visible at first glance.

Obf - thanks for posting the photos of you, Jensen and Zort's poster. Must've been fun hanging out with him at the party.

thorsten said...

The answers are coming…

Kelly said...

I think my "favourite" part is that the word has a "u" in it - I wish we would spell it that way in the states!!!! ! :)

Obviously I am more of colors kind of gal by my choices - Crash, Transmission, and LOST.

However, it does not mean that some of the workmanship in Walt's Kidnapping/Jacob's Cabin etc was not awesome. Coloring was just too dark for me.

For the record, even though the ARG is over, this is still the first site I check every day!!!

Sam G said...

I like the Barracks too. It's my 4th favorite.

futureself said...

Hey LostiePat and ChrisL, Jack holding the palm leaf plane is actually in the S1 Premier - I just rewatched it last night ;)

ReverendMilo said...

Thanks KI! Order #4855507

good morning all!

My votes changed from last poll, mainly because today is a different day, and mood influences my preferences day to day.

mrtibbs said...

Nice one Thorsten, getting very excited! Halfway through S4 on my rewatch.

Ellen B said...

KI, thanks so much for that info. I ordered one, too! They must be wondering why all of a sudden they've got a rash of orders! ;)

Ellen B said...

As for the poll, as time goes by, the less I like the Crash, and the more I like others in the series. I love the Barracks! I haven't voted yet, but I think the timing on this is good.

ChrisL said...

Rev, that's so true. I know my favourite changes from day to day depending on the light and my mood!

I'm guessing that the 56 orders between andalone's and yours are primarily Losties jumping in there. I think KI is due some commission from Calumet!

Dan, I hope we'll be surprised by the poll results, we have 16 to take into consideration now and we may find some differences from the last poll... We'll see on the 24th.

futureself, thanks for that confirmation. Of course it was the pilot episode.

Roasted chestnuts and Christmas movies this afternoon.

Trial Attorneys said...

Good Morning ARGERS! My list:

1. The Crash
2. Locke's Secret
3. Walt's Kidnapping

Miss Congeniality - The Transmission
Most Photogenic - Jacob's Cabin (Because You Can't Photograph It)

And the award for the poster you just feel bad for but want to give something to because you want it to feel good about itself (that is the office title of the award) The Four (One) Toed Statue

Drama said...

hmmm. Seems The Crash is the most popular. At least according to this ebay auction, that's up to $600 already...

Dan said...

Since I'm stuck inside for the day due to the snow, and since I've never seriously ranked all 16 posters, here goes my list:

1. The Crash
2. Locke's Secret
3. Jacob's Cabin
4. Walt's Kidnapping
5. The Hatch
6. Smoke Monster
7. Dharma Van
9. Rousseau's Transmission
10. The Swan
11. Ben Linus
12. The Love Triangle
13. The Numbers
14. The Barracks
15. 4-Toed Statue
16. The Polar Bear

Admittedly, Smokey would probably be higher if I saw it in person - the one poster I really regret not pulling the trigger on. Walt's Kidnapping is just a great and unique interpretation of that WCM and waking up in the middle of the night to grab it makes for some good memories. The Love Triangle moved up quite a few spots towards the end. I wish my wife didn't like Rousseau's Transmission so much, otherwise I could have possibly traded it for Smokey. Polar Bear just baffles me and it looks way too much like Vincent. Barracks does absolutely nothing for me. I wish the Ben poster would have been based on something else - so much great Ben material to work with. The Stout print makes my eyes hurt - way too busy for me and quite frankly, I'm not sure why they needed both The Crash and LOST. Swan is cool and simple. Perhaps Nate Duval would have been better suited to do the Dharma Van (rolling down the hill or something). Every time I look at Jacob's Cabin I'm more and more impressed with the level of detail. Same with The Hatch. 4-Toed Statue was a creative idea but probably could have been better executed.

This list will probably change often, but that's what it looks like at 11am this Sunday morning :)

ChrisL said...

We're seeing a lot of news reports about the dreadful weather you guys are having in the eastern states. Hope everyone is OK.

Amy Lynn said...

1. Smokey
2. Walt's Kidnapping
3. Hatch
Hon Mention: Ben Linus

lost4evr said...

