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Nate Duval Talks 80

Rob Perrin
has been in touch with Nate Duval, the artist for The Barracks poster and has kindly sent this interview for us to publish.

Nate did visit us a couple of times around the reveal of the poster, but I'm impressed that in the interview he is quoting comments from one of our regular contributors.

RobPerrin:  Nate Duval, thank you very much for agreeing to this interview with  The Lost Underground Art Project delivered weekly shots of adrenaline into the hearts of thousands of Lost fans in 2009, and they are eager to learn more about each of the artists who took part.  Let's dive directly into your involvement with LUAP, then talk a little about Lost, and end with a set of more general questions about you and your art.

Lost Underground Art Project

RobPerrin:  Who approached you to participate in this project?  Was it something you had already heard about "on the grapevine", or did it come as a surprise?

Nate Duval:  I was approached, "out of the blue", as they say, by Jensen Karp, owner and Head Hancho of Gallery 1988 (  I was familiar with Jensen, his clothing line ( and his two wonderful galleries in LA and SF, respectfully. He gave me a call on a summer afternoon, told me about the project, asked me if I was interested (of course, I was!) and gave me a quick brief of the project.

RP:  Were you assigned the subject matter (i.e. the Barracks) or were you provided with a list of subjects from which to choose?

ND:  I cannot speak for anyone else, but I personally was assigned a "moment" and it was up to me to depict that moment in any way I deemed fit.   My moment was described to me as "the moment where we all find out that the others lived on the island in their own community and had homes!"

RP:  Aside from the subject matter, did you have carte blanche?  Or were there any restrictions on what you could depict? Or requests to specifically include something?

ND:  The entire process was painless, professional and exciting. From start to finish, artists were given their moment and the rest was left up to us.  The only restrictions were production specs (had to be prepared for 18" x 24" screenprint for consistency and be less than 8 ink colors.)

RP:  At the risk of being a tad open-ended, can you walk us through some of the highlights of creating The Barracks, from its initial conception to the physical production of the 300 prints.  Were there any major hiccups?  Funny anecdotes?

ND:  Unlike most of my other work that I hand-print myself (process pics of which can be seen here) all of these posters were printed by the ultra skilled D&L Screenprinting ( based in beautiful Ballard, WA.  I have worked with the guys at D&L several times in the past on the printing of some of my own work, and their work, attention to detail and overall skill level are second to none.  Once I knew that D&L would be printing this and that it would print exactly as I envisioned it, I simply had to focus on creating the art and color separations on this print.  All the "fun" of hand-printing art was left to them, so unfortunately, I don't have much to offer in this answer :)

RP:  The hills and sky seems to be depicted in a very naturalistic style, whereas the dwelling and the grass around it are not. Was this intentional, and if so what feeling or message did you intend to convey?  (For me, it speaks to the superficiality of the Dharma Initiative and the futility of its attempts to understand and harness the Island's power.)

ND:  You are very close in your assumption!  I did use a slightly "mixed-media" approach to my illustration, indeed.  To me, in all of the craziness that happens on the show, (physical phenomena's, scientific "impossibilities", human emotion/reaction etc.) the island is the one, constant, "real" character.  It's funny, I was reading through some of the comments on your site and charter321 was shockingly close to describing the thought process behind the print when he/she said "see how 'real' the island is compared to how 'fake' Ben's little world he set up? The Barracks were suppose to be a second home to the Others. The Barracks in fact were a fake little world set up by Ben to try and keep the people he recruited there for good. He lulled them into a sense of false security. That whole world was built upon lies and the DHARMA folk that built the place were killed by Ben. It is suppose to look fake."

RP:  To my eye, the object in the upper left is a cloud, whereas the upper right features smoke from the 815 crash as it drifts above the hilltop.  Have I got that right?

ND:  The long trail of smoke on the left side is supposed to be the subtle, billowing cloud of the recently crashed Flight 815.  Throughout the piece I tried to casually depict things (like the plane crash, to the laundry on the line, etc.) to match the casual, "lazy afternoon" style/ feeling that (to me) the intro of Season 3 was so brilliantly shot in.

