Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dharma Initiative Booth Hack 12

A new email was sent out by Hans Van Eeghan, inviting everyone to visit the Dharma Wants You website. (like we haven't been hitting F5 all day...)


Recruiting Volunteers NOW.
Join the Dharma Initiative's latest groundbreaking research project.

Visit www.dharmawantsyou.com and complete an 'Eligibility Test'.
Our innovative research has brought together some
of the brightest minds on the planet.
And we'd like you to join us.

Once again, it appears RuckusGuy has added a message in the source code:
<!-- Banks Claw -->
Banks Claw is probably an anagram for Black Swan (RuckusGuy's second alias?)

The second line translates to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW6xkv9vwos (read it out loud), where you can watch the Dharma Initiative Bluetooth Booth Hack.

The YouTube page has this message from RuckusGuy:
Here it is, told you I'd get it!

More to come...
RuckusGuy also has some interesting tags on his video: dharma initiative comic con 2008 lost bluetooth ruckus guy dan bronson panel san diego hans van eeghen eaghen marvin candle

Here are the "hacked" frames from the video:

Lost ARGs spacer* Thank to codysmom for posting about the email in the comments!


Black Swan said...

wow, first again!

Losty said...

I think the blackswan stuff could be related to the origami that was on the comic con flyers, as per what i posted in the other comments. The swan hatch, the origami, Leda and the swan...

Black Swan said...

From the last post (hard to keep up)

Yes, that youtube video really shows the imbedded pictures and messages clearer. (And, like we saw in the test.. it really was a carrot. more bunny references..lol)

I'm reading right now about the Black Swan Theory:



Black Swan said...

And linked to this, and also very interesting:


I'm starting to poop out......

Anonymous said...

Black Swan Theory
check wikipedia

megagreg said...

I think the French voice in the bluetooth video says:
"To travel a high speeds over great distances"

"Priority one: social obligation over social security"

Anyone got the German?

Dennis said...


ochabelly said...

Anyone noticed a nod to the (Blade Runner) Voight-Kampff test in the Hypothetical Situational Projection Assessment?

Jo said...

Perhaps I'm reading WAY too much into this, but there is an interesting press release from 11 years ago about a Black Swan shipwreck...and the company responsible for searching for it entered into a partnership w/Disney (which owns ABC).


It simply struck me as too coincidental; Black Rock, Black Swan, both shipwrecks.

Anonymous said...

Hey I read about the black swan book thing, and it has a guy in it with the last name Hume. Thats Desmonds last name, and in the video it says who's your constant...just thought i'd share that

Unknown said...

so I'm reading about this black swan thing and it says that david hume wrote about the black swan theory that because all swans were thought to be white a black swan was something that couldn't exist (until the discovery of blackswans in austrailia in the 17th century)
hume was heavily influenced by get this "John Locke" obviously in this context not refferring to our locke but still it does seem to be a happy coincidence

Unknown said...

also Desmond's middle name is david
desmond david hume.