Thursday, May 27, 2010

Under The Sea

Amy Lynn said... with serious, profound apology to Menken/Ashman

“Under the Sea X”

The island is very happy
as long as the light can glow
You dream about sailing home, but
the island will not allow
Just think of the world’s infection,
perhaps cataclysmic end
It’s all for your own protection,
we not blowing smoke, my friend

Under the sea
Under the sea
Maybe you crash here,
maybe you flash here,
turning the key,
Off of the cliff, you take a leap
Down in the hatch, we never sleep
Dharma beer drinking
keeps us from sinking
under the sea

You come on a rigged up freighter
with only a mop and broom
Bad news about Widmore’s freighter
One death and it all goes boom
Too heavy for helicopter,
you fly on Ajira’s planes
No matter they’re rigged with duct tape,
You’ve finally escaped the chains!

Under the sea
Under the sea
Donkey wheel portal
Plus you’re immortal
Jake’s guarantee
We’ll send a friendly submarine
You drink the juice, don’t ask what it mean
We’ve got your drug here,
Just don’t unplug here
under the sea!

You can atone here
won’t die alone here
new inductee,
Even the workmen at the school
They think the statue’s groovy cool
Just a suggestion
don’t ask a question
under the sea
The doc and the Locke,
the con and the Swan,
the Kate feel the hate,
and Eko be gone,
You bleed for Sayid,
Beware crazy Claire,
and Boone the buffoon has pens,

The Troup left the group,
the Steve had to leave
Forgot who got shot,
but still you can grieve
To talk to Danielle
you might have to yell
The whispers freak her out

Under the sea
Under the sea
Jack likes to cry,
we never knew why,
you caged detainee
Maybe your luck is running low
Maybe you’re stuck here from long ago
Every survivor,
Looking Glass diver
under the sea
Some will be good here
some carry wood here
under the sea
Sky’s turning violet,
go get the pilot
Adam and Eve here
they’d love to leave here
Maybe you’ve tried ways
Have you tried sideways?
Under the sea