RP:  Did you deliberately include any "hidden messages" in your poster (that you are willing to divulge)?

ND:  Aside from the subtle reference to the crash in the distance, I didn't add any "hidden" gems.  Instead, I took a more scholarly approach to this piece, knowing the MASSIVE, detail-oriented following that the show has. I knew it would be important to me (and many others) to make all of my images "official and accurate.”  I used an actual photo of the island for the mountains, as well as referencing various photos of the barracks in my illustration.

RP:  I read that you use house paint for your screen prints.  Was this the case for The Barracks, and if so what brand and colours of paint were used?  (Yes, this is the obligatory obsessive detail question!)

ND:  I did not print this, but all of my work that my friend Journe and I print ourselves is printed with Sherwin Williams Interior House paint.

RP:  Did you have any alternate concepts for the poster?  If so, how were they different from the version that we see today?

ND: To me, there was really only one way to go with this moment (some of the other moments were a bit more "open to interpretation", in my opinion) and I essentially ended up making the image I thought that I would make all along.

RP:  Other than those already covered in the 16 LUAP posters, are there other "water cooler" moment from Lost that you would love to capture in a screen print.

ND:  Great question!  Not really a water-cooler moment at all, but considering my background in band merchandise/gigposter creating, I always thought it would have been fun to make a "faux" tour poster or other merchandise for DriveShaft's spring tour or something like that.  :)   

RP:  Did you have a chance to visit Gallery 1988 and/or see some of the other art online?

ND:  I watched and played along throughout the entire project.  Although it was very hard to keep the "secret" alive behind the entire project and my participation in it, it was very exciting to see many of my poster making friends' prints be revealed and all of the conversation they created online.  I do plan on stopping into the LA shop in May on my West coast "tour" of both LA and SF Renegade shows. (

RP:  How did your experience with this project compare with other commissions you've had in the past, particularly in terms of the scope of fan interest?

ND:  I was honored, pleased beyond belief and still am excited to have been a part of this project.  It was a surreal experience working with this fine folks behind this project for one of my favorite shows ever.  I am especially thankful to the many folks who have connected with me because of this project and our common love of the show, as well as having my work introduced to a new set of folks who may have never discovered me otherwise.  I have done work for a number of very popular music acts and have almost gotten used to that, but when I found out I would be working for LOST, it was a bit intimidating for sure.


RP:  On a scale of 1 to 10, how big of a Lost fan were you before becoming involved in LUAP?

ND:  7.  I wouldn't feel right giving myself a higher number than that, as I am SURE my LOST knowledge is pretty weak compared to some folks out there, especially since I didn't start watching the show until a little over a year and a half ago. If LOST were a professional baseball team, I would say that I would be the shortstop on its Single A farm team.

RP:  Why do you like Lost?


  • It is visually beautiful & stimulating.

  • Fast-paced, well-written, constantly shifting, layered and detail driven storylines

  • I also think the sound production is incredible.  Especially how the "sounds of the island/storyline" are a character on the show.

  • To me, there isn't really a more exciting and intense 44 minutes on TV, than "the next episode" of LOST while you are watching it.

RP:  Let's play Lost favourites, speed round!

  • Favourite character?  ND:  Jin or Ben.  It's a toss up.  Two complete opposites, I know.

  • Favourite season?  ND:  Too tough to say, although I guess Season 2 would be my least favorite maybe?  Probably due to the speed of the story telling and number of "big events" that happened in comparison to where the story lies on the eve of the Season 6 premiere.   

  • Favourite episode?  ND:  The Constant   

  • Favourite scene?  ND:  The opening sequence of the first episode.  IT really set the tone for everything to come and was extremely well shot/directed.  

  • Favourite visual image?  ND:  When Juliet detonated the bomb at the end of Season 5, causing the screen to go white and having the LOST logo knocked out in black type.  That subtle change in the way an episode ended, to me was brilliant and said so much while saying so little.

