Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prop Culture

The speculation over the props in the LOST auction is growing, this article on the Wired magazine website talks about our old favourite "Squirrel Baby".

It is worth noting that the online item descriptions on some lots, including SB, have started to be changed. So those bidding online or even in the auction room need to make sure they are comfortable with the description that the auctioneer gives.

This direct quote in the Wired article from Joe Maddalena, who is president of Profiles in History gives some useful insight, however it doesn't really match up with the item descriptions in the catalog -

“Every piece in this auction was made for and used in the production of Lost,” Maddalena said. “Some pieces might have ended up on the cutting-room floor, but not many.”

With little or no indication in the printed catalog of what was on the cutting room floor and which was used on screen the only advice I have to give is the old addage "Let The Buyer Beware"

This is the last time this site will mention this before the Auction starts, but it is a shame that Profiles in History could not have been more upfront and communicative on what items are genuinely used on screen or used by the actors and which are production duplicates that were never used.