1) Walt's Kidnapping
2) Jacob's Cabin

Walt's Kidnapping will always be my favorite for sentimental reasons. It was the 1st one I missed out on putting an end to my full-set until I was blessed when mkskippy24 offered to sell me hers. It will always be near and dear to me.

I LOVE Jacob's Cabin and hope to one day acquire it.

LOST is a great poster and it ties up the ARG well with many memories for the Losties in attendance. Wish I was one of them but I can live vicariously through everything that has been posted. Thanks to YouAllEverybody that attended and shared. I would love for someone who has more computer savvy then myself to put up a print of the LOST poster sans color. I think it would make a great doodle-art and I would love to be able to color it in myself

andalone said...

My appreciation of the Four-Toed Statue has greatly improved after framing it. It has a wonderful presence. (That's not dust in corner of molding - gold finish that didn't photograph well.)

ChrisL said...

That looks fantastic andalone. Took mine to the framers yesterday and i'll be thrilled if it comes out half as well as that.

andalone said...

Thanks ChrisL! These prints are so near and dear to me that I am taking my time hunting down the perfect frame for each one. I keep looking at everyone's else photos for ideas.

I am definitely copying xanman's framing for Walt's kidnapping. It is just perfect. I told him I was taking a photo of his print to the frame shop, and he was nice enough to give me matting information.
Joey's print

Ellen B said...

ChrisL, it was a long day yesterday and a long night. We are getting ready to try to make an outing to the grocery store. My husband just tied my shoes for me! It takes a blizzard....:)

Amy Lynn said...

Stay warm, everybody! We got quite a few inches of snow here in the city, but are venturing out anyhow.

MilkcanRocks said...

@ Kharma Initiative/Everyone

Props for mentioning the Iyota portfolios Kharma - this is a great way to store and view the prints if you have many. But for those who may not have enough money to purchase the portfolio, only have a few prints to store or are just looking for a temporary storage, I have an alternative suggestion. Go to your local art supply store and check to see if they have JUST the polypropyline bags - it's similar to bags for comic books, and they are just as safe to store. They are relatively inexpensive, too - they run about $1 each, but I know I bought mine for cheaper. You do have to flatten the prints before putting them in, and then you have to safely store the prints once they are in the bag, but its a alternative solution for those who may not have much money or are just looking for a temporary safe place before framing.

Also, for those who want an affordable framing place, check out - it's afforable and it has cool videos to show you how to place orders, how to frame, how to matte, ect. It walks you through the process, you can upload pictures to see what they look like in the frame, it's all around awesome. It is a DIY framing kit they send you, but it's a pretty simple kit.

But most of all, even if you can't do the portfolio, the bags or the framing, be sure to store your prints flat. TAKE THEM OUT OF THE TUBES if they are still in them. Tubes = bad.

Ellen B said...

Good advice, MCR..

OK, got my Swan Hatch sweatshirt on, shoes, etc., and we're heading out. If I don't check back in by about 2PM, send out the dog sleds! :)

ChrisL said...

Take care Ellen, Amy and anyone else braving that weather.

maven said...

Morning all! Oh, boy...another poll! My favorite are the 3 I have...The Crash, The Hatch and The Smoke Monster.

That's some snow storm you east coasters are having...FB friends have been posting pics...pretty to look at but I wouldn't want to have to deal with it. Good luck out there, Ellen!

@Ob: So cool that Jensen got the collage poster! Really looks like they spent some time examining it! Thanks for sharing!

mungonna said...

Good Day All..Again, its really impossible for me to nail down the top 3. Like the Academy Awards, each Print has its own category that it is the Best In...imho. But none the less I voted based on which ones I have found myself wanting to look at most frequently and longest. Oh Well.
I my " rating" fits in the overall judgment, is of little significance to me. I like what I like. Where on the curve I am is non sequitor. Hows that for attitude? No, i am not putting down the poll. I've been known to give tips to those who dance on it.

So here is kind of a re-post of my perceptions of these Prints..Academy Award Style:
Best in Comedy..Polar Bear..
Best in Drama..The Crash
Best in Horror..Walts Kidnapping
Best in Romance..Love Triangle..
Best in Surreal...the Hatch
Best in Craftsmanship...Smokie
Best in Innovation...Shadow Of..
Best Foreign Language Print..Transmission
Best Supporting Role..Lockes Secret.
Best Leading Role..Ben..
Best in Special Effects..The Numbers
Best in " Humor Noir"..Dharma Van..
Best in Editing...The Swan..
Best in Directing...Jakes Cabin..
Best Marquee...LOST
..and for the annual presentation of the Award of the Charles Shultz Memorial Prize, we have Charlie Brown to tell us the winner, Charlie!