  • Favourite Dharma station?  ND:  The Orchid

  • Favourite catchphrase?  ND:  Any one of Sawyer's wise-ass comments/"nicknames."  

  • Favourite Dharma foodstuff?  ND:  Either the mysterious Apollo Bar, or the mind-boggling shelf-life of the Dharma Ranch Dressing.

RP:  You posted on when The Barracks was released.  Do you frequent any other Lost sites?

ND:  Nope, not really.  I try to stay away from the Lostpedia type sites as well, as I know once I get digging around, I will never stop. :)

RP:  What are you most looking forward to in season 6?

ND:  Seeing how this amazing journey will be tied together and come to a conclusion. So many shows on television have an "obvious" ending that you see from three seasons in advance, with LOST, I just love how I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what will happen and that is very exciting.


RP:  Where did you grow up?  Are there geographical aspects of your youth that influence your art?

ND:  I have lived most of my life in Massachusetts.  Seeing the many styles of architecture and homes that this area is home to, has definitely influenced me and my work, especially when drawing buildings/imaginary cityscapes/lands.  (which I often do.)

RP:  When did you create your first screen print?  How were you introduced to this form of art?

ND:  I have been making screen-printed art for 4.5 years.  I have always had a huge interest in art, design and music. Once I figured out a way to combine all three of my loves into a career, the rest was history. My desire combined with my friend Journe's background in apparel printing drive to try new things, we got together, did some research and built the very vacuum table that we print with to this day.  

RP:  Which artists (any media, any time period) do you most admire?

ND:  Klimt, Vaserely, Cuban and Polish poster art,  Jay Ryan, Tyler Stout,  all things letterpress, psychedelic rock art and a slew of other folks and styles.

RP:  Describe your typical work environment.  For example, do you often play music while creating your art?  Do you usually work at night?

ND:  I would say the ideas often come at night, but as far as the production or illustration goes, I find I work more efficiently during the daytime hours.   And yes, Music is a must for all projects.  Sometimes out loud, sometimes through headphones, but always present!

RP:  Many of your works are bright, colourful, whimsical.  Is this a fair statement?  Do you think your art reflects your own personality?

ND:  Very fair, indeed.  I wouldn't say I am a "bright, colorful, whimsical person" per se, but I certainly enjoy surrounding myself with colorful, happy things, as it helps keep me in that type of mood.  You won't find too many skulls, or dark imagery hanging in my home so to some degree, I guess it does match my personality/interests.  

RP:  Out of your entire catalogue of art, is there one which you are most happy with or proud of?  (I particularly like sausalito and birdhouse.)

ND:  I am most proud of my Phish at Fenway Park poster.  It was a high point in my career for sure.  Working with a giant band, who I  have listened to for years, for a historic show at Fenway Park. (especially being a life-long red sox fan.) There have been prints that I have made that I liked the art for, or broke new ground conceptually or technique wise, but the feeling of being hired for that one particular gig (along with the LOST ARG series) were the best "feelings I have gotten from opening an email in my inbox" for sure.

RP:  Do you also collect art?  If so, what kind of art do you collect?

ND:  I do, I have hundreds of prints/pieces that I have collected or traded with talented friends along the way.  Screenprints by Jay Ryan, Tyler Stout, Jesse LeDoux, Dan McCarthy, Eduardo Munoz Bachs  and many others.  An Amy Ruppel original, a bunch of Tiny Showcase Letterpress Prints

RP:  Aside from art & music, what else turns you on?

ND:  I like traveling, cooking, eating at highly rated places I find on Yelp and have never been to before, photography, and getting the chance to work with my fiancĂ© everyday who is also an illustrator and very talented -- I also SOMETIMES like our cat, Mugatu, who is mostly annoying, but extremely good looking and sweet once in a great while. :)

RP:  What is it about the number 8 that you find appealing?

ND:  It's geometric form, its "infinite" shaping its roundness and the fact it rhymes with my name.

