Friday, June 20, 2008

MysteryTales #40: March Has 32 Days 4

If you view the source code of the OGR Recruitment Information email, or the linked email web page, there are some very strange hidden lines of code:

Email: <div class="March_has_32_days"></div>

HTML: <meta name="Alert" content="March has 32 days" />

Mystery Tales #40 Comic from Lost episode 'Cabin Fever'A Google search for "March has 32 days", leads to, a website devoted to the comic of the same name - which was shown in the LOST episode Cabin Fever. They supposedly* purchased the comic on eBay, and scanned in all the pages.

Of particular interest is the final story from the Mystery Tales #40 comic titled "March has 32 days"! The story is about a bridge inspector, John Billings, who decides to skip a final bridge inspection over his seeing his wife off at the airport. When the bridge later collapses, he relives the same day, and gets the opportunity to save the bridge. His Day Break causes March to have 32 days, much to the dismay of a group of scientists.

Page 1 of 'March Has 32 Days' from Mystery Tales #40 ComicPage 2 of 'March Has 32 Days' from Mystery Tales #40 ComicPage 3 of 'March Has 32 Days' from Mystery Tales #40 ComicPage 4 of 'March Has 32 Days' from Mystery Tales #40 ComicLost ARGs spacer* The site appears to be "in-game" based on the back dated posts and the site's host - Oceanic Air!


maven said...

There are definitely too many convenient coincidences with these Spanish guys just "happening" to get this comic book on Ebay. And they just "happen" to post the March has 32 Days story a few days before the email clue came out.

I noticed that link to Oceanic-Air, too.

Zort70 said...

Was it just me or did I too easily slip into the habit of checking the source code of a web site to find this ?

I'm finding that I do that on sites that aren't even lost related at the moment !

Maven - The comic being posted is quite a coincidence and if this wasn't in connection with a Lost ARG I wouldn't be too suspicious, but now the link has been made it looks like too much of a coincidence.

Capcom said...

Not to mention that they just "happened" to be crazy enough to spend $400 on a comic and share a community ownership! Do comic fans share collectibles like that? :-D

Although I myself have spent crazy money on my collectibles, after OGR linked to it, it does seem more than just TPTB giving a shout-out to some super dedicated fans.

Anonymous said...

Hey all, just starting to work my way into the lost arg's. Thought i would point out that in the last panel of the 2nd page the flight #'s are 4,8, and 42. Of all the number in the world to fill a small place like that they picked those??...
look forward to investigating this with you all.