...thank you,, thank you very much..And this years winner of the Charles Shultz Memorial Prize,,goes to..THE BARRACKS!!..

maven said...

MEL: LOL perfect categories!

ChrisL said...

Yep MEL, nailed it!

Ellen B said...

We're back from the grocery store, and it's lunchtime! :)

ChrisL said...

*Standing down the Ellen B dog sled search party*

mungonna said...

..There is a beautiful Sun Halo overhead as the high cirrus gauze slips in from the southwest and onto the Valley that is heading quickly to the low 70s ( f) today. Snow?? That is something I can drive to if I want ski or something. There is 36 to 40 inches of " pack" at Flagstaff and Sunrise is it(?). Anyway, I have to do a little cleaning of the pool , so I'll be gone for a few minutes. Just Kidding...I don't have to clean the pool.
For all you Snow Lovers, yes, the east coast is where to be. Have a great time outdoors and indoors. I'll be listening to Sleigh Ride on my internal stereo with you all in mind.

Martyn said...

1. The Hatch
2. Jacobs Cabin
3. Walt's Kidnapping/Dharma Van

I can't decide the last two, really great detail in both but walt's reminds me of van goghs starry night, my favourite piece of art. Dharma I love as it's my graduation present from my fake aunt. Can't decide!

thanks thorsten for the Hawaii link, looking forward to it even more now. Although, still not Clear on the premiere itself though, don't think the package I took includes the actual package. Anyone ever been to one before?

Unknown said...

I would have to say that my top three probably go:

1. Jacob's Cabin
2. The Smoke Monster
3. Rousseau's Transmission

with Mr. Benjamin Linus placing on some completely orthogonal axis where it's really impossible for me to impartially judge the poster. Plus, I think Cabin and Ben pair together really well - both have a similar layout, with the very dark night scene framed in black with a monochrome color palette for the image, but then Jacob's Cabin is incredibly detailed and Ben Linus is very sketchy and vague.

My favorite posters weren't necessarily the nicest art-wise, but rather the ones that were both artistically cool and captured, I felt, the spirit of the moment. I definitely preferred the ones that were more eerie and evocative over the ones that were more dramatic; Walt's Kidnapping is very nice-looking, but it didn't really capture the feel of the moment for me. Ditto for The Hatch: great art, really nice color palette, but it didn't evoke the right atmosphere for me.

Jacob's Cabin, Smoke Monster, and Transmission, on the other hand, are very eerie. I think Transmission was actually the creepiest, although that might be personal preference since the part at the end of the pilot where they picked up the transmission was probably - moreso than Smokey's first pass by the camp, moreso than the polar bear by a mile - the moment that the show flipped in my mind from a fairly standard desert island Lord of the Flies type scenario to something much more interesting. But the art on Cabin and Smokey is sufficiently better to warrant putting them ahead of Transmission (I really do wish they hadn't put the speech bubble on the poster - the silence would have almost been better).

Unlike everyone else, I didn't really like Locke's Secret or The Crash very much. Locke's Secret was definitely a cool idea and a neat-looking poster, but it didn't seem very "Lost" to me. The Crash seemed a little too much like a promo photo. Same for LOST, I guess; I got it, but the more I looked at it the more I didn't like the line drawing faces, the very strident colors, and the overall chaos of it.

Seeing all of the posters is definitely cool, though. I find it fascinating to see all the different interpretations people had of various scenes and objects.

reAnimated said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
reAnimated said...

Can someone repost the 3min Lost promo vid? KI??

IWish said...

Hi Mungonna- Yes, it's beautiful here in S.E. Arizona today. I used the AC in the car today to go Christmas shopping. :D

mungonna said...