RP:  You have a comprehensive Internet presence (Twitter -- @nateduval, Facebook --,, etc.) and actively promote your work (e.g. your recent deal-of-the-day and free shipping promotions).  Do you also enjoy this commercial aspect of the art biz?

ND:  Very much so.  I am just as much focused on the marketing of and selling of my work/brand as I am the creation of it.  The internet has made the world so much smaller, and I am thankful I live in a time where I market myself all over the world and sell my work to people all over the globe.

The drive behind my "comprehensive Internet Presence" probably leads back to my Advertising Degree that I earned from Syracuse University.  Immediately after graduating , I knew that I was not going to like working at an Advertising or Design firm.  Something about it always felt a bit odd, working so hard to help someone ELSE sell their product.  So it was a natural progression to make and sell my own work/art and the internet (combined with a pretty heavy, summer travel schedule showing and selling works at various shows/events) made all of this possible.  

RP:  What are you most looking forward to in 2010 (other than Lost season 6, natch)?

ND:  To continue to do what I love for a living while constantly pushing to take it to the next level (both artistically and business-wise.)


RP:  Once again, thank you for dedicating some of your valuable time to this interview.  Speaking as the proud owner of The Barracks 219/300, thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Lost Underground Art Project.

ND:  Thank YOU!


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ChrisL said...

Excellent Rob, thank you. As I've said many times, The Barracks is a favourite of mine.

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Morning Lisa.

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Rob, thanks for a great interview with N. Duval an extra bonus to today's events.

Good morning ChrisL, Lisa and Jason.

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morning Chris, BTW Zort, the link for his gf's etsy site is broken. it just goes to http;/// and that's it lol The Barracks is one of my favorites !! Love it, it hands in my kitchen so I can see it every day. Thanks Nate for the great print !

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great interview! favorite print also!

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Thanks Lisa, the link is fixed now.

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Ob_fuSc8 is on her way back tonight after a bit of delay. Others heading home through out the day tomorrow. I've got another full day here in Honolulu! Some shopping and a couple of 'task' left on the agenda. Hundreds of photos to download. Everyone here has done such a great job of sending photos via Twitter so I think you can get a good feel for the craziness that went on. There's an article coming out on Tuesday regarding events here from the Star Bulletin's Gary Chun who interviewed LOST fans at the Premier and followed us around all day on the Tour.

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sounds like a blast Lotto, I really wished I could go. Some times it sucks being a responsible mom - not that you aren't if you are a mom. My BF would in no way stay home to take care of the kids while I'm out and about in Hawaii lol Oh well. speaking of responsibilities. I better get cleaning the house up. For the first time I will have someone over to watch LOST with me !! Now I have a friend that loves it as much as I do and will watch it each week with me. Off to clean.

andalone said...

Terrific interview Rob! I purchased another of Nate Duval's prints in addition to The Barracks, and it was great to learn more about him.

LT, I'm so glad you're having a great time. The live feeds were thrilling and the "next best thing". I scared my dog with all my squeals and exclamations!

Amy Lynn said...

Cool interview.

Strange that some artists got to choose their own WCM and others were assigned.

Barracks is easily one of my favorites of the entire run.

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These interviews are fantastic. I can't get enough reading about the screen print processes that the artists use. Thanks!

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Nice interview Rob, thanks.

Thanks for the video LT. Still having trouble getting a couple to load but will keep trying. The ones with Naveen worked so I'm happy. :)

RobPerrin said...

I love learning more about the artists as well. Good to see he knows his Lost stuff. Looking forward to reading the upcoming interviews!

thorsten said...

Great job, Rob!
Now we should print our own WCM in 18" x 24" with less than 8 ink colors at D&L!

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It just takes talent, inspiration and the desire. It's so awesome to hear from the artists and their stories on how they became involved in this project. What a wonderful path (opportunity) they've been given. Good vibes.

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Thanks Rob and Nate. I think it was good of Nate to seemingly take a "to each his own" attitude to our poster reactions.

Thanks Lotto too. I've lost her Ustream link again if anyone has it? Promise I will bookmark it this time.

RobPerrin said...

