Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dharma Wants You: Security Breach Email 36

Hans Van Eeghan has dispatched a new Dharma Wants You email explaining the "security breach" that happened at Comic-con, and the delay for launching the Volunteer Assessment tests. It appears Dan Bronson's stunt has caused a security lock down.

Click here to read the full email text...

As many of you may be aware there have been a number of security breaches in recent days related to the nature of the Dharma Initiative's latest research.

Apart from the leak of a sensitive internal communication there was also the unauthorized release of confidential video documentation during a sponsored panel discussion with the makers of the TV show "LOST" at Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego. Consequently, the person responsible for this breach, a promising recruit by the name of Dan Bronson, has been expelled from the volunteer program and had his Dharma membership permanently revoked. Furthermore, the Dharma Initiative has withdrawn their sponsorship from "LOST".

The Dharma Initiative must stress that the video material leaked at Comic-Con 2008 was viewed entirely out of context. Furthermore, the way in which the material was presented utterly distorted its significance and credibility as scientific data.

The Dharma Initiative is extremely disappointed with this outcome and has ordered a security audit of all departments. As part of this audit the DharmaWantsYou recruiting website will undergo a security upgrade in the next few days.

Upon completion of this upgrade a date will be announced for the official commencement of Volunteer Assessments.

All recruits are reminded that the unauthorized release of confidential information pertaining to the details of your activities within the Dharma Initiative will result in instant dismissal from the volunteer program.

Hans Van Eeghen
Head of Recruiting
The Dharma Initiative

The email is slightly different from the email that was leaked a few days ago. The second sentence was changed from:
This included the unauthorized release of sensitive video documentation during a sponsored panel discussion with the makers of the TV show "LOST" at Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego.
Apart from the leak of a sensitive internal communication there was also the unauthorized release of confidential video documentation during a sponsored panel discussion with the makers of the TV show "LOST" at Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego.
If you view the source code of the email, another message has been left:
<!-- Good luck my old friend Hans -->
Could this be from Dan Bronson (aka Ruckus Guy? aka Black Swan?) despite his expulsion from The Dharma Initiative, or does Hans have other enemies working against him?

*Thanks Meatball who first mentioned this message in the comments.


Tess315 said...

From last post
The email link had my email address in it too.
Do you think this is part of their security? Maybe a way to track whose hacking their email? If it can even be done that way, cause I don't know.
The original emails didn't have your address in the url.
Or maybe it's just a way of tracking when people get/look at their emails. I don't know.
I'm just probably thinking it's something when's it's nothing. :)

memphish said...

I don't know Sayid's Girl. That would be my guess, but I don't know enough about these things to say for sure.

Tess315 said...

Well I'm going to have to eat my words anyway.
I only check the original email which doesn't have our email in the url.
The second one does. I just never noticed before.
So I guess I was right I was making something out of nothing. :)

Ellen said...

checking in for email-
Hi Memphish, Sayid'sgirl!
BBL, gonna enjoy this beautiful day in GA!

Tess315 said...

In the discussion in the previous post. Some people where needing to use a password an id. They were iamontheinside and banksclaw. Thanks brewski007.
I'm thinking if the email hadn't been hacked we would have had to use these. Because this the same email that was hacked except for a small revision.
The original was
This included the unauthorized release of sensitive video......
The new one says
Apart from the leak of a sensitive internal communication there was also the unauthorized release of confidential video...
Do you think Dark's source is ingame or do you think the game runners are just letting us know they know they were hacked?

maven said...

I actually got my email with the rest of you! (Usually, I'm the last one!)

Wonder if RuckusGuy is being sarcastic or if he really knows Hans personally (other than confronting him at ComicCon)?

OT: BTW, I might be attending a free outdoor concert tonight featuring the Band From TV near the LA Zoo (about 1/2 from me).The Ban is made up of TV actors. Word has it that Jorge Garcia is going to make a guest performance with the band!

Tess315 said...

That sounds like fun have a good time if you go.
I've seen them play on I think it was Leno.
By the way thanks codysmom for the unfiction link from the previous post and Hi ellen ~waves~

Dennis said...