Illix..Yes! the LOST moment or scene or scenario being depicted struck the viewer, has everything to do with how the Print struck the viewer. That " subjectivity" is almost thrown out the window or expanded infinitely by the 4 Toed Statue Print. Everyone is wrapped around the axle of " 4 toes" while the artist basically says..the 4 toes are unimportant him anyway. And then further explores..what IS important ,,to him anyway..and That being,,what was Not Seen ( at least not until a moment in season 5). So, the artist takes us into the What Was Not Seen, and its relationship with what was seen,,thus transcending Time by doing so. The 4 toe Print really challenges the viewer to stretch Perception beyond the Lost Moment and a Artist's rendition of it parameter. For that alone, its like ,way out in its own category beyond the scope of Top 3.

Overall,,I am very much impressed by the work of these artists' on this LFA project. Making the viewers brains work,and thus showing a bit of themselves, they have succeeded at.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

That was hard . . . but I had to go with some combination of most appealing to me personally/moments in the show that really got me.
1. Jacob's Cabin
2. Rousseau's Transmission
3. Polar Bear

Purely academic, of course . . . though having gotten to see them in person for the first time at G1988, I really was impressed by ALL the prints.

I think my LU info will get "lost" here but not sure when I'll share it soooo: there are email addresses associated with LU. I won't tell you which ones, or what happens when you email them; more fun if you discover it on your own! ;3 You can email me if you need help/want to talk about it: princessteacup at gmail dot com.

Adam Solomon said...

I have Jacob's Cabin (yay!). Before I go ahead and frame it, I'm wondering if anyone who really wants it would be willing to trade - Locke's Secret, Hatch, or Smoke Monster. e-mail me at ramparts [at] gmail

Joey said...

1. Jacob's Cabin
2. Walt's Kidnapping
3. Lost

Tess315 said...

My top 3 are
The Dharma Van
It makes me think of the hope Hurley was trying to find and the camaraderie of Sawyer Jin and Charlie, (who needed some hope of his own) helping Hurley get the van started.

The 4 toed statue
I literally screamed when I seen this. It's my favorite mythological momment when Sayid, Sun and Jin see it. But I could only afford 2 or 3 prints and it was early on and I wanted to see what else was coming. I told myself if it was still there at the end I'd get it. Lttle did I know what was ahead. I stiil don't understand why some people don't like it. If it's because the 4 toes don't show,then all I can say is I know what it is I don't need to see the toes. Also the special lighting effect is very cool.

It brings it all together, more so than the Crash for me.

ChrisL said...

Sayid'sgirl and MEL, I was lucky enough to get The 4 Toed Statue recently as the result of a fellow Lostie trade, when it arrived at my door just last week and I unrolled it, my delight was audible, (a kind of most unmanly squeek/ gasp/ yelp all in one). I do think it's a striking piece and when it comes back from the framers I suspect it will have pride of place and become one of my most loved. Very underrated.

Martyn said...

Just bought Justin's poster, couldn't resist it. I have no money after paying for Hawaii but the LOST poster virus in me made me buy it. What has this project done to me?

From what I can gather, everyone appreciates something different in their art. Some prefer the more detailed, some prefer the LOST theme, some prefer the simpleness and others the surreal.

I'm a man of the detail, and bought all the posters I felt showed the artist gave a great amount of time and effort to put these pieces together.

RamHatter said...

One of the great things about this ARG is the diversity of the posters. I've liked reading and hearing why people like posters I don't like as much as my own personal faves. It's given me more of an appreciation for those posters. Hopefully no one feels bad, or any kind of shame, for liking a poster that most in the LOST community don't have as a favorite!

Unknown said...

i think people didn't like it because the image is of the wrong foot. But I still enjoy it all the same.

Tess315 said...

I think every single print is amazing. There's only a few that touch me and bring out an emotional response. That's what I like about art, when it speaks to me.

mungonna said...

Yes! as Magritte put the work " resonates" within the artist, and thus, how it "resonates" within the viewer; The Feel...which is what LOST so successfully gets Us in touch with.

I'd be horrified if we all agreed on the same top 3.


mungonna said...

While we are the subject, allow me to add some perspective. I've posted here and elsewhere about the PeanutButter jar opening scene and how I smelled Peanut Butter while watching that scene. That is the " resonates" that I am talkin about. SayidsGirl resonated with the Foot Statue scene..folks resonated with the eerie,,etc etc etc. Thats the point I'm extremely gratified to witness. Each moment of " resonating" is as valid as the next. Not one is Better than any of the others. The " RESONATES" is what really is Important. Its the Truth of the viewer and the Truth of the work...imho.