Kharma Initiative, re: your question from the previous article -- for this print I had the framed print flat on the ground and had the camera hovering above it, about 2 feet away, with myself chest-down on a chair seat to minimize shakiness. Natural indirect light, no flash.

Usually I try to take close-ups before putting it behind glass, but this time I forgot and so took the shots while framed.

Oh, and as with all good photography, I took many similar shots and discarded the bad ones!

Tess315 said...

Here you go JT.
Lotto's ustream

thorsten said...

My final DCAAPB WCM…

Amy Lynn said...

thorsten, looks awesome.

I just found out that the person who bootlegged the premiere was the guy who organized the LOST weekend. Classy.

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:) Morning all.

Great interview. Happy that I have The Barracks. I will be looking at others of Nate's posters, I like the feeling of his work.

I've seen his fiance's work on etsy before and like the whimsey and happiness she captures in her work.

Just Thinking said...

Thank you again SG.

Really like that Thorsten.

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Tess315 said...

My wireless keyboard is acting wonky and I changed the batteries.

No prob JT.

Drama said...

that's a great interview, right there. A question to you ARGers... when do the team usually finish shooting the season? I ask, as I will be in Hawaii April 5th for a week and a half - will they still be doing pick up shots? what are my chances of bumping into cast / TPTB six weeks before the season finale?

Amy Lynn said...

@Ben, no idea, but because of the delayed schedule, you'll be going almost 8 weeks before the finale.

Sam G said...

In the past, LOST shot stuff right up to the very last minute.

At DarkUFO they are keeping track of where they are in shooting.

Sam G said...

Also, ABC Inner Circle is sending out messages about the premiere and also a video 5 Seasons in 5 Minutes.

mtutick said...

Nice interview! It's interesting that the interview with Todd Slater mentioned there was no limit on colors, and then Nate mentions the 8. Maybe to Todd, 8 is the same as no limit...since he stuck with 3 :)

Sam G said... - LOST Untangeled 5 in 5

adam_keller said...

@Ben... This is from a NY Times Article from 28 January. Carlton Cuse said, “We still have six hours of the show to make. That is sort of the equivalent of three feature films. We have to do all the writing for those in about eight or nine weeks, and we have to finish shooting them between now and the middle of April.” So mid April is it. Below is the link, the article is really good. No spoilers at all. NY Times

Drama said...

yeah, I couldn't remember what it said. Well, I'm there 5th-14th, so up to mid april. I smell a set tour. In a semi-unrelated note, if anyone knows an email address that can get to TPTB, and wants to private message me it, I'd be uber grateful. Not for weird stalking or anything... I have a plan.

knightsintodreams said...

this will be so sad when it ends... end of an era.. i wanna go back

chaseter said...

Nate Duvall read my comment and he agreed with what I thought he was shooting for! Awesome!


Eugene said...

It might be worth checking tomorrow.

They might have something Lost related again.

xDR JON3Sx said...

@Ben they actually shot last years finale RIGHT around that time you mentioned...i believe it was like april 14th or somewhere around there...

and i imagine it will be a little more stretched out since its the series finale this year...

Drama said...

I sense maximum stalkage, after obligatory surfing timez. I want Martyn to get back so we can talk Brits in Hawaii. Except I now know that thanks to the 12 hours time difference, and 22 hour trip, it effectively takes 2 days to get home. He's going to be all kinds of broken.

Amy Lynn said...

Ben, is it 22 hours by plane, and THEN you're exactly 12 hours off? EEEK. Does your nose bleed?

ChrisL said...

This is pretty cool
New York Times LOST Timeline

Der Merzmensch said...

You know, I will miss LOST ARGs one day... But let's celebrate LOST begin! :-)

Patmc said...

@Amy Lynn - I would suggest Martyn uses the Bob Stencil method... and use beer as his Constant. :-)

MrBMusicMan said...

This post is spoiler-free!!

I can't decide if I'm glad that I watched the "message in a bottle" and the other sneak peek at ABC. I'm so eager and EXCITED for tomorrow night, WOOHOO!!

islandwales said...

