Sunday, August 15, 2010

The First Wave - Revealed 15

The first resonant Waveform has been shown.

It consists of a string of letters, with another random string of letters displayed below, the second string of letters occasionally shows up a white letter which indicates what the actual letter in the completed puzzle should be.

Maven was the first to solve this puzzle and the answer is below.
Click here to see the solution

Entering the phrase "Dont Open It Mr Locke Dont Open That Thing" takes you to a webpage

Click Here to go there

On the webpage you will see and be able to order the art on the left.

I think we know now who is behind the game and have confirmation that this is a fan based project.


Scoutpost said...



Weinbeeezy said...

ahhhh... i dont think anyone is going to have 250 to shell out for non ABC LOST artwork, especially with the auction being next weekend

Unknown said...

Third :D Yeh, I agree with Weibeeezy however that painting does look pretty cool.

@Weinbeeezy - Did you want to still maybe share the DHARMA food lot (if it's not tooooo expensive)?

comixguru said...

i solved the puzzle but it didnt take me to a new page. how is it supposed to work?

Zort70 said...

comix, you have to enter all the words with spaces and it should take you straight to the site.

On my pc I got a warning about popups which I had to allow for it to open.

drMikey said...

yes, its me!

i am sorry to anyone who is disappointed with this being a marketing scheme, and i do realize that the starting price is up there. just doing my best to try to get my stuff out there and make a living :)

i am curious though, Weinbeeezy, why is it you think people are willing to pay more for something just because it came officially from ABC? you do appear to be right, but i haven't figured out the reasoning behind it yet.

I hope you guys are at least willing to stick around to see the rest of the series!

Zort70 said...

Hi drMikey, definitely interested in seeing the rest.

As to why official product is worth more, it's probably just because the TV companies have built up a rapport with the audience and there is an implied level of understanding and trust.

New players to the market generally have to build the trust and reputation which takes time and (marketing) money to do.

Think of Van Gogh who was ridculed at the time of producing and trying to sell paintings, but his reputation spread and grew almost virally until he is recognised as a great master now.

It's a kind of chicken and egg thing, you can't get a reputation without product, but you can't sell product without a reputation.

Lisa-Maladylis said...

I'm here. yes, Mikey, it is beautiful but for me, it's all about if it was on the show. For the posters we bought, they were alot cheaper and there was the rush in buying them. most people are busy saving for the auction or already filled their walls with posters. some of us are just too poor to buy something at that price. lol but, that said.... Beautiful painting !!

drMikey said...

thanks guys :)

that makes sense. i was looking at it more as something more specific to LOST, but a lot of it is the usual problem with trying to make it as an artist.

and also spot on with timing i imagine. i decided to do this when it dawned on me that is an awesome domain name, and then i had a cool idea for a painting series to go with it!

anyway, thanks for your comments! i'm going to try to make the upcoming puzzles more interesting as they go, hopefully i can pull it off!


comixguru said...

just tried it again- and it doesn't open a new page. weird.

and Dr. Mikey - cool piece! looking forward to the other ones being revealed :)

Weinbeeezy said...

@DrMikey... I didn't mean ABC art in general, I was just referring to the DCaaPB which had nice art at a somewhat affordable price

Of course none of that art was as custom as yours!! And if I had the money I would definitely put Walt on my wall!

Keep up the Arg and art!

AND... It being licensed by ABC makes it more official!

drMikey said...

hehe thanks again.

atually i thought about it some more, and even from a collectors stand point it makes sense. quality aside, its still not original brand name, simple as that.

oh well.

i have my own story to tell soon. then it will all be legitimate original!

Unknown said...

SPOILER - 2nd wave solution

Zort70 said...

Thanks Dusty, I've created a NEW POST.

This new post will get updated each day to show the image from the previous day and the new image once the puzzle has been solved.

Zort70 said...

Thanks Dusty, I've created a NEW POST.

This new post will get updated each day to show the image from the previous day and the new image once the puzzle has been solved.