Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lost University Updates 4

The first post tonight is not for DCaaPB but for the original ARG / Viral marketing this year - Lost University. There are two more pages of News that have appeared over night.

News item titles are :

Campus Job Fair Update
The LOST University Department of Theatre announces auditions for The Tempest
Free movie screenings at the student union
Campus Health Center Update: Anti-Radiation pills will be given to all students...
(This headline was found earlier when the original site was posted)

Titles are :

Breaking News: Annual Air Show Cancelled
LOST University Student Union offers a variety of meal options
LOST Season 5 Coming to Blu-rayTM with hours of bonus features
New post created for Professor Nussdorf

Hopefully we can do some analysis of these new articles, and ponder the significance of the release date of these, once the exitement about tonights other update has calmed.

Thanks to Maven and Black Swan for all the LU information in the comments.


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Capcom said...

Great work everyone, and especially Zort for the front page info!

Ellen said...

oops, forgot to sign in...drat! :D

Capcom said...

What, no one is doing any ARGing?! I'm depending on participating vaciariously through you guys here.