(if u dont mind me askin)

what was the cost of your planned trip?

Im from UK & thinking of a trip myself (though not anytime soon) just wondered what was a "good" price?

Martyn said...


Ben... Tired is not the best way to describe how I feel right now. Broken comes close though.

Currently at LA X waiting for my flight home. Get in at 11am GMT. No idea what the hell time zone I'm in or living.

As for Hawaii, ben, I know two people who are horseback riding at Kuloah Ranch, think that's how it's spelt. Thats the site where they film a lot of scenes and even Jurassic Park. We were told that's where the sonar fence is. They are doing filming on the ranch today, not sure which set either. Or was it on the ranch they were filming today? I can't remember.

I have loads of time to kill now, so the temptation to type up all from the weekend is strong but will resist. Most I'll say is everyone I met this weekend was fantastic, every LostARG member was 10x better than they appear online, which is saying something.

@Amy Lynn...

Read about Bruce streaming the premiere. Was quite funny, especially as even Ryan thought that was too geeky!

Amy Lynn said...

@Martyn, safe flight home. Not sure who Ryan is, but LOL anyway.

throwfar said...

Opened my "Hatch" and "W. Kidnap" last night. WOW! The Hatch is a beauty to look at. I also Love walts more in person and it might just end up being my favorite peice!

RobPerrin said...

Kharma Initiative - 2 other points I forgot: a) half-decent camera; b) Danger's technique produces lots of awesome detail in his posters!

Martyn said...

Also, is there a physical site to the interview with Nate duval? Can't scroll down on my phone.

Amy Lynn, he does the transmission podcast with his wife and they contacted Bruce to organise the weekend. He is an amazing lost geek, I was in awe. He knows where everything is filming, where everything is filmed, the who, what, when and where. He did remain from spoilers except for sites that'll come up this season, but gives nothing away until we see the show and go ooooooooo!

But I'd avoid as he does watch filming and knows a lot about what's coming up. He is awesome though.

Amy Lynn said...

Thanks, Martyn. Yeah, I don't understand why anyone would WATCH filming. *shakes head*

Amy Lynn said...

Also, what Bruce did wasn't geeky, it was illegal. I'd be shocked if he didn't get a summons in the mail.

Tess315 said...

Amy Lynn
Probably Ryan Ozawa he goes by @hawaii on twitter and does the Transmission podcast.

Martyn said...

Dont think they care that much. I doubt a lot of people watched it, I mean, cmon, sacrifice quality for a show that'll air in 3 days. How desperate you got to be? And then there was the ambulances and the motorbike group. Dunno why he streamed it, obviously had people ask him to do it. I think it's a lil extreme geek.

Tess315 said...

oops I guess Martyn already filled you in Amy Lynn.
I only watched his feed up to the premier. The way he was talking he does this all the time. Unless I misunderstood him.

Amy Lynn said...

I guess my perspective, as a writer, is that I'd rather not have my work stolen by a bootlegger. Lots of you paid untold amounts of money to go to Hawaii.... why should everyone in the world get the same product for free?

Martyn said...

I suppose so but it's going to be free soon. Plus, for me anyway, the premiere was a dot in comparison to other things we paid for. And I'm guessing the atmosphere wouldn't be the same for the home viewers. Either way, it's on tomorrow and I'm in anticipation of episode 2.

There's not a lot of anything in lax, quite disappointed, mcdonalds and a pizza place. Lame.

gt said...

excellent interview. Thanks for that.

Just Thinking said...

Martyn- good trip to you- well as good as exhausted can be. My husband was at LAX on Saturday and picked up the LOST covered Entertainment Weekly for me- if that interests you it should be there. I thought that was a neat place to buy it from.

Martyn said...


I saw it, wasn't sure to get it though. Will do now anyway. Right, finally boarding so will fully catch up with you all in about 12 hours time.

Just Thinking said...

Checked Methane Studios. Now says there will be 10 posters for the lottery.

XXXHardcore said...