Anonymous said...

Hey All -
Mel, UR hilarous - great list! Sad we didn't get to sing Amy Lynn's song, your baratone & my saprano/alto would sound great! Maybe we can do a podcast!? Amy Lynn, great song, btw, you shud record it & post, I'm bettin' you do a mean Patsy Cline yourself (did I tell u I performed Patsy at the Ryman & Tootsie's Orchid Lounge some years ago? On stage, even, not just in the bathroom! :)
U ALL are amazing, I won't soon forget our good time!
Alice, U R are a sweetie 1000%
Lotto: a woman after my own heart: Part Mom, part bulldog, 100% Go Getter! Thanks for organizing, caregiving, and getting the footage!
Milo, ditto to you on the footage! Also, you are a teddy bear in wolf's clothing *hugs to you and lil' Miloette. Loved your goofball self! :)
Maven, your energy & kindness was like a drug & your quilt ROCKED!
Mel, Anne (You are so talented, go get your place in life!), Obfu (thanks for getting our shirts - another little bulldog - I love it!), Amy, Scout, Justin, Dennis, Xan & everyone else -U all made a lasting mark on me, like a lipstick kiss from your favorite aunt. :)
Andalone, Milo, Unlocke - packages going out Monday (I hope)been too sickly for a post office trip. If you need to get me directly in the meantime:
Wow! thought I had a perfect xmas gift for Mr. KI w/that porfolio and I read on to see he bought it himself, Men! :)
And finally, a shameless plug (hope it's ok, Zort, if not just let me know-no spoilers, promise :) My most recent post at is in honor of this community - take a look if you are so inclined. Thnx again 4 the friendship & fun! Mib

Tess315 said...

Agreed MEL.

Zort70 said...

Just to update you there have been 300 votes cast so far.

I haven't lloked at any of the results yet, but I am really looking forward to adding everything up.

Zort70 said...

Good night for now.

thorsten said...

Dan Lydersen answered me about a possible connection between The Linder Gallery and Memento Mori…

I wasn't aware of the connection between LOST and "The Linder Gallery". I can definitely see the similarities to my piece and I'm flattered that you made a connection between the two, although I hadn't consciously intended to reference "The Linder Gallery". My "Memento Mori" was intended to be a very direct reference to David Bailly's "Self-Portrait with Vanitas Symbols", though I realized only art history geeks like myself would notice. Anyhow, I'm glad you liked it!

RobPerrin said...

Here's my ranking of the posters:

The Crash*
The Smoke Monster*
Jacob's Cabin
Rousseau's Transmission*
The Hatch
Ben Linus
The Barracks*
The Swan Station
Locke's Secret
The Dharma Van
Polar Bear
The 4-toed Statue
Walt's Kidnapping
The Love Triangle
The Numbers

* = print I've seen in person

JC is a VERY close 3rd. Might rise to #2 if I were to see it in person.

RobPerrin said...

I've posted a higher res version of the labelled poster on my blog, for those wishing to print it or take a close look. poster

Tess315 said...

I'd like to wish all my ARG friends (who celebrate) Merry Christmas.

my card to all of you

Just Thinking said...

Thorsten- that is so cool. Here's the Vanitas picture Vanitas

Just Thinking said...

You know, when I first saw the Lyderson picture I though Charlie was playing that older stringed instrument- is it a lute?- not a guitar. Guess this shows why.

mungonna said...

Thorsten..Thanks very much for pursuing, and then letting us in on the reply from Lyderson. The concept of Vanitas Symbols certainly brings this painting home. Again, like LOST itself..the message is in the Metaphor, in the Allegory. I kick myself in the allegory for not buying it. But then again, if i did, Hawaii would be totally out of the question...uuhhm..What was the question??

Capcom said...

Thanks for all the links today everyone, especially Thorsten with the Lydersen Q, TKI for the portfolio, and JT with the Vanitas...I'd say it's practicallyy an item for item swap with Lost icons, wow.

Very nice card, SG! :-)

maven said...

Thank you, Sayid'sGirl! How sweet!

Thanks for the Vanitas link, Just Thinking. It's amazing where these artist's get their inspiration.

Capcom said...

Right Maven, and in art school I was always taught to never, EVER, copy someone else's ideas. Pffff, that's all anyone ever does nowadays. Homage, schmomage. :-p

Capcom said...

