Monday, October 4, 2010

Epic LOST Benefit and Giveaway 16

Update - over $1000 has been raised so far, for those still not sure, you have an extra chance to win by clicking on one of the Tweet buttons below

Do you want to make a difference to someones lives, do you want to win some LOST goodies ? Well you have an opportunity to do both.

Regular visitors and contributors to LOSTARGs have banded together and put together a fantastic package of items to be given away as part of a fund raising benefit for the Wayman family whose home was virtually wiped away when floods hit Nashville, TN earlier this year. This just adds to the legend that LOST fans have become in being some of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met.

For all the details and for the rules of the giveaway visit the Mib Write Now site. The items that are being given away add up to a truly incredible list and I'm in awe of the people that got this list together.
You can also help spread the word by clicking to tweet about the benefit - 15/10/2010 - Anybody who tweets the message will get an entry in the raffle for The Live Together Collection (the one with the $5 donation entry, one free entry per person).

Donate Now

All you really have to do is click the link above and donate some money, and as an incentive for doing that you can win some fantastic and very exclusive LOST goodies.

For a donation of $50 or more you get chances to win all the prizes below -

- A Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear poster Locke's Secret which was previously owned by and signed by Damon Lindelof.
- A one of a kind, original art contributed by DCaaPB Artist Tim Doyle. autographed by LOST Executive Producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, and LOST writers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis!, created exclusively for the Wayman giveaway.
- ABC Official very exclusive shoes, US size 10. One of 50 pairs created by Supra in collaboration with ABC. Inspired by the LOST episode "Exposé".
- An I Love my Shih-Tzu T shirt signed by Carlton Cuse and a Terry O'Quinn (John Locke) autographed LOST Artifacts booklet.

Donate Now

Every donation of $25 or more gets chances to win the prizes below -

- Limited Edition offset print by Disney and Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear artist Eric Tan #106/150 - 1950's style advertisement in tribute to "Back to the Future"
- Custom professional figure re-paint donated by artist JJ Harrison aka rismo.
- Signed Lost In Comics giclée by JJ Harrison (Lost In Comics).
Official LOST Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear Lithograph by Tyler Stout from the Gallery 1988 show.
Lost Live Program autographed by the cover artist, Kevin Tong. Plus "Flight of the Conchords" Laser-cut paper doll gigposter, one of 20, Signed by artist Kevin Tong. Plus "LOST" Official Olly Moss Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear poster #403/500. Signed by artist Olly Moss

Donate Now

Every donation of $5 or more gets chances to win these prizes-

Promo photos with pre-printed signatures of the entire Lost cast,a Shannon Figure and a full-scale prop replica of Rousseau's Map, as well as Entertainment Weekly Magazines May 14, 2010 Lost Collector Cover issue 3 of 10 (John Locke) AND Lost Special Collector's Edition cover.
An Iron Man Helm, hand cast in metal by Sideshow Collectibles, plus limited Edition Star Wars Jedi, plus Chucky - Plush 12" doll, plus Chucky from 'Bride of Chucky' - Plush 12" doll
"The Black Rock" Official Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear poster #407/500, signed by artist Daniel Danger, "What Once Was II" - Limited Edition Screenprint with amazing Triceratops glow-in-the-dark layer #523/555, Signed by artist Dan McCarthy
"LA X" - Official ABC Lost Screenprint donated and autographed by the artist Ty Mattson. Plus
"Not Penny's Boat" a Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear poster #317/500. Signed by artists Melissa and JW Buchanan aka The Little Friends Of Printmaking. Plus an ipod Gelaskin "4 8 15 16 23 42" Designed by Mark Bodnar. Printed with "No Oyster Here" DCaaPB reveal URL
American Idol Live Tour 2009 photo autographed by all ten finalists, plus tote, keychain, program, and poster. Two complete sets of memorabilia.

Donate Now

As I said above this is quite an unbelieveable set of items to be seen in one place, it was only as I was creating this article that I realised how epic this giveaway truly is !

All the details of the prizes and your chances of winning by contributing can be seen by going to the Mib Write Now site and if it wasn't clear before then click here to Donate now your generosity will be rewarded in another life Brotha !

You can help spread the word by clicking to tweet about the benefit.


ChrisL said...

Awesome giveaways and a great cause. Well done all.

Zort70 said...

Yes, I've heard about this for a while and told them I would put an article up when they were ready, but the scale of what has been obtained is quite staggering.