I think it is odd that this latest message isn't signed. It opens up the possibility of someone else being "Black Swan"... maybe Hans has other enemies...

maven said...

Dennis: Well, maybe Dan Bronson and RuckusGuy are two different people and are a team?

memphish said...

Yeah, I'm not convinced Ruckus Guy and Dan are the same either. It won't surprise me if they are, but I don't think we have enough to connect the dots conclusively.

Scoutpost said...

Gotta catch up- but I'm bummed because I didn't get that email. It's not in my junk folder either. Guess Hans is ignoring me. :(

TakesaVillage said...

Still waiting for mine too Scoutpost.
Codysmom; that is some link.
It is a one stop,24/7, Arg helper site.
Maven, if Jorge is there,you may even end up in his Blog.You know how he loves to take photos.Have a great time if you go.

TakesaVillage said...

Just checked, Hans was in my spam folder.He's been there all day;looked lonely.

lost2010 said...

This has got to be the most leisurely game I've ever followed. No stress - no hurry - just drifting along at a leisurely pace. . . very relaxing. . .

Does this mean I've reached acceptance yet? :)

TakesaVillage said...

It means you'll be a perfect Dharma recruit.

maven said...

Well, I definitely don't feel any stress with this game....YET!

Capcom said...

Maybe you've reached ARG-Nirvana, Lost2010! :-D

Ange said...

Posting for e-mail and guess which TLC losties went to the Jeremy Bentham pub today... (it's Fenris and I in case you couldn't figure it out ;) ).

memphish said...

Cool Ange. I lived in that part of London 1 summer, but it was so long ago, 1987, that I can't remember if I ever went there or not. Odds are good that I did, but looking at it on the internet I still could not remember.

maven said...

Can't wait for the photo album, Ange! Did you guys toss one back for all of us? LOL

Beverly said...


We'll be in Alaska for 12 days - 5 over land and 7 at sea. 2 days in Fairbanks, 2 in Denali national park, 1 in Achorage and then down to seward to get on the ship.

We're really looking forward to it. I'm hoping to see the Aurora Borealis but I don't know if the sun will set early enough or if there will be enough electromagnetic radiation.

Can you offer any tips for things like how to dress and must-see sites? What's the weather like this time of year?

ColdUpHere said...

lostit: send me an email to I'll reply from my real email address. I can provide lots of good tidbits for when you come up :)

BarbaraJay said...

I wish I knew who the good guy is so I can cheer him on. I'm guessing Dan only because I'm naturally suspicious of corporate types and as much a conspiracy theorist as DJ Dan.

So, go Dan Bronson!

Capcom said...

Man, I wish that it was Mittlejerk. He's got to come out of the woodwork again! He said it, the DI failed and he has to finish the work! X-D

Meatball said...

It has been really slow. I think it's there way to get us all anxious.

Capcom said...

I like your avi Meatball, heehee.

maven said...

Hey, gang: Hubby and I went to see Jorge Garcia sing with the Band from TV tonight! Here's some photos and a video (with crummy sound)!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maven that must of been fun.
I love Jorge.

maven said...

FYI: Jesse Heiman has joined a group on FB called Dyslexic Dharma Initiative. The funny thing is he is listed as an Officer of the group and is using the user name of Dan Bronson!

Zort70 said...

I've had a second copy of the security breach email to the address I used to register on Octagon Global Recruiting.

I got the email yesterday to the email address I signed up with on DharmaWantsYou which was different because it couldn't accept my first choice email address.

TakesaVillage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MeWantsDharma said...

Just checked the new mail on the site while waiting for it, and they removed it from the server.
I'm getting tired of waiting

TakesaVillage said...

Thanks Maven.
Jorge has many talents.
The band from TV is a great idea.It looks like loads of fun for stars, and stargazers alike.
Welcome to the party.We don't like waiting either,we're just used to it.

Passafist said...

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Dennis said...


Anonymous said...

Folks, if this is old news, I apologize, but I just tripped across a post on another site with this tidbit:

Good Luck my old friend Hans =

Flags unlock my hidden door

And this MAY reference all of those funny "importants" and that weird hex in the source code from the last email.

Don't know what to do with this, but wanted to share.

And if sharing stuff from another site is verbotten, I won't happen again.