Tuesday, August 10, 2010

LOST Auction Attendance Prices 27

Yesterday The Kharma Initiative told us that the update on the Profiles in History website was live.

If you were in the 100 club, i.e. the first 100 to pre-register and purchase a catalog, then you will not have to pay any more money to get in.

However if you are not in the 100 club, here are the details -

1. ALL bidders must be PRE-REGISTERED.

2. All bidders who wish to attend the auction and bid on the floor will need to purchase a ticket to the LOST Exhibit, IN ADDITION to purchasing an auction catalog and be issued a bidding paddle and get a seat on the auction floor.

3. The FIRST 100 pre-registered bidders who have purchased a catalog will receive one free admission, per person, to the Lost Exhibit. This is on a “FIRST COME FIRST SERVE” basis as tickets and catalogs are selling fast.

4. To purchase LOST exhibit tickets go to www.razorgator.com. There are limited amount of exhibit tickets available and we highly recommend that you do pre-register and pre-purchase in-order to guarantee access. Ticket purchase price is $42 per day or $65 for both days.

5. If you have not pre-registered and show up on auction day, you may still register to bid, but will be required to purchase a catalog and a LOST exhibit ticket, pending availability of tickets.

From a personal point of view it's a shame that this couldn't have been better done for the fans, in my personal opinion the exhibit should have been free and separate from the auction. I can understand limiting the numbers for the actual auction so real bidders are not caught up with lots of merely curious fans, but if this is for the fans, as has been mentioned at several marketing opportunities starting at SDCC last year, then there should have been some better planning and communication.

Talking of communication, we haven't heard directly from Profiles in History or ABC about any of this recently, all of this is fan investigation and power, so a big thanks again to you all.

Some other information that may be useful - Megan received an email directly from someone at PIH, and this info is not on the website as far as I can tell, this is the relevant part of it -

".....There is one thing that I want to clear up, and that is there will not be any invoicing on auction day. Consequently, buyers will not be able to leave with their winning lots. The auction data will be raw and will need to be reconciled before we can invoice everyone. I apologize for any inconvenience, but we will work with you to find the most expedient and reasonable shipping options. While pickups are encouraged, that would have wait until at least the day after (Monday)......."

While we are clearing up some confusion today, head on over to ThePropBlog.Com and view This Article about clearing up some of the mysteries and inconsistencies in the props.


Zort70 said...

Repost from the last set of comments just in case it doesn't stay there -

Message from MiddayShadows

"Hi all!I haven't been able to chime in here in a while - life has been extremely busy since well, the finale. I hope everyone is well!

Surprisingly, I haven't seen this info posted here , but Olly has created a round of movie themed posters, that I think represent his best work yet!!


They are absolutely incredible!!!


I have to agree with Midday they are superb.

Lisa-Maladylis said...

wow, in the end, people that are flying in and have their second empty suitcase handy, will end up flying home with out their prop they paid for and then have to pay shipping on it anyway.

Just Thinking said...

Re Olly's movie posters- Kevin Tong tweeted that he got a set of postcards and the posters because he helped with production somehow- the postcards were going to be given to vip ticket holders for the events I believe.

So weird auction thing- I clicked to preregister for both days- and was approved for day one- though I didn't fill out the whole form. I'm not going, and I would bet there are others who bought the catalog and registered to absentee bid who aren't, who may be in the 1st 100. So does that mean they won't give out 100 tickets free-since some of those first people won't show up?

Patrick said...

Justin at Mondo tweeted Sunday night before the "There Will Be Blood" screening in Bakersfield that the first 30 people would get to go to a bowling afterparty, and the post cards were handed out there too, I guess. My buddy scored me four of the posters and I can't wait to see them in person. As always, really great stuff from Olly!

KingBudven said...

In case anyone was still interested...According to LOST magazine you may use the promo code: LOSTMAG
To get free shipping on orders from damoncarltonandapolarbearcom

Anonymous said...

@ KingBudven

Before they start giving stuff out with free shipping, they should try honouring the orders still outstanding.

Zort70 said...

KingBudven, Thanks for the info but I've just tried the code and the site tells me it is invalid.

If you have a scan or photo of the magazine where it says this I can investigate.

