Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Barracks Notice Board 3

Have you noticed the notices ?

A few weeks ago a new twitter feed was set up called @BarracksNotices and then a new website

The twitter feed has a few amusing tweets about Barracks life, but the notice board is being updated fairly regularly now with many different notices and images.

However there is a play along element as there have been two coded messages posted that seem to say we can win a prize (details below).

I will keep this post updated with the information, so open the full post to see all the information, I will try and keep the main picture here updated with the most recent notice board image.

Sep 13th

A note to state the change in fence codes is published, it is a representation of the numbers split into two parts. This together with the previous clues gives the answer to the prize question.

Fence Code Solution

Add the individual digits of the sector code up and they equal 18

(In fact if you add both sets of codes digits up they equal 18)

Sep 12th

A list of reading material for the book club is posted

(Ben's name is crossed out)

Sep 11th

A menu leaflet for Mr Clucks Chicken Shack is posted on the board

The phone number on the menu is from the Lost Experience when phoned today it is a Sony Pictures office.

Sep 11th

A warning message about mixing up the theatrical glue bottle with the vaccine bottle is posted on twitter, but not yet pinned on the notice board.

Sep 10th

A couple of hours after the menu another item was pinned, talking about a charity auction at the reunion dinner, paralleling the charity auction to be held at LOST 2014

Sep 10th

A menu for a Barracks Reunion Dinner is release and pinned.

Many LOST puns in the details and the wine is by Moriah vineyards, which of course is where Desmond became a monk for a while.

Sep 9th

The full photograph revealed in the puzzle is posted on the board.

The photo (drawing) is of The Barracks with what appears to be a MASH style sign post featuring the countries of the characters.

Sep 8th

The twitter account asks for someone to give details of a private detective that they can really click with.

A "Retrievers of Truth" Detective Agency card is posted, significant because RoT was a name from the Lost Experience ARG.

When you "clicked" on the business card you get sent to a moving square puzzle

@MJHASOWLEYES was the first to solve the puzzle and tweet a picture of the finished image (see next item)

Sep 7th

The veterans committee notice is scribbled on with random characters, this is the second half of the telegram code.

Events Code Solution

This is a Cesarean Shift cipher, and the number of letters to shift by is 23 :-)

"publish publicly the sum of all single digits with a link to the notice board, leave a comment to say where it is published."

Sep 7th

A list of events for the "Barracks Veterans Committee"

Seems to incorporate the LOST 2014 meetup in its list.

Sep 6th

An advertising image for the Geronimo Jackson single DHARMA Lady

Sep 5th

A map of the island

Sep 4th

A telegram with morse code on it, look at the sender and the price :-)

Telegram solution

Win 1 of 3 prizes. When the sector deactivation code changes, ...Stand by for further instructions...

Sep 3rd

A printout supposedly from the Swan Station listing the personnel manning the station.

Also includes the two System Failure periods we know about from LOST.

Sep 2nd

A poster advertising a new season of Expose is pinned, although it features Russian dolls which were part of Nikki's real life story, not the TV show story.

Aug 31st

A flyer for the Build Our World charity that Sayid was working for in his Flash Sideways life

Aug 30th

A sign up sheet for a Mittelos BioScience drug trial is posted with names in cluding one follower of the @BarracksNotices twitter account - Karen Mauro

Aug 28th

Business Card for "The Other Man" Plumbing Service is published

Other Man is an anagram of Ethan Rom

Aug 19th

Website published, blank notice board displayed


~Karen~ said...

I'm on the sign-up list for the Mittelos BioScience drug trial.

Just Thinking said...

We suspect you, you know, Mr Lost Args- you know too much!

Have been discussing if there is more to the Barracks pic than the construction puzzle- any thoughts?

Zort70 said...

I couldn't come up with a pun like "Live Together Pie Alone" !

I would say the puzzle game was all there was to the photo.