Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Was it only 12 months ago ? 24

Yes twelve short months ago we spent hours in front of our pc's or travelling to LA to find out what the 16th poster in the Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear series was and to see all the splendid and fascinating LOST art that was on display in Gallery 1988.

The video below, filmed live by Reverend Milo, is one of my favourites from the day for two reasons - firstly it has Damon and Carlton in it ! Secondly, and more importantly, it shows a lot of our regular losties on the streets of LA all together in one place.

This video, and many others filmed during the day, was the first example I've seen of a live broadcast by individuals, not a huge TV company, and for me to be able to watch the event on the streets of LA from my home in the middle of England was truly remarkable. It gave me and others around the world a big sense of inclusion in the event.

The video also shows the "I once was lost..." poster created by Thorsten, transmitted electronically half way round the world, printed off locally and presented to Damon and Carlton. All arranged by the people that contributed to this web site, and then the poster was subsequently displayed in the LOST writers room during the production of the final series.

Words don't begin to describe how much fun and excitement was had by so many people during the DCaaPB campaign, as well as leading up to and during the final season of LOST, but a big thanks go out to everyone that contributed in a positive way to this site and made it THE place to be for LOST fans for so long.

We have all moved on to other things in life since LOST ended, but a lot of us still have not moved on, and will not move on, from LOST as a shining light in the TV wasteland. Some are hoping for another chapter in the story, some are hoping to rediscover how LOST captured so many hearts and minds, and some are just hoping that one day they might understand.

Just one final thing - quite a few of us will be at Comic Con this year (if the ticketing system is sorted out !) so if you are going let us know in the comments and we can try and meet up at some point in the weekend to swap poster purchasing stories.


Lisa-Maladylis said...

And oh how do I miss my friends here. I miss the days of chatting about something we all loved together and enjoying the company of people that shared in something I loved. I miss chatting with you all, thanks Zort for the post, I can't believe it's been so long !

Zort70 said...

Hi Lisa, yes it has been too long.

I thought that this was one date that needed a post.

MJCarp said...

:) thanks zort. Happy LOSTArg Day!

theotherben said...

As I type, I look up at my Stout poster, remember hitting F5 over and over until it was on sale. That was one epic event!

maven said...

What fabulous memories and fabulous friendships!

Eugene said...

Thanks for posting the video. It was like being in Reverend Milo's head that night. I hope the holidays find you all happy and healthy. My holiday just got a little brighter with the find memories.


Zort70 said...

The other thing I like about the video is the final word went to MEL -


comixguru said...

Thanks for the anniversary post, Zort! I miss hanging out here and chatting with you all.

Looking forward to next year's comicon LOSTARGs reunion!


futureself said...

Good times! I miss them days x

mrtibbs said...

How spooky, I was thinking about how this time last year we were all going crazy about "the others". I still owe money on my credit card for those amazing works of art! So many good memories, conversations and friends made.
What's everyone up to these days? Did the lost art experience have a lasting effect on anyone else?
It did for me. After trying my hand at doing some Lost art, and getting really nice feedback from the community, I got the bug and now I spend most of my free time designing tee shirts over at I'm pleased and extremely proud to say that one of my designs actually got printed earlier this year. It's not Lost related, but if anyone is interested you can see it at
So thanks to those that were so positive!

Would be interested if anyone else has any stories to tell about their Lost Experience

Take care all, and season's greetings to you all ((°J°))

Patmc said...

What an amazing day that was, just one short year ago...!

It was really the first time I got to physically meet many of my fellow LOSTarg'ers. But we had all shared so many experiences online before that, it felt like meeting old friends.

I am thrilled beyond words that I'll finally get to meet some of the more "far-flung" people I've met here, this July at Comic Con. LOST really was so much more than just a "TV show". It was a shared experience with people from, quite literally, all over the world. People who I now count as some of my closest friends.

I'm raising my virtual glass here in a toast to Zort, for all his patience and hard work, that resulted in this very special place that so many of us refuse to totally let go of! Happy LOSTarg Day everyone!

Martyn said...

Wow, was it really a year ago today?

I remember being glued to my computer throughout the whole night, watching both lotto and rev milos Ustream feed while competing with Lisa to see who would fall asleep first. This site and this ARG was by far my favourite as I have great memories and of course led me to Hawaii where I was honoured to meet some of you! This has earned one of those "nostalgia" feelings for me and made Season 6 way better than it would of been without.

Thank you to you all and thanks to Zort for bringing back these good feelings when I needed them most!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

John LaHair said...

Happy LOST ARG Anniversary All!

What a journey it was. One year later and I thought I'd have fixed my F5 key, but alas I've developed a thing for purchasing prints and artwork. Some very familiar name... Danger, Duval, and McCarthy! And of course... our friends DGPH!

To think... not only did the DCaaPB campaign result in some awesome prints, but more importantly some very fond friendships and memories.

In the last few months, I've had the extreme pleasure of working with the very talented Nate Duval in garnering his work some local media attention. Such a small world... as he lives in the same city I work in and I knew he and his work would be a great story to tell. If you'd like to get to know him even better... check out these articles:

MetroWest 495 Biz
Marlborough Enterprise
Telegram & Gazette

Zort - thank you for the anniversary post and ALL that you did. We couldn't have done it without you and the journey that that we all took on this ARG wouldn't have been the same.

Best wishes to all during the holiday season! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for all of the fun Zort and everyone! I do miss it all!! :)

DeAnne (aka whmscl)

theotherben said...

I just got Damon's Locke's Secret I won from the KHARMA-Initiative/Nashville Raffle back from the framers! Looks great! Brings back too many memories!

theotherben said...

I'll try to post a photo tomorrow.

Just Thinking said...

Oh- so nice to hear from everyone! I see my "blue & green" poster motif at work everyday- and others throughout the house to remind me of how fun it was. Still keep an eye on Damon and Carlton, and keep up with Lost Argers on twitter.

Will we ever find another game/show/community like this?

Unknown said...

So great to see this new post! Last year was crazy between the Gallery, Sunset on the Beach, finale parties, and auction! Besides the photos and memories, my treasured possession is an Olly Moss "Locke's Secret" poster signed by Terry O'Quinn! (Scored it from a production assistant in LA where I live.)

I had such a good time meeting people last year and sharing a love for all things Lost. Would love to see everyone again at Comic-Con this summer!

andalone said...

I'm so glad I "de-lurked" and became a part of something so profound.

It's been an amazing journey and I can't wait for Comic Con 2011 for our reunion!

Anonymous said...

Time flies!

So now that the dust has settled, what is your favourite print still on the wall?

mungonna said...

..sniff...geesh. A year ago..Theres that LOST feel..I guess once you know it, its yours for Life.
Thanks Zort..and every one for a trip into " fandom" that I would have never believed if I hadn't taken it myself. What better show to become a fan of than LOST and what better people to go along the ride with, than all of you..Hey,,see you San Diego this July!!

RobPerrin said...

What an adventure we shared! Good times. I'll echo Zort's observations about the live feeds -- they were fantastic. Sunset on the Beach, Gallery 1988, LOST Live, as well as live photo feeds from countless others. Thanks to all who helped make these happen.

Ginger said...

Great memories! Missing LOST and all ya'll. Thanks for the post & ALL that you did for us Zort :) There will never be another show like LOST. It was unique. But someday, maybe, there will be another show just as unique and fantastic. Peace be with you all this New Year :)

throwfar said...

I have 5 prints I have to part with. All Artist releases. The hatch, Numbers, Walt, love triangle, and Van.

If anyone is interested with a fair offer please shoot me an e-mail.