TeeFury shirt is now available. What Would John Locke Do.

Not much of a John Locke fan, but if you are, you might like it!

The Blot said...

Just wanted to let all the LostARGers out there know that has released a another awesome Lost tee in honor of Tuesday night's season premiere!

What Would John Locke Do? is on sale now:

The Blot said...

Haha jinx @XXXHardcore!

Guess I should have refreshed a little quicker!

Amy Lynn said...

Happy Lost Day, East coast!

mtutick said...

Picked up a shirt. Although I was much more of a fan of early Locke, than Season 4+ Locke.

XXXHardcore said...

His characterization on the show is extremely consistent and outstanding. Great writing for his character and great acting by Terry.

That being said... His character is, in my opinion, weak. Always feeling a pawn, then feeling special promise, only to ultimately (so far) be revealed as... being nothing more than a pawn. It was as if he was destined to just be used. He died for the pure purpose to help someone else (MIB), except he wasn't even aware of it. Tragic, somewhat sympathetic, but eventually... pathetic.

mtutick said...

That's a pretty fair assessment... and that's probably the reason I like Season1-3 Locke more. It seemed he was finally redeeming himself from being a pawn. He had a purpose as a provider and one of the only few who understood the island.

By Season 4 and (really) 5, we learned that he was wrong (at least we think)..and was still being played.

Who knows what season 6 will be?

Patmc said...

Awesome T-Shirt! Just ordered one for me, and one for my wife. And in other T-Shirt good news... I got my "Missing" Lost shirt in the mail today! Looks like I'll have something new to wear for Premiere Day after all. Woo Hoo!

Hope all the traveling ARGies are either home or nearing their destinations. I wish I could have been there with you all... but all your pictures and videos help make it not hurt so much. :-) Thank you everyone for all your pics and videos!

I can not believe that 24 hours from now, I'll be watching a brand new LOST!!! Bring it on!!!

rtfarr1 said...

Decided to get one too...Hopefully my "missing" shirt will get here soon...

rtfarr1 said...

I feel quite alone here now...
I should probably be asleep too, but I'm not sure I can sleep with the premier only 19 hours away :D

Drama said...

ordered that shirt... it's pretty funny, but it's also mega cheap.

For those asking, the flight cost from the UK I had always assumed to be around £1k, making Hawaii a no-no. My girlfriend and myself found a week and a half (April 5th-14th) with a 3* hotel (The Aqua Pearl? - Dharma style!) for £750 each, inc. flights. It's on at the moment.

Bad news about LAX being dull - I have a six hour layover coming back!

maven said...

Just got home safe and sound. Just want to credit my hubby, Marty, who is now known as Mr. Maven, for taking the Olly Moss T-Shirt pic. He actually had all of our cameras and snapped one after the other everyone! What a trouper. And he is now asking me for links to all my Lost sites...I've created a Lost monster...he's not black smoke, though! We were trying to spell out O L L Y and I was the exclamation point!

I was also shocked that Bruce streamed the premiere and I think Ryan was shocked, too! I can't wait until tomorrow night to see it again in the sanctity of our own home (the sirens, buses and motorcycles were distracting...but the huge crowd was virtually silent).

The whole weekend was amazing...the best part of meeting everyone from on-line and seeing old friends from Gallery 1988! Jo's meet-up was great and I do have a pic of me and Jeff Fahey! I'm going to work on my pics tomorrow! My red carpet pics aren't great since I was not very close, though. Mostly I have great pics of Losties! :)

kiwilostie said...

Maven - awesome!

Got my WWJLD shirt - v cool.

Hope they do ALL the side art - theyre great!

Patmc - do you still have the Team Jacob jpeg for people??...

mungonna said...


chaseter said...

Maven, I am glad you had an awesome time. I wish I could have been there as well and got to hang out with you this time to get to know you a little better. Glad you made it home safe and sound and you better hold on to Martyn! He sounds like a great guy.


Lisa-Maladylis said...

Happy Lost Day !!! Good Morning too

Zort70 said...

Well the time is nearly here.