Justin said...

If anyone is needing a hotel to stay at for the LOST auction, I would suggest using priceline.com. Yes, the priceline with William Shatner -- the Priceline Negotiator. I put in a request for a 3 1/2 star hotel near LAX or Santa Monica and it booked me at the LAX Hilton for $59/night! I found out later that parking is an additional $20/day but still, you really can't beat that price. And, it's only about 20-25 minutes away from the Barker Hanger. And, you're staying at LAX which is just so very LOST.

Can't wait until NEXT weekend!

thaeagle2003 said...

according to prob blog .... no good faith deposit required for lost auction anymore

IWish said...

Ha! You've got to be kidding. Hey, it's a good thing but, wow, who's calling the shots? This whole thing is just craziness.

Is anyone worried about them shipping this stuff out and getting the right item? Maybe I'm being unfare to the auction peeps by saying that since someone at abc is making the decisions. It's just...this whole thing seems so disorganized.

IWish said...

What a goober...it's unfair not unfare.

Justin said...

Yeah, I have to say that the more that things unfold, the more that I can see that ABC has a lot to do with all the confusion and not so much Profiles In History.

I have called PIH lots of times over the last few weeks and have developed a rapport of some type with a lot of the people in the office. Several have made comments in passing to me of things like "normally our policy is XX, but let me check with my supervisor as with ABC it is very different".

To me what it seems to boil down to is I see ABC trying to make one last money grab. Why else make people pay so much for the exhibit and (most ridiculous in my opinion) make them buy a catalog. I mean I was pretty happy to buy one before any of the confusion started as I wanted it as a souvenir, but it seems off.

So, I really have faith in the processes of PIH in getting the right item shipped, etc. They have actually had pretty good service all things considering.

maven said...

I agree with Justin. Every time I called PIH, a got a real person on the phone after only a few rings and they were for the most part very pleasant (only when we were waiting for the press announcement did I feel they were a little rude, but it turns out it was their frustration, too). They made sure I knew this is not the way they usually handle auctions, and they were dealing with a huge corporation (ABC/Disney)that was making the decisions. I especially comment Ryan at PIH for handling my calls and complaints with understanding. They were very overwhelmed by us! :)

comixguru said...

I've also had very pleasant dealings with the PIH people. Been corresponding with Fong Sam and he/she has been absolutely terrific.

I was lucky to be one of the first 100 pre-registered bidders, so I'll be there Saturday... maybe sunday too...?

Weinbeeezy said...


While supplies last...

theotherben said...

I have a question of the donation.
Since I'm not good at currency exchanging, what do I do if I want to give to the donate site if I have no how to donate in euros?

theotherben said...

Never mind, just read the comment at the bottom... haha

Weinbeeezy said...

The Lost auction book is AMAZING!!!

theotherben said...

Is anyone else having trouble donating through paypal? I get a justgiving.com error site each time.

maven said...

Per @JensenClan88:

LOST fans - Outside 7018 Melrose Ave, Golden Apple Comics, 2morrow 12-4. Photo Opportunity, I promise.

I can't make it...whatever it is. :(

maven said...

And this was on the Golden Apple Comic site:

Twitter Updates

* BIG surprise TOMORROW afternoon ONLY....Plan to drop by around 1pm....Great photo Opportunity....It will drive you crazy! about an hour ago

Just Thinking said...

Right next to Gallery 88. Someone will have to go get pics for us!

Justin said...

I bet they'll have the Dharma van that's being auctioned off down there. What a better photo op then you in the drivers seat of a Dharma van?! Also, "it will drive you crazy"? Sounds like a van to me. Man I wish I was in LA tomorrow!

Weinbeeezy said...

The Lost facebook page confirmed it will be the Dharma Van

Zort70 said...

I've created a NEW POST with the info, thanks all.

concernedcollector said...

the discussion on the LOST auction continues on thepropblog.com

Know what you are bidding on... is it screen used? backup? what is it?

screen caps from the DVDs are not matching descriptions, catalog pics, etc

know what you are bidding on and see what the professionals are saying over at thepropblog.com

concernedcollector said...

and yes, I have called and emailed and my specific questions are NOT being answered.