But, that's not to say that I don't like the MIB painting a whole lot....I just mean that I'm going to start copying from now on! :o)

mungonna said...

Inspired By!! ,, Inspired By, Cap! hehe hee,,,and SG! very nice of you! Seasons Greetings to You!

Ellen B said...

RobPerrin, thanks for the article on the poster, and for the labelled poster. This is so cool! :)

Capcom said...

Right, Mel! ;-)

Rorschach said...

My vote went:
1. The Crash
2. The Swan
3. Jacob's Cabin

After seeing Jacob's Cabin at G1988, I really wish I would have tried to get it. The pictures on the web just don't do that one justice at all. Still think the Crash is great and I started following Eric Tan's work (and just bought his print for "The Warriors").

Even though I know it is over, I can't help but check the hub page when I jump on the internet. Just in case.

mungonna said...

Cap..I have to be a bit careful here. If one goes with the idea that nothing is really new,,that all, just evolves, builds on what went before, then Lyderson's Memento Mori can be seen as evolutionary. I can go with that ,,because,,I see LOST as evolutionary also. Yes folks, in my eyes,, LOST is not exactly NEW. Just as Lyderson was " inspired" by Bailleys self portrait,,LOST is " inspired" by Andre Breton's works, especially his "NADJA". The idea of Updating,,or picking up where the other left off can be considered when one realizes Breton ends his Nadja,,with an account of a plane disappearing over the Isle de Sable...Black Rock anybody?


Just Thinking said...

Did you read about the neat time element in the Vanitas? The artist, in his 60's ,painted himself in his 20's, holding a portrait of himself in his 60's.

Merry Merry to you also SG!

Tess315 said...

Thanks Thorsten for getting in touch with Dan Lydersen and letting us know his thoughts.
Thanks JT for the link of David Bailly's painting Mr. Lydersen's inspiration. It's really very interesting what he did with the painting. I like that the MIB's self portriat is Locke.

mungonna said...

JT,,what happened, happened?

mungonna said...

There is a difference in Bailleys Self Portrait and Lyderson's Memento Mori..Its in the Metaphor. Bailley is into the fleeting nature of a life time, how quickly it passes,,the strength of memorys or the Past. Lyderson suggests to Lost does,,the ability to be reborn in a lifetime,,or ..creating ones future...even re-creating ones future in a life time. The idea of Redemption being central to LOST is nothing new.

Spy Hill Skates said...

JT: Yes, the time twist in the portrait is neat. Another element caught my eye which wasn't referenced in the text. Did you notice the apparition-like female on the wall behind the vase?

mungonna said...

SHS..I wonder if that is Bailly's wife, perhaps already pasted on?

mungonna said...

yes.. he pasted her on the on! as in deceased.

Unknown said...

Well, I guess it's better to be 'pasted on', than to be 'pasted off' :)

Interesting observations, am loving it!

comixguru said...

Catching up on comments. Good evening, All!

@Obfusc8 - great pics! so awesome that you got Zort's collage to Jensen! :) Seeing that was like putting the cherry on top of the Lost ARG Sundae!

Thanks to all who bid on my Locke shirts for charity. We raised about $155 for the Lange Foundation.


Capcom said...

I agree Mel, good thoughts. One thing is, today in our current time not much can be new. Just about everything creative that can be done, has been done already, and much of what we do is reflections of what's come previously. Even King Solomon said, "...there is nothing new under the sun..." way back then! So it is sometimes difficult to have an absolutely original idea, without standing on the shoulders of giants, as the saying goes. Or to springboard off of an idea by inspiration. Because of my particular artistic training, I was always terrified of stepping onto any other artist's ideas, even remotely. I'm learning now not to be so uptight about that, and seeing the work in the DCAAPB project has helped me in that way.

Unknown said...

Speaking of King Solomon, this season 5 blu-ray easter egg has surfaced and may be of interest.

Screen Cap:

A five minute sandwich making easter egg...seems odd

Capcom said...

LOL. By the way, nice to see you around again, Thin! :-)

Dr Mum said...

1. T Stouts L O S T

2. T Doyles The Numbers

They also look great together.

I also have a massive collection of art by my friends, students and also myself and a downsized area of available space.

Roxanna said...