Hi Chris by the way ! It's a while since I've put a comment here, kind of sad in a way, but happy that it's for a good cause.

chaseter said...

I would love to donate.

Zort70 said...

I'm sure they will appreciate any donation no matter how big or small.

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. Lets hope it raises a lot of money.

Justin said...

Hey guys haven't checked in in a while but saw the post about the charity raffle and stopped by. Wow. To whoever put this together, well done. What a wonderful thing to do for a family in need. Like Zort said, it kind of goes to show how awesome LOST fans are.

Also was going to let everyone know a friend and I are doing a LOST rewatch and blogging about each ep. Come watch with us!! You can find more details at our website and read our blog and leave your comments/episode thoughts at Hope you can join us!

The Kharma Initiative said...

Thank you Zort for supporting our efforts to rebuild Jeff and Lee Wayman's home.

All of you donors together have helped to achieve 20% of our goal in just the first week! WOW!

Justin, ChrisL, Chaseter, and Ioioos - thanks for the encouraging words! It means a lot to us.

Please spread the word via twitter, Facebook (help us reach 1000 members by inviting all your friends), email, forums, blogs, or whatever else kids are using nowadays. We greatly appreciate it!

Cosmically Yours

The Kharma Initiative said...

We've hit nearly 30% of our goal thanks to LOST fans and to celebrate we're giving a FREE entry in The Live Together Collection raffle to anyone who tweets:

RT for a FREE entry (1pp) in Live Together raffle by #LOST fans + 1st four $25+ donors beginning 10/15 get BONUS PRIZE!

And, as mentioned in the tweet, the next four donors who chip in $25 or more will AUTOMATICALLY WIN a bonus prize! We have a few goodies we held back. So if you've been on the fence or putting it off, now is the time to get your entry and donation in!

Thank You.

Cosmically Yours

theotherben said...

Just donated!
This is great! As a fellow Lostie that lives in Tennessee, I am very glad someone is doing something amazing like this!

The Kharma Initiative said...

Thanks for the encouragement otherben, it's much appreciated!

All four bonus prizes have been claimed but the main raffles are continuing. Getting close to The End now though, so if you've been waffling or procrastinating, now is the time to scrape together a bit of money and chip in!


You can also still get one BONUS entry in the Live Together Collection raffle just by tweeting:

RT for a FREE entry (1pp) in Live Together raffle by #LOST fans! @ollymoss @damonlindelof Locke's Secret GIVEAWAY + more

Cosmically Yours

Zort70 said...

Congratulations on getting to over a third of the way to the target.

You are working very hard on this, and it looks like all the effort is starting to pay off.

The Kharma Initiative said...

Thanks Zort, nearly halfway to the goal now, and the word is spreading!

Cosmically Yours

The Kharma Initiative said...

Generous LOST fan community,

The fundraiser has made it to the cool and ULTRA-popular!

The article about the benefit will post at 3PM PST today, so keep F5'ing to take a look! ;)

And PLEASE show your appreciation of Slashfilm and how community-driven LOST fans are by tweeting about, commenting on, and FB Liking the post! Let's try to make it one of the most popular current posts on Slashfilm. Maybe a few other sites will pick up the story of the Wayman family LOST raffle too!

We're more than halfway to the goal, raffle ENDS SOON.

Cosmically Yours

foodofmouthslc said...

When are the winners going to be announced?

The Kharma Initiative said...

Winners for The Kharma Initiative's raffles will be randomly chosen and posted to by Saturday, November 13. Look for your name and good luck!

Thanks to many generous LOST and pop-culture geeks, The Kharma Initiative has acheived over 100% of its goal for Jeff and Lee Wayman.

And to top that, the artist Kevin Tong has decided to give part of the money from sales of his LOST Live prints, including an ultra-limited remarqued Silver Set variant, to the Wayman family as well. It's all part of a contest where you can win the ORIGINAL pencil and inked drawings of his famous "The Hatch" screenprint plus other prizes! All of the details of Kevin's contest are at The more entrants in the contest, the more prizes are unlocked and the larger the donation, so ENTER now!

The Kharma Initiative said...

ALL WINNERS HAVE BEEN SELECTED and are posted to Take a look!

Have you checked artist Kevin Tong's contest at for his original LOST artwork? Just eleven more orders of any size or type will unlock his SIXTH and final prize and add to his donation for Jeff and Lee's family, so enter today!


life and death

Cosmically Yours