Hi everyone :)
Just got around to reading everything that happened after the 16th frame buy now.

Love the unofficial 17th, Zort!

My favorite 3:
1- The DHARMA Van (moments associated with it; exactly as Sayid'sGirl explained)
2- The Hatch
3- The Crash

mungonna said...

I suppose..when you have all the choices,,why not pile on the good stuff!...the act of creating..with the future definitely in mind..Making something with the intent of thoroughly enjoying it...Desire as a major component in creating...Such should be every ones

Just Thinking said...

Then, there's the overturned wine glass which is replaced with the knocked over Dharma beer can. :)

RamHatter said...

@comixguru, glad the auction went well!

mungonna said...

JT..interesting the tobacco pipe has no modern equivalent..being political correct are we?,,And,, what SHS refers to as a vase..maybe a beer drinking glass, replaced by the bottle of McCutch..Hour glass replaced by the countdown clock,etc etc,beauty beauty beauty. Its all in the metaphor.

Just Thinking said...

The long horizontal element of the what a think is a rod an artist uses steady the hand to paint-replaced by the knife that MIB uses to kill.

brightgreenpupil said...

1. Jacob's Cabin
2. The Hatch
3. Rousseau's Transmission

kiwilostie said...

1. 4 toes, yes 4 toes! So so very underated.
2. Rousseaus Transmission
3. Swan Station

So there! lol Many personal moments in the desicion there - or as MEL would say - "what resonates". I agree 100%, totally and wholeheartedly with you MEL.

Great poll Zort. I look forward to the outcome on Christmas Day.

Rorschach said...

The 4 toed statue was the only other poster I really wish I would have bought after seeing it in person. The gloss paint revealing the full leg of the statue depending on the light is a very cool effect that simply did not come across in the snapshot on the web page. If I had the money I would love to have the whole set, but the three I got (crash, swan and polar bear) plus Jacob's Cabin and the toed statue are the ones I really want. Jacob's cabin will never happen, but the 4 toed statue might be a possibility at some point.

futureself said...

Great work again TW. I like how the bubbles in Vanitas represent transience. In Momento Mori these are replaced with Kate's toy plane, the dead bird, the white sneaker and a rope (how long is a piece of string come to mind).

futureself said...

Regarding Paul Scheer's reference to the Ping Pong clue, did anyone ask Damon, Carlton or Paul about this at the event and if it did indeed refer to the Linder Gallery?

Zort70 said...

There is a small announcement on the main page. (no new comments section)

futureself said...

There does appear to be a new comments section Zort.

futureself said...

This may well be lost seeing as there is a new comments section but there is an excerpt of the Linder Gallery book on website that discusses the genre of the painting and how it differs from other Flemish gallery paintings because it doesn't have cognoscenti within it. They discuss how the painting is about knowledge, and the mix of arts and science and how, as Gormans sums up, 'the picture is a machine to produce cognoscenti'.

I think that this statement is entirely applicable and true for Lost. 'Lost is a machine to produce cognoscenti'.

Justin said...

Hey everyone, first of all I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU!!!! to everyone for the support with my fan print! I Really appreciate all of the kind words and support! So far it's been a huge success and I'll continue as long as the interest is there.

I just did a "making of" post on I know a lot of you like to hear the artist's thoughts and see the creative process, so I took some screenshots while I was working on it. Check it out if you'd like. Also, if you still want a poster, there's a few still available. This week we have a guest artist release, so stay tuned to the site!

@KharmaInitiative - great find on the portfolio! I think i'll pick one of those up! Thanks!

Zort70 said...

Sorry all I didn't mean to add comments but as they are there NEW POST.

Unknown said...

I have a polar bear print I am willing to trade. I am looking for The Hatch, Walts Kidnapping, The last print, Locke, The Crash, Smoke Monster, Swan Station, or maybe Jacobs Cabin and Ben. I only got the polar bear and saw other prints I really wanted. Thanks for your help.

theotherben said...

My List:

1.The Crash
2.The Hatch
3.Jacob's Cabin
5.Smoke Monster
6.Locke's Secret
7.Love Triangle
8.Rousseau's Transmission
9.Walt's Kidnapping
10.The Numbers
11.Ben Linus
12.Swan Station
13.4-Toed Statue
14.The Barracks
15.The DHARMA Van
16